Once again a ‘Muslim Victimhood” case has been debunked.

Just like in the Batla house encounter case, CBI has given clean chit to the cops who however have been already accused, humiliated and jailed for reasons that seems nothing more than ‘public demand’.

Earlier the media, journalist and even the state government were implicated in spreading falsehood, fabricating evidence, inciting street violence. Media was accused of inciting communal hatred by reporting, based on the accounts of individuals claiming to be eyewitnesses, that one victim’s forehead had been smeared with sindoor — an allegation that suggested that the rapists were Hindus.

Again the question is how can this nexus of media-journalist-politicians-minority appeasers be broken.

And how does one expect the security forces-police-military to continue working thanklessly in this hostile atmosphere, risking their life and reputation?

Accountability is virtually nonexistent and will remain so until exemplary punishments are implemented to those responsible.

CBI gives clean chit to policemen in Shopian case


Giving a clean chit to four police officials in the mysterious Shopian case, the CBI today said two women who were alleged to have been raped and murdered had actually died due to drowning, and has indicted 14 people including doctors and lawyers for allegedly fabricating evidence.

Seeking to give a quietus to the case that had led to widespread protests for 47 days in the valley during summer, CBI counsel Anil Bhan informed a division bench headed by Chief Justice Bahrin Ghosh that the women had died due to drowning in a stream.

“Rape and murder have not been established, and a report has been filed before the notified court of the CBI, that is the chief judicial magistrate of Srinagar,” Bhan said.

Life in Shopian town, 51 km from here, had come to a standstill after the bodies of 22-year-old Neelofar and 17-year-old Asiya were found in a stream. Protests were held claiming that the two had been allegedly raped and murdered.

The CBI, which has based its finding on the opinion received from experts of AIIMS, Central Forensic and Scientific Laboratory and FSL of Haryana, had told the CJM’s court on December 10 that the women were never raped and had died due to drowning.

In an embarrassment for the State government and the one-man Jan Commission appointed by it, CBI found nothing against the four policemen – superintendent of police Javed Iqbal Mattoo, deputy SP Rohit Basgotra, station house officer Shafiq Ahmed and sub-inspector Gazi Karim.

The four had spent two months in jail following orders from the high court, which had said it was convinced with the findings of the Special Investigating Team constituted by it to probe the incident that they allegedly tried to destroy the evidence.

The CBI has now filed a charge sheet against the six doctors – Nighat Shaheen, GQ Sofi, Maqbool Mir, GM Paul, Bilal Ahmed Dalal and Nazia Hassan – under Sections 167 (public servant framing an incorrect document) and section 194 (giving or fabricating evidence with intent to procure conviction of capital offence) of the Ranbir Penal Code.

The CBI alleged that the doctors did not carry out the postmortem properly, and gave a false report that the two victims had been raped before being murdered. The medicos were also charged for preparing false vaginal slides.

Ironically, five lawyers, including the former and present as well as the public prosecutor Mushtaq Ahmed Gattoo and Sheikh Mubarak respectively for allegedly conspiring and intimidating witnesses to make false submissions before a magistarte about women cries being heard from a policevan.

Besides these two lawyers, others include Abdul Majid Dar, Mohammed Yusuf Bhat and Altaf Ahmed. They all have been charged with section 194, 342 (wrongful confinement) and 120-B (criminal conspiracy).

The five lawyers have been charged with entering into a criminal conspiracy with Ali Mohammed Sheikh and Zahoor Ahmed Ahnger in pressuring two – Abdul Rashid and GM Lone – in giving false statement under oath before a magistrate that they had heard women cries coming from a police vehicle.

The CBI questioned Rashid and Lone who spilt the beans and told the agency sleuths that they had been pressurised by the lawyers through Sheikh and Ahnger. The CBI got their fresh confessional statement registered before a chief judicial magistrate.

A police constable Mohammed Yaseen Ganai has also been charge sheeted for allegedly giving false information and false charges made with an intent to injure.

The CBI took over the investigation into the case on September 17 and a team headed by deputy inspector general Satish Golcha has been camping here since then. The agency’s special director SC Sinha had also visited the place to take stock of the situation.

Ahead of the CBI investigations, the state government had appointed one-man commission headed by Justice (retd) Muzzafar Jan who, among other things, had recommended a detailed questioning of the relatives of the victims including Neelofar’s husband Shakeel and her brother Zirar Shah.


It happens again and again. Thanks to our irresponsible media, our hapless security forces are regularly demonized by drawing room journalists and columnists. And if it happens to be minority ‘victims’, either Muslims or Christians, due to the prevailing minority-appeasing, divisive politics in the country, the media is also joined by the vote bank oriented politicians and their pseudo-secular right activists friends. They all make their own analyses, select their culprits (if not security forces then must be a Hindu group),  and all but hang them without any iota of regards to truth.

Clean chits are given after all the damage has been already done.

But never will a word of apology or regret come out from these media and political personnel.

Just in recent times, we have seen this in Gujarat, Khandamal, Shopian and now the Batla House cases. 

