Aha! That’s like a future Prime Minister.

After the nth terrorist attack, this time an action replay at Varanasi, by the perpetual offenders of the Islamic terrorist group, Indian Mujahideen, while, as usual, the present Prime Minister, had nothing to say other than parroting time-old excuses that “The blast is an attempt to weaken our resolve by evil forces of terrorism in which terrorists will not succeed” and the color blind, ‘saffron-terror’ fame, Home Minister, P Chidambaram, after a lot of  analysis, had just about enough wisdom to comfort the country by declaring that it was an “attempt to disturb peace and harmony”, we have the crown prince, the would-be-Prime Minister, the smart I-know-all Gandhi, offer us the most amazing yet simple solution to counter terrorism. 

The terrorist organizations must be shivering in fear of being out of business.

The CIA, FBI, RAW, Mossads, MIA and Scotland Yard officials must be lamenting in anguish for missing this simple solution.

No doubt, he is the darling of the Indian media. Wonder what the country would be like if he is allowed to rule the country, say, for about a week.


Defeat terrorism in 15 minutes: Rahul

PTI / Tuesday, May 5, 2009 17:57 IST

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday had a surprise suggestion of empowering villagers to fight terrorism. “I am confident that this country can take on terrorism. Defeating it is no problem. If we empower those people in villages, we can sit back, relax and we will destroy terrorism in 15 minutes,” Gandhi told a press conference here.


This is indeed sad, to say the least.

I am not talking about just the memories of the Mumbai attack, the deaths of innocent bystanders in scores, the supreme sacrifices of our security forces – those were unforgettably painful and will hurt us for a long time, whenever they creep into our memories.

But what hurts us most is the repsonse of our leaders and our government.

After all the rantings, the vows of ‘no tolerance’ and ‘ promises for retaliations’ and ‘appropriate responses’; all they come up with, even are two years of the incidence, are laments that their ‘neighbour’ has not done its duty and beggings that Pakistan do some soul searching.  

Clearly we have to sadly admit that despite all tall talks, our Indian government is at the mercy of the neighbour state (that it stupidly tries to cover up as ‘trust’) and has no clue as to how to reign Pakistan and its terrorists. 

They have let down all expectations and pride of the Indian people.


India asks Pakistan to do soul searching

Mumbai/New Delhi, Nov 26, PTI:

On the second anniversary of 26/11, India on Friday asked Pakistan to realise its ‘responsibility’ to punish those behind the dastardly terror attacks even as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh vowed to redouble efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice.  

 As the nation paid tributes to the 166 martyrs of Mumbai attacks, including 18 security personnel, India lamented that Pakistan had not punished the masterminds of the terror strike as it had promised. 

“I sincerely hope that Pakistan will realise its responsibility as a nation, as a government and fulfil its promises to bring to justice those who perpetrated the attacks,” said Union Home Minister P Chidambaram after attending commemoration events.

Chidambaram and Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan were among those who placed wreaths at the Police Gymkhana.

Recalling Pakistan’s assurances, he said it had promised to bring to justice the masterminds, the controllers and the handlers of the terror strike by arresting all the seven persons whose names were handed over by India to it.

He said Pakistan had not even handed over the voice samples of the handlers of the 10 Pakistani terrorists who struck in Mumbai on this day two years back.

‘Redouble our efforts’

In a statement issued in Delhi, the Prime Minister said: “We pledge to redouble our efforts to bring the perpetrators of this crime against humanity to justice. India will never succumb to the designs of our enemies.”

In Parliament, MPs paid tribute by observing a minute’s silence. Chidambaram said India has “learnt a lesson that while we will always trust our neighbour, we must always be on guard.”

He was speaking after handing over the CNG filling station dealership to the family of Tukaram Ombale, an unarmed Mumbai police constable, who was killed when he caught Kasab alive in suburban Borivali.

Lauding Ombale, he said: “If Kasab hadn’t been caught alive, there would be no conclusive link to Pakistan in 26/11 attacks.”

Defence Minister A K and External Affairs Minister S M Krishna also echoed similar views saying the terror strike was “a grim reminder” of the volatile neighbourhood and expressed the nation’s resolve not to allow a repeat of the 26/11-type mayhem in the country.

“It (Mumbai terror strike) is a grim reminder of the volatile and perilous state of our neighbourhood and thereby, the need for constant vigil,” he said.

