Does it surprise anybody?  Wasn’t the reluctancy, the dragging of the foot expected from the secular communist brigade. These are the same people who welcomed Abdul Nasser Madani, when he was released from jail and were in coalition with his party.   This is Kerala, not Gujarat. He is not a Hindu, he belongs to the privileged religion. This is not a member of the Hindutva brigade. His followers are sought after for votes by almost all political parties. The Central Government is busy with arrangements of Commonwealth games or the lack of it. The Congress Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is not involved.  No SIT, no narco test.        

 And above all, the media does not find it interesting to report anything more than ‘objective’ accounts. No startling revealation, no slanders, no stings, no sensationalism, no ‘reliable source’ news.       


Kerala cops fail to arrest Madani  


The CPI(M)-controlled Kerala Police on Saturday failed to arrest Islamist leader Abdul Nasser Madani, the 31st accused in the Bangalore bombings case, despite huge police deployment and imposition of prohibitory orders. The day-long drama enacted by the police ended in a widely-expected anti-climax with top police sources informing by late evening that the arrest might not take place before Sunday.   

On a day charged with orchestrated scenes of dramatic police activity at Anvarssery, Madani’s operational base in Kerala’s Kollam district, weak enforcement of prohibitory orders in the area, stone-pelting reminding one of the recent unrest in Kashmir, teargas-lobbing and appeals by Islamists to the people for sympathy, all that the police succeeded in was to boost Madani’s image of a wronged hero.    

As the Karnataka Police team waited impatiently at the office of the Superintendent of Police, Kollam, for the call to execute the court’s non-bailable warrant against Madani, charged under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, the Kerala Police effectively allowed the Islamist leader use the developments to his advantage.

Despite the fact that the Karnataka Police officials had reached Kollam as early as on Tuesday, Madani was given the opportunity to file a bail plea in the Supreme Court. Madani and his men still believe that this plea could help him escape arrest. The warrant against Madani would expire on Tuesday. Critics alleged that this could be the first time the police were discussing the procedures of arrest with the accused.
      That the arrest might not take place on Saturday was clear by late afternoon when the police seemed to be waiting for the sun to set to carry out the unavoidable action. Sources in the Kerala Police said towards late evening that the arrest might not take place as it was difficult to transport Madani to Karnataka during the night due to security concerns. “But I cannot say anything for sure,” said an official.  The drama began at mid-morning Saturday with Kollam District Collector A Shajahan declaring prohibitory orders in the panchayath areas of Sasthamkotta, where Anvarssery is situated, and Mainagapally. By noon, police personnel in riot gear reached in their hundreds, led by Harshita Attaluri, Superintendent of Police, Kollam, at Anvarssery where Madani-supporters had gathered with the determination to resist any attempt to arrest him.  The drama was given a cunning touch as a story spread that the prohibitory orders were imposed on the basis of a secret police report that the Yuva Morcha was planning a surprise march to Anvarssery. However, the State Yuva Morcha and BJP leaderships immediately rejected the allegation, saying the rumour was perhaps the result of the evil designs of interested parties.   All this while, slogan-shouting against the Kerala Police and Karnataka Government went on inside Anvarssery campus, where a large number of PDP workers and Madani-followers were staying put despite the prohibitory orders. By early evening, Madani informed some religious leaders who visited him – obviously as per a plan of the Kerala Police – that he was prepared for arrest. He also assured them that there would be no law-and-order problems at Anvarssery from the part of the PDP workers.      

The drama reached a feverish pitch as the time for the evening Namaz approached. An effort to create an atmosphere of gloom and religious fervour was obvious in the camp with women and children presenting themselves in the courtyard and PDP activists squatting all over wearing disappointment on their faces.   Madani, who was released on August 1, 2007 from a nine-year-long captivity in a Coimbatore prison in connection with the serial blasts in that city, was named an accused in the Bangalore bombings case on the basis of the revelations of LeT commander Thadiyantavide Nazeer, prime accused in the case. His arrest became unavoidable after the Fast Track Session Court, Bangalore and the Karnataka High Court rejected his pleas for anticipatory bail.


Kerala HC orders probe into ‘love jihad’


VR Jayaraj | Kochi

The Kerala High Court on Wednesday directed the Director General of Police to investigate the operations of an organisation specialising in converting girl students into Islam after trapping them in love affair. The police should also look into the connections of the organisation, if any, with any other outfits, the court said.

The DGP was asked to file his probe report on this organisation, based in campuses of the State, within three weeks. But Kerala Education Minister MA Baby said that the DGP would submit the probe report in consultation with the Department of Education.

The court also issued instructions to the Union Home Department to find out whether the operations of the Islamist organisation had been extending to other parts of the country. A of the court’s order would be sent to the Union Home Secretary for this. The responsible official of the Union Home Department should give the reply, the court said.

The court asked the DGP to find out which organisations were behind “love jihad,” the source of its funds, whether it was getting money from abroad and whether it had any connections with drug peddlers and extremist outfits.