Only ‘shame on media’ is not enough. We need stricter accountability laws and its implementation.


Batla House encounter: NHRC gives clean chit to cops


New Delhi: National Human Rights Commission(NHRC) on Wednesday gave clean chit to Delhi Police in Batla House encounter case in which two suspected Indian Mujahideen terrorists and a decorated police officer were killed last year.

The NHRC, which had conducted inquiry in the case on the direction of the Delhi High Court, said in its report that there has been no violation of human rights by actions of police in which two alleged terrorists were gunned down on September 19, 2008.

“We are clearly of the opinion that having regard to the material placed before us, it cannot be said that there has been any violation of human rights by action of police,” the Commission said in its 30-page report submitted in a sealed envelope to the High Court.

The Commission after conducting the inquiry came to the conclusion that police action was protected by law and there was no human rights violation.

The report filed by the Commission said that the action taken by police in which two persons died “is fully protected by law and there is no need for further inquiry in the case.

“Since there was no violation of human rights, nothing further is required to be done by the Commission,”it said.

“There is ample and sufficient material before us which leads to the conclusion that there was imminent danger to the life of members of police party,” the NHRC said.

The High Court had directed the Commission to conduct he inquiry after questions were raised on the conduct of police in the encounter by some NGOs and social activists.

The Court had on May 21 asked the NHRC to complete within two months its inquiry into the controversial encounter case in which Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma, an encounter specialist, had succumbed to bullet injuries.

How secure are our security forces, specially when any crime victim belongs to minorities? It is fashionable for ‘mob’ and ‘public’ to take law and order in their hands. And specially, if they belong to particular community, our security forces’ hands are tied as per instructions from ‘above’. They are supposed to appease and defend because they are under constant scrutiny of the government, the media and the right activists. Our media takes due care to suppress minority ‘mob violence’ but is overzealous to report inadvertant mistakes of security forces.

It is true that stray cases of rights violation do happen but there are laws for it. But can one expect to uphold law and order against violent mobs without application of necessary force? The media and politicians are too eager to portray our security forces as villains. Why should then the society ask them to sacrifice their life if we cannot train them properly, equip them adequately and allow them to do their job accordingly? Does anybody care a damn about their own safety and security or raise an eyebrow on their injury, death or disability? 

Does anybody ever offer even an apology for mistakes committed against them or utter a word of appreciation for their thankless job.


Love twist to Srinagar boy’s murder, cops blame friends


 LOVE HURTS: Asrar Dar had meet a girl on Facebook, which allegedly has led to his cause of death.

 Srinagar: Asrar Ahmed Dar, the youth whose death had triggered widespread protests in this summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir last week, was murdered by two of his friends, police alleged on Wednesday.

Dar had gone missing from his uptown Maisuma home on July 3 and his body was recovered from Rainawari locality July 7.

Senior Superintendent of Police (Srinagar) Afadul Mujtaba said Dar’s two friends, Imran and Asim, had murdered him over a love tangle.

“Dar was in contact with a girl from Delhi through social networking site Facebook and this had resulted in jealousy and heartburn in his friend Imran, who had earlier been dating this girl,” Mujtaba said.

Imran had taken Dar to his house in Ellahi Bagh area where he and Asim hit the youth on the head with an iron rod, Mujtaba alleged.

“Realising that Dar had died, the murderers dumped his body in one of the rooms in the house.

“Later on July 7, Imran and Asim took Dar’s body in Imran’s uncle’s car and dumped it in Malkhah (Rainawari) area of the city from where the police recovered it,” the officer said.

Both Imran and Asim have been arrested and they have confessed to the murder, he said.

Dar’s murder had triggered widespread protests in the city, with many claiming he had been killed by security forces.

Two vehicles of the security forces had been burnt by protesters. Scores of people, including policemen, were injured in clashes across the city.

The police here have reportedly sent a team to New Delhi to corroborate further evidence in the case by contacting the girl both Dar and Imran had been dating.


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Exemplary ‘zero tolerance’ to Terrorism

Does India care for her security forces?

When you are a fundamentalist of the ‘special kind’ and are about to attack a church or create a riot you cannot be fired upon. Such violation of human rights of these ‘special people’  who are only misguided victims of atrocities committed against them (incidentally for the last 1400 years and all over the world), by security personnels are to be condemned. Security personnels who make such ‘grave mistake’ are to be suspended and are to be threatened, such that they themselves in turn, would need protection. And any dead miscreant (it is not politically correct to say terrorist or fundamentalists to this special group – their minority rights to ‘create’ cannot be equated with terror)  are to be compensated in lakhs and their family members are to be promised precious government jobs.

This is not new off course. Such ‘zero tolerance’ is advocated for the police, army and jawans who dare to protect the country with their hands tied at their back, to prevent them from violating human rights. Our Prime Minister has declared that these special people are often harassed in the name of terror and have asked security forces to observe “zero tolerance” for fundamental human rights violations while dealing with these people.  