In Mumbai, the Maharashtra police took out a parade in south Mumbai beginning from the Oberoi Trident Hotel, one of the sites of the deadly strikes.

The parade displayed advance anti-terror combat vehicles and weapons procured by the state police following the terror attack.

A 1.3-km long banner, which read ‘The Great Wall of Mumbai’, was held by hundreds of students from Mumbai starting from hotel Trident. 

This could turn out to be a major disappointment for CBI (the Congress Bureau of Investigation), and for the saffron-hating Home Minister,  Mr. P Chidambaram.


Huji, not Hindu group, behind Mecca Masjid blast’


 Though the CBI has sought to establish the hand of a Hindu terror group in the 2007 Mecca Masjid blast, a US counter-terrorism agency thinks otherwise. According to the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), the blast was allegedly executed by a Pakistan-sponsored terror outfit, the Harkat ul-Jehad-e-Islami (HuJI).

NCTC director Michael Leiter, submitted as much in his ‘Statement for the Record’ before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, on Wednesday.

Before the CBI took over the case, the Hyderabad police too had named the HuJI as the blast’s alleged executor.

“The group also has been involved in multiple, high-casualty attacks… in India in May 2007 that killed 16,” read Leiter’s statement.

He added, “HuJI has collaborated with Al-Qaeda on attacks and training for HuJI members. In January 2009, a federal grand jury indicted HUJI commander Mohammad Ilyas Kashmiri in absentia for a disrupted terrorist plot against a newspaper in Denmark.”

The group was also allegedly involved in an attack against Pakistani intelligence and police facilities in Lahore in 2009 that killed 23, according to Leiter.

CBI’s probe findings, however, have claimed that an Indore-based terror outfit whose members were allegedly linked to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh perpetrated the mosque attack.

The agency has arrested two accused in the case — Lokesh Sharma and Devender Gupta — and is looking for the alleged bomb makers, Sandeep Dange and Ramchandra Kalsangra.

“The NCTC does not seem to be updated with the developments in the case, which is surprising,” said a senior CBI investigator when HT asked him about the US agency’s version on the attack’s suspected perpetrators.

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UN, USA dampen secular propaganda of Hindu Terrorism

My nonsecular effort published in www.ivarta.com


Saffron Terror: An Analysis


 by Arindam Bandyopadhyay

Recently when he tried to highlight the phenomenon of ‘Saffron Terror’, for a moment one wondered whether our Home Minister, Mr. P Chidambaram was suffering from a selective and specific form of color-blindness and was seeing saffron instead of green, red or white. But soon it became clear that it was not a casual statement or even a cheap political gimmick because despite protest from political opponents and even from members of his own party, he stood firm on his statement and justified that he wanted to make a point and sent home a message.

As such, India’s reputation in countering terrorism is dismal at best but one shudders to imagine of having a malicious Home Minister who is unable and likely unwilling to judge the true color of terrorism.

One may recall that not too long ago, while he was the Finance Minister, Mr. P Chidambaram once commented that India was never a rich country. A more patriotic effort on his part would have enlightened him that in the past two millennia, till the pre- colonial days, India contributed to about a quarter of the world GDP. One would have expected him to know that the numerous invaders of Bharat, throughout the centuries, starting from the Greek Alexander, through the Arabic marauders and down to the European colonials, all came to this country only because they wanted to loot her wealth and riches. America was accidentally ‘discovered’ because Columbus wanted to go to India and that is history.

The most heinous of these invaders of India were off course the nomadic sword wielding barbarians of the Islamic world. Will Durant (1885-1981), American historian, described that the Mohammedan conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history.

Rizwan Salim of New York Tribune, wrote, “Savages at a very low level of civilization and no culture worth the name, from Arabia and west Asia, began entering India from the early century onwards …. demolished countless Hindu temples, shattered uncountable sculpture and idols, plundered innumerable palaces and forts of Hindu kings, killed vast numbers of Hindu men and carried off Hindu women..…… many Indians do not seem to recognize that the alien Muslim marauders destroyed the historical evolution of the earth’s most mentally advanced civilization, the most richly imaginative culture, and the most vigorously creative society.

That was the beginning of Islamic terrorism in India and it still continues. Only the names of the terrorist has changed over time from Ghazni, Ghori, bin Qasim, Tughlak, Khilji, Babur to SIMI, LeT, HuJi, JeM, Indian Mujaheddin, Afzal and Kasab in the modern age.