The order to probe the activities and links of the organisation was issued by Justice KT Sankaran after dismissing the anticipatory bail pleas of Sirajuddeen and Shahehshah, the activists of Campus Front, the students’ wing of NDF, who had forced two girls to convert into Islam in the name of marriage.

The girls, students at St Johns College, Pathanamthitta, who had claimed that the duo had tried to convert them into Islam after kidnapping them, were allowed to go with their parents. The girls were taken away from the college for converting them into Islam when they were doing their academic projects after completing the MBA course.

The court said that the DGP should also find out all the details of the forced conversions in the name of love affairs in schools and colleges of Kerala in the past three years. According to Gopakumar, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Cantonment, Thiruvananthapuram, who was in charge of the investigation into the campaign of the extremists to convert girls into Islam, as many as 940 girls had gone missing in Kerala in the past five years.

Education Minister Baby said that his department would give answers to the queries from the Kerala High Court about the operation of a particular organisation in the campuses. Students’ organisations working from within a specific framework alone would be allowed to function in campuses, he said.

Information about the planned conversion campaign had come out in the open after the girls were produced in the High Court last month on a habeas corpus petition. The girls told the court that they had been taken to a place in Kozhikode, where a group led by Campus Front activists Shehenshah and Sirajuddeen forced them to convert into Islam and sign marriage contracts.

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Love Jihad – an additional jihadi strategy

Groundwork for another ‘Direct action Day’ started!!

Ssssh! It has nothing to do with Islam – the most peaceful religion. It is just a few Ajmal Kasab like, misguided youths, who are trying to give a bad name to Islam and trying to cause ‘communal dysharmony”. Kerala Hindus should keep on chanting “All religion are the same” and “Iswar Allah tera naam”. If Muslims claim one state of India, Hindus should be generous enough to offer them another state, for them to live comfortably.

And then they also have to keep in mind the loving Christians…..

And look at poor Pakistan! See how they are always the “victims of terror”!  The terrorists are so naughty that they always force their headquarters in Pakistan and manage the support of ISI and LeT. 


Kerala gets email threat of multiple bomb blasts


IANS, 14 August 2009, 01:03pm IST

KANNUR, KERALA: The cyber police cell in Kerala has traced an email threat from the United Arab Emirates, warning of widespread bomb blasts in the state, if a separate Muslim state, comprising districts of north Kerala, is not created.

The inspector general of police Tomin J. Thachenkery said on Friday that the e-mail was received Thursday at a few media offices.

“We immediately began our work and found that the mail is from United Arab Emirates based Etisalat and the domain is that of Yahoo. Since a first information report is required to trace out the IP of the computer, a case has been registered here at the Kannur Town police station.”

He added that the e-mail was written by Zakhir Hussain who claims to be the head of the newly formed Malabar Mujahid which has its headquarters in Karachi and has support from ISI (Inter-services intelligence) of Pakistan and LeT (Lashkar-e-Taiba).

If their demand for a separate Muslim state is not met, then bombs will be deployed across the state and for that they have already shipped seven kilograms of RDX. The first of the series of bomb blasts will begin with a sample one today (Friday), being the Independence Day of Pakistan,” said the letter, according to Thachenkery.

Following the e-mail, the state has been put on high alert and instructions have gone to all district headquarters to remain vigilant.


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(Non-Hindu) God’s own country in India

“What is happening in Kerala today is bound to be repeated in all other parts of India …. Like in Kerala today, Hindus are bound to reduce themselves to a minority community in their own nation one day.”


Half-Converted Kerala

by J. Ajithkumar

Kerala, the most ‘progressive’ state in the Indian union, is more than half converted and religious conversion was unbecoming an issue in Kerala these days. But the recent demise of Kamala Suraiyya (Madhavikutty or Kamala Das) has highlighted the issue once again. The story goes that she was lured into Islam by the tricks and nuptial promises of a much married, learned and cunning lawmaker belonging to an overtly communal party. Madhavikutty’s literary works represent some of the finest aspects of uninhibited and immaculate Hindu culture that had once prevailed in most parts of Kerala. She could easily differentiate between the quintessence of pristine love of ‘gopikas’ for Krishna vis-à-vis the cheap commonplace lust, by deft handling of both in her stories and poetry. The fact that even such a tall literary figure could fall an easy victim shows the reach of proselytization forces in a region of India with the highest literacy rate.

What is happening in Kerala today is bound to be repeated in all other parts of India as our skewed version of secular education is spreading everywhere. Like in Kerala today, Hindus are bound to reduce themselves to a minority community in their own nation one day.

The unfortunate saga of conversion in Kerala begins from around 1500 AD when the first European colonizers landed at one of those beautiful beaches of Kerala. Though we had traders, fugitives and tourists landing at Kerala’s long seashore from time immemorial, damages by them remained limited to their excreta in the coastal belts. The highly structured Kerala society then was impenetrable to foreigners who were much below in terms of social and economic evolution. Cooked-up stories about adventures of one Saint Thomas who could convert the forward castes are nothing but mythology invented as afterthoughts. Kerala’s decadence started much later when the naturally symbiotic caste system became rigid and triggered internal revolts. Foreign religions were waiting at the sea and seacoasts for such an internal upheaval for easy penetration into the much coveted God’s Own Country. In 500 years they could convert more than 50% of the population is no mean achievement for the proponents of the two major religions in the world today.