Our Prime Minister does not feel it necessary to say a word or spend a sleepless night for the human rights of the actual victims of these special people, be it civilians or police or armymen.

Now it would have been a totally different story if the fundamentalist was of the majority Hindu type. Attacking a church is a great offence in India, but appears only if it is done by Hindus (it is approved to call them terrorist or fundamentalists). No matter whatever may be the reason  for their anger and frustration, Hindus simple do not have any right to protest. Any clash or riot where Hindus are involved has to be the Hindu’s fault, until proven otherwise. The same is true of destruction of minority properties. Such actions are sure to be headlines of news and TV medias and to invite the wrath of national and international persons and groups.


Kerala firing: Suspended cops threatened


Islamic fundamentalists have issued threats to police officers, who were suspended following the firing at Thiruvananthapuram on May 17, which resulted in six deaths.

The deaths have created a furor in Kerala, and the state government has ordered the suspension of six police officials, in the wake of wide-spread public resentment against the erring policemen.

The Popular Front, which is the new incarnation of the National Development Front, is believed to responsible for issuing threats to the police officers. The Home Ministry has decided to provide protection to the police officials.

Popular Front state president Nasaruddin Elamaram, while addressing a meeting in Kannur, had called for strict action against the erring police officers.

Sources in the Home Ministry indicated that supporters of Elamaram might have issued the threats.

Top officials of the Kerala police defended the suspended policemen, claiming they had taken action against a group of miscreants, who were about to attack a church near Cheriathura beach, to prevent a major communal riot in the state .

However, the state government has suspended the police officials and decided to provide government jobs to family members of the victims.

While the Popular Front had demanded a compensation amount of Rs 25 lakh for the families of the victims, the government has agreed to provide Rs 10 lakh.

The government’s attempts at damage control are being perceived by some as the Left Democratic Front’s attempts to project itself as a saviour of the minority community

Everyday some members of our police, BSF, CRP, Jawans and other security forces are killed by people who wage terror and war against our country and we hardly waste a moment for them.

They died in Kargil, in the attack on the Parliament house and in the 3 day Mumbai carnage. Security forces are killed regularly for years in Kashmir and are routinely ambushed and killed in Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh and other Naxal-ridden areas.

Security forces are supposed to die unaccounted in India.

So what is the big deal? Why should we care? Do security personnels’ lives have any value?  Does anybody spend sleepless nights for their sufferings? 

When will we realize that each individual police, armyman or jawan of India is a representative of the entire force and any attack on any individual demands strong retaliation to deter future misadventures.  

These individuals are asked to sacrifice themselves to protect the country when in need and they put their lives on the line of fire so that we, the rest of the country, can live peacefully.

We scream ‘zero tolerance against terrorism’ but our record is so pathetic that we are easily perceived as  a soft state.

We cannot eradicate Islamic terrorism simply because we believe that it does not exist. In our political correctness, we claim that there is no Islamic terror since Islam is a peaceful religion. We like to convince ourselves that only a few misguided youth kill and blemish in the name of Islam, and we cannot even hunt them because we fear that, that will alienate our Muslim citizens. 

Even after being snubbed and humiliated repeatedly by Pakistan, we cannot do anything against them, despite the world’s acknowledgement that Pakistan is the root of terrorism, since our leaders believe that Pakistan is a victim of terror and terror is a threat to Pakistan.

Our  Prime Minister however agrees that Naxal menace poses biggest security threat to India“I have said in the past that left-wing extremism is the single biggest security challenge to the Indian state,” …….. “It continues to be so and we cannot rest in peace till we have eliminated this virus.”

So what should we do? How do we eliminate the virus?

Can India think of any stronger effort to fight terrorism other than candle light solidarity, making dossiers or joint mechanism  with the terrorist himself to deal with terrorism. 

Can we learn a lesson from our small neighbouring country of Sri Lanka?

Or should we continue on the Gandhian notion of tolerance and non-violence and hide our ineptitude and incompetence under the veil of fake prudence and  false nobility and let our hapless security personnels die and become mere statistics in our so called fight against terror?



Suspected communist rebels kill 16 police in India



MUMBAI, India (AP) — Suspected communist rebels ambushed a police patrol in western India on Thursday, killing 16 officers, police said.

The squad was making its rounds in an area known to be a rebel stronghold near the city of Nagpur, when they apparently ran into a large group of gunmen, said local police chief Rajesh Pradhan.

None of the officers survived the battle, and there was no immediate word on rebel casualties, he said.

The clash took place some 500 miles (800 kilometers) east of Mumbai, India’s financial capital. In February, 15 officers were killed in the a similar incident in the same region.

The rebels, who say they are inspired by Chinese revolutionary leader Mao Zedong, have been fighting for more than three decades in several Indian states, demanding land and jobs for agricultural laborers and the poor.

They are called Naxalites after Naxalbari, a village in West Bengal state where the movement was born in 1967.

Over the past few years, about 2,000 people — including police, militants and civilians — have been killed in the violence.