Islamic terror had caused death of an estimated 80-100 million, mostly innocent and unarmed Hindus, over the centuries. Mountains were raised of skulls and bones of Hindus captured and put to death, just for the mere pleasure of killing the kafirs. Over 30000 temples were plundered and grazed.

Later similar terror was systematically planned in the Direct action day and in the Noakhali murders of 1946 and in the estimated 3 million targeted Hindus murders during the Bangladesh war in 1971.

 In recent times, India attained the dubious distinction of being one of the worst terror- affected countries. Indians are used to the monotony of terrorist acts – from the numerous serial blasts affecting major cities of India to the burning alive of 59 innocent karsevaks in the Sabarmati Express near Godhra, to the assault on the Indian Parliament house and in the Mumbai carnage of Nov 2008.

As in any act of terror anywhere in the world today, be it New York, London, Madrid Russia, Indonesia or Uganda, it does not take much effort to guess who the perpetrators of the acts are. It is only newsworthy when it is not an Islamic fundamentalist person or group.

It was hoped that after Independence, especially after the havoc of Partition, India would have had learnt a lesson from past and would build a strong nation so that history does not repeat itself. But we watch with horror now that terror has affected much deeper and much higher than our worst imagination. Terror has affected the function at the highest level of the Indian government, which is widely perceived as soft on Islamic terror. It has not only failed utterly to diagnose the problems, formulate concrete plans and strengthen its anti-terror approaches, but it keeps on extending its self defeating principle of pacifying terror and terrorists with a false hope that it will be able to change hearts and all will be well in the end. It shudders to carry out the Supreme Court verdict of Afzal Guru, a convicted criminal in the eyes of the law of the land, in fear of possible retaliation from minorities. The country was seen humiliated on the TV screen all over the world, during the Mumbai carnage of November 2008 and all we have done to restore our pride and honor was to make heaps of dossiers and send them all over the world, with zero effect. Yet our clueless Prime Minister is all too happy to demoralize his own law and order machinery and send good wishes to the leaders of the terrorists, literally begging for peace again and again.

Our administration dances to the tune of separatists, pampers fake activists and even allows itself to be held captive by handful of professional’ stone pelters, if they are belonging to minority groups.

Most of our leaders compete amongst themselves, each trying to establish himself more secular and Muslim-loving than the other, each trying to bend back even further and offer more concessions to catch that illusive minority vote bank, wasting national interest down the drain.

The media has long lost its role in nation building. It is either intimidated or sold-out, selling deceptions and half-truths to sensationalize and blatantly misrepresenting facts with the excuse of maintaining communal harmony, so that Muslims are not offended.

This policy of Muslim appeasement has not even spared our security personnel, who are putting their lives on the line of fire daily and die in dozens. They are themselves insecure, not only from being ill-trained and ill equipped, but also from being portrayed as the villain, castigated by the same media and leaders, crying Muslim victimhood, at the drop of a hat.

The only other act of courage that is left behind for these leaders and the media is to expand the story of a few bomb blast and raise the phantom of Hindu or saffron terrorism and incessantly propagandize that, so the inflated image can match the menace of Islamic terrorism.

Recently, Mr. B Raman, former head of the counter-terrorism division of RAW, analyzed the arrest of some Hindus as terrorists and concluded that according to American investigators the LET and Al Qaeda were responsible for the Samjauta Express blast and the HUJI for the Mecca Masjid blast. If the American investigators, who have better sources in Pakistan, are correct, how can our investigators claim that some arrested Hindus were responsible for these incidents? Justice and fair play demand a thorough investigation into the two different versions that have emerged from Indian and American investigators. While the American investigators have blamed the LET, Al Qaeda and the HUJI, Indian investigators have blamed the Abhinav Bharat. Both cannot be correct.”

Thus the Home Minister has not only deliberately and deceptively sanctioned the accusation with his statement even before any verdict has been declared but actually insulted the majority population of the country and the billion plus Hindus of the world’s third largest faith, by purposefully dragging the word saffron into it. He had endorsed the growing suspicion of Hindus that they are unwelcome in their motherland. The mere word ‘Hindu’ is despicable now. To claim to be a Hindu in India is reckoned as inciting ‘communalism’. And by extension, the color ‘saffron’, notwithstanding its presence in the Indian tricolor, is disreputable, because of its association with Hindu religion.