Silent Terrorism

What happened in the last five centuries and what is happening in Kerala today is nothing but silent terrorism in the form of organized and externally fuelled religious conversion. It was Christianity which started first with the intention of conditioning the ground ready for European colonization. In every colony of ‘ours’, we need quite a few of our ‘own’ people. In distant lands the only way to get ‘our own’ people is by way of aggressive and accelerated cultural conversion. Religion is an integral part of culture and religious conversion is the best tool available for easy conditioning of the target population. Increasing rigidity of the caste system provided a golden opportunity for the European missionaries to penetrate into the Indian society. Enemies of India had budgeted big sums for the project and India’s toiling masses could be easily made disgruntled and aggrieved. As most of them were lacking any formal education, tricking them into a new religious system was easy with the help of material inducements in terms of milk powder and rice.

The next predator in Kerala started their work in terms of organized conversion much later. Though we had sizeable number of Muslim population in the coastal areas, especially in the north Malabar region, their intrusion into the interiors of Kerala as an organized religion is only about one century old. The Mapillah Rebellion in 1921 was perhaps the first organized assault aimed at religious conversion under the guise of so many other objectives. Though North India was under Muslim rule for several centuries, its influence in the southern regions of the country was minimal. Also their enmity with the European colonial powers was not helpful in increasing their numerical strength by targeting Hindus. But the situation has changed drastically in the 20th century when millions of Oil money started flowing into Kerala. Increasing their number by all means and capturing power by organized might is high on the agenda of the Muslim mind of Kerala.

Suicidal Indifference 

Any nation or people in decay will ultimately have only themselves to blame. The current status of Hindus in Kerala is at a highly critical juncture in this regard. Three or four prominent Hindu sections are totally indifferent about the overall status of the Hindu religion and society in Kerala today. The leaders of these sections are forgetting one of the most important rules of science and history – any culture can survive only if there is the minimum quantity. Most of these sub-sections of the Hindu society namely Nairs, Ezhavas, Brahmins and OBCS are fighting more among themselves than for their combined rights. They have left their weakest brothers (Adivasis) at the complete mercy of the two predators vying for numbers and real estate. Almost the entire five lakh Adivasis of Kerala will either die off or get converted, and their entire property will ultimately lie with one of the predating groups.

Much has been said and written about the suicidal indifference of Hindus in Kerala and the catastrophe impending their community a few generations from now. None of the Hindu community leaders of any significance have shown the courage to speak up for consolidation and caution. It will be only at their extreme peril that the entire spectrum of Hindu society in Kerala can feign ignorance to the following basic FACTS:

  • Hinduism is no more the dominant religion in Kerala. As half of those born as Hindus are genuine communists, Hinduism is only at par with Islam and Christianity in Kerala. And uninhibited religious conversion is still rampant in many parts of Kerala.
  • Kerala has the highest (family) suicidal rate in the world and at least 75% of them are Hindus.
  • Hindu temples are the only one in government custody. All income from temples (which are only from Hindus) flow into the common government coffers.
  • Kerala politics is overwhelmingly dominated by leaders belonging to the two dominant communities and parties which are overtly communal (Muslim League and Kerala Congress).
  • There is almost complete monopoly of the two dominant communities in the print and electronic media in Kerala.
  • Almost all Hindu families in the current generation have only two children. But one can invariably find three children in all Christian families and four children in most Muslim families. This trend is almost confirmed if they are more educated and richer. This clearly shows a determined and deliberate effort to increase the numbers.
  • Christian clergy and Muslim religious leaders are freely indulging in politics in Kerala which is a part of the so-called secular republic of India. Many times they openly challenge the authority of democratically elected governments and the rule of law, with no impunity.
  • Ownership of land (especially high valued), number of professionals (doctors, IAS officers etc) and untaxed (and unaccounted) income from abroad are disproportionately high in favor of the two dominant communities in Kerala.

The few critical aspects listed above point to a determined and calculated move by the foreign religious ideologies to establish their superiority over Kerala within one or two decades. Both are now equally organized, resourceful and determined to achieve their ultimate aim. The apparent discordant notes among subsidiary factions within these religious forces are designed and serve as deceptive distracters for those who are opposing the move. In Kerala (also India) today, anything Hindu or Hindutva is condemnably communal, Muslim or Islamic is secularly acceptable and Christian or Christianity is laudably broad-minded. Any one who talks anything about Hinduism or Hindus are ostracized in public life and politically unacceptable. Barring unforeseen developments, Kerala’s Hindu goose will be cooked and eaten with full satisfaction as precisely planned. And once that is digested, the harvest of entire South India is only one decade away and Indian nation a few more. Only organized reforms and determined positive action can save Hinduism from the combined onslaught of its three known enemies.

June 14, 2009