Saffron is considered the sacred color that has been embraced by Sanatan Dharma and the other faiths of Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism, that emanated from this blessed land of Bharat. It symbolizes sacrifice, salvation and renunciation – qualities that had formed the basis of the ancient civilization that still thrives in this land. It is the color donned by sages and saints, including Sankaracharya, and Vivekananda who have graced and blessed us, from time immemorial.

Saffron glorifies our National Flag to emphasize the same characters. Our first President, Dr. S.Radhakrishnan thus explained, “…the saffron color denotes renunciation of disinterestedness. Our leaders must be indifferent to material gains and dedicate themselves to their work. The white in the centre is light, the path of truth to guide our conduct. The green shows our relation to soil, our relation to the plant life here on which all other life depends. The Ashoka Wheel in the center of the white is the wheel of the law of dharma. Truth or satya, dharma or virtue ought to be the controlling principles of those who work under this flag.”

Thus, saffron is the color of the truthful and dharmic civilization that originated from India and influenced human evolution over the whole world. Unlike the persecuting, essentially fundamentalist and exclusive faiths of early Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Indic religions like Hinduism and Buddhism have never seeked religious or scriptural sanction of faith based atrocities, have never preached any holy wars, be it crusades or jihads and have never approved proselytizing religious imperialism to justify political or economic oppression of others.

Despite centuries of oppression and terror, The Hindus civilization is still thriving, while all the other ancient civilizations of the Greeks, the Romans, the Egyptians, the Mayans and Aztecs have been destroyed by either Islam or Christianity. True, Hindus were forced to remain second class citizens in their own land, for centuries. But Hindus never shied away from fighting the evil forces and the tyrants. They won some but unfortunately lost more. Despite being deceived numerous times and broken at other times, they did not bend. They retreated into their shell but remained faithful to their dharma, took their destiny on stride and survived centuries – the longest surviving ancient civilization on planet earth. They gave shelters to others similarly oppressed – the Jews, the Syrian Christians and the Zoroastrians. They earned their fame as ‘tolerant’, ‘nonviolent’, ‘truthful’ and ‘peace-loving’ – accolades they cherished as virtues that were not to be sacrificed, even on the threat of destruction and annihilation. They gained their strength from their scriptures and their itihaas, from the collective blessings of their sages and saints and from the cumulated benefits of following the path of dharma and good karma.

They regard their land as their Bharatmata; they hail her as Vande Mataram.  And they have learnt to protect her with their lives. For Hindus believe in offering self sacrifice. They know that saffron is also the color of fire which they have been worshipping in the form of Yajna, since Vedic times. They are aware that fire burns but they also believe that fire purifies.

Following independence, Hindus had renewed their hope and expectations, thinking they had sacrificed enough for their independence movement and had suffered enough through partition of their motherland. But they are starting to realize that their struggle to free their civilization and land is not over. They feel captives again, not by aliens anymore, but by a handful of malicious fellow citizens, often Hindus by birth themselves, who are bent upon to eradicate the essential Hindu nature of this country. They are seeing the grip of a conscious, concocted and colluded effort to remove Hindu-ness from all walks of life. In sixty years after partition, the country is slowly getting back to the same pre-partition days when the minorities were calling the shots and the leaders are only too eager to oblige.

There are clearly different sets of standards to deal with Hindus and Muslims now in independent India.

Hindu’s glorified history is suppressed; Muslims century old oppression is rationalized.

‘Jai Shri Ram’ is a communal call but ‘There is no other God but Allah’ sounds secular to the pacifist’s ears.

Sanskrit is allowed to be lost in oblivion; Urdu and Arabic learning is promoted.

The Government, the leaders, the pseudo-liberals and the media never fail to raise the Babri demolition or the post-Godhra riots in Gujarat as a justification of Muslim angst but conveniently forget the actions that led to the Hindu reactions in the first place.

Hindus are expected not to have any anger and grudge. But Muslim angst has to be compensated at all cost.

Muslim atrocities are rewarded with more concessions; autonomy is contemplated for violent secessionist, while the justified efforts of Hindus, fighting to prevent disintegration of the country, are throttled.

Hindus are not supposed to have any right to resent the centuries of oppression, the deaths and the plunders or to feel for the fellow victims of Islamic terrorism. They are expected to peacefully accept loot and carnage of their property, death of their father or brother or rape of their mother or sister for the sake of communal harmony.

Hindus are expected to accept in silence their exodus in lakhs from Muslim dominated Kashmir (from where now Sikhs are threatened out), but Muslims require special privileges and protection wherever they are minorities even if it is just meant to make them feel good.

Illegal Muslim immigrants are given citizenship to become vote pockets, but Hindu migrants are still refugees after 5 decades of partition?

Disregarding constitutional rights, special advantages are being doled out to Muslims in job and education, just because of their religious affiliation. But the same privileges do not reach the Hindus, even from the poorest economic background.

Hindu temples remain in dilapidated condition while temple money is siphoned off for government expenses? Hindus have to beg for a mere 100 acre of land in Amarnath while unlimited government funds are spent on Haj terminals buildings and trips to Mecca?

Do the Hindus have the right to lament the amputation of their Bharatmata? If Pakistan was curved out for Muslims, is it inappropriate to ask Hindustan for Hindus or at least have equal rights as for Muslims in India? Then how are Hindus expected to react to their Prime Minister’s announcement that Muslims must have first claim to the countries resources?

So was it unexpected that some Hindus would start protesting?  

Indeed it is surprising that the saffron fire has not yet motivated many more of the kinds of Kshudiram Bose or Prafulla Chaki, Shivaram Rajguru or Madanlal Dhingra to join the struggle? Perhaps it is symbolic that one of the first revolutions against the British raj was that of the Sanyasis, based on which, Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay wrote his famous novel, Anandamath, which gave us the Vande Mataram song and this time one of the main accused in the so called Hindu or saffron terror happens to be a Sadhvi.

When a body is threatened by cancer, a surgeon’s knife is often the best option to save the individual. It is traumatic but life saving, painful but rewarding. Its destruction paves the path of regeneration and re-creation. Hindus believe in the same universal philosophy of destruction and creation. They believe in their God who reincarnates to save the planet from evil and propagate further creation.

Destruction or killing in the name of religion is never initiated by Hindus. But it is wrong to assume that Hindus will tolerate atrocities and adharma eternally for they also believe that acceptance of adharma is not merely cowardice, it is also sinful. To pacify them, they are constantly reminded, Ahimsa Paramo Dharma (Non-violence is the ultimate dharma) but they know there scripture also adds Dharma himsa tathaiva cha. (So too is violence in service of Dharma).

Our history recounts that whenever the need came, Hindus resistance came in the form of a Prithviraj or a Rana Pratap; a Shivaji or a Guru Gobind Singh; a Bhagat Singh or a Subhash Bose. They are considered great sons of the soil. Hindus consider them martyrs, cherish their memories and feel glorified by their self sacrifice. Their resistance to eradicate injustice and oppression is not terror. Their war is dharma-yuddha against evil, like the one that happened in Kurukshetra, where the Lord Krishna himself supervised.

Hindusthan has seen tyrant fanatics like Aurangzeb and traitors like Jaichand before. History will say how the current leaders will be remembered in future.

But one thing is for sure, if the call to save Hindusthan comes again it will be the saffron flag-bearing Hindus who will do or die for it. Hindus will not let it go without a fight.


Surely this is a disappointment for the ‘secular’ media and the Congress Bureau of Investigation (CBI) who would love to propagate the hype of ‘Hindu Terrorism’ to match that of the sinister Islamic counterpart. 


HuJI ban takes no note of ‘Hindu terror’ role

Vishwa Mohan, TNN, Aug 8, 2010, 03.10am IST

NEW DELHI: Contrary to Centre’s growing estimate that alleged Hindu extremists carried out the May 2007 Mecca Mosque blast in Hyderabad, the United States and the United Nations have held the Pakistan-based Harkat-ul-Jihad Islami (HuJI) responsible for it. The UN has, in fact, termed the blast a joint operation of HuJi and Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and listed a number of other terror attacks in India in which these outfits were involved.

HuJI’s role in the Mecca Mosque blast was highlighted both by the US and the UN while banning the outfit as a `terrorist organisation’ and designating its top commander Ilyas Kashmiri as a `global terrorist’ having links with al-Qaeda on Friday. Kashmiri had recently been indicted in the US for providing material support to Pakistani-American LeT operative David Coleman Headley.

India had also suspected HuJI’s involvement in the Mecca Masjid blasts before stumbling upon evidence linking the terror act to the group aligned with Abhinav Bharat who are suspect in two other attacks on Muslim targets — the blast at a mosque in Malegaon and at the Ajmer Shrine. It is possible that the UN and US authorities did not check with India for fresh updates on investigation into the crimes, going along with the initial line of Indian investigators.

Their “finding” may trigger a controversy because investigators have uncovered more evidence linking the Mecca Masjid blast which killed 16 people and injured 40 to Hindu extremists.

The US has pointed out that HuJI — which has been operating in India and Pakistan — had carried out this terror attack besides several others including the one in Varanasi in March 2007.

Justifying its determination, the US department of state in its statement said: “These actions were taken in consultation with the department of the treasury and the department of justice…. These actions will give US law enforcement additional tools needed to restrict the flow of resources to both HuJI and Mohammad Ilyas Kashmiri.”

The same day, the UN too imposed sanctions on both HuJI and its commander Ilyas Kashmiri, subjecting both the entity and the individual to “the assets freeze, travel ban and arms embargo”. The world body has also listed a number of terror attacks which were carried out by HuJI. Besides the Mecca Masjid blast, these include the twin explosions in Hyderabad in August 2007 and suicide bombing of the US Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan, in March 2006 among others.

Though India had banned the outfit long ago, the UN’s decision may have its implications in Pakistan as all members of the world body would now be required to implement “asset freeze, travel ban and arms embargo” against HuJI and Kashmiri.

Although the American decision gave credence to what Indian investigators had initially suspected on the basis of preliminary findings in the Mecca Masjid blast, it contradicted the recent probe suspecting links of perpetrators of this blast with those of the Malegaon (September 2006), Samjhauta Express (February 2007 in Haryana), and the Ajmer Sharif dargah (October 2007) blasts. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) was recently handed over the probe of the Samjhauta blast case. The investigation will also look into whether all these blasts were actually carried out by Hindu terror outfit Abhinav Bharat or some other Hindu extremists groups.

Though the initial probe had hinted at involvement of Hindu extremist group in the Samjhauta blast, the twist came when the US last year named one Arif Qasmani of Karachi as being involved in the Mumbai suburban train blasts of July 2006 and in the Samjhauta Express blast. The NIA will now have to find out the truth.

Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt is in trouble.

A man who is used to be in the news for his pro-Islam, pro-Pakistan stance and his anti Hindu rhetoric suddenly finds himself in the headlines for the wrong reason. Rahul Bhatt, his son is under scanner and is heading for intense interrogation by National Investigation Agency because of his alleged links with the US-based terrorist of Pakistani origin David Coleman Headley.

A person used to accusing others is suddenly finding himself desperate to defend his son now. Upset over reports attributed to security agencies and the Union Home secretary that they have not cleared his son of any wrongdoing in connection with his dealings with terror suspect David Headley, Mahesh Bhatt said that he is hurt and claimed that his son, Rahul is a true and responsible Indian and that his heart is clear and he doesn’t require any clean chit from anyone.

This has certainly been a spoiler to the excitement that he must have felt on being invited by the Pope to Vatican City to discuss ‘global peace’. He and his daughter Pooja are the only Indian artists invited by the Pope, he had boasted. Perhaps the Pope was pleased of his effort in leading the delegation to meet the President on the so called Orissa violence. That part of the global peace process that happened in Orissa, India started after a octagenarian, Hindu Swami, was peacefully gunned down by accomplishes of the religion of peace.

Mahesh Bhatt had lead several such delegations before. Being part of the Indian pseudosecular, intellectual, minority rights activists crowd, he was also found in Mangalore where he was called again to lead a delegation to protect Christians Citizens from Hindu Radicals. “The idea of proselytising is India’s gift to the humankind” he had claimed, thus equating Buddhism’s spread beyond Bharat, by knowledge and wisdom, to the barbaric spread of Christianity and Islam worldwide that had left millions of people dead and still continues to do so.

He, like so many other selective minority rights activists of his kind, however has never been seen in Jammu & Kashmir to stand by the Hindu / Buddhist minority victims of the state, nor has he been ever heard to spend a few words on the plight of the Hindu minorities in the Christian dominated North East of India or the Islamic states of Bangladesh or Pakistan.

His love for Islam and its followers is well documented. He is often seen leading Muslim protests or addressing seminars to defend Islam. When islamic terrorism, SIMI amd Indian Mujaheeddin were ripping apart cities after cities, in serial bomb blasts, his heart was bleeding for the muslims, “Where there is fear, there is no Islam and where there is Islam, there is no fear.” in one such seminar.

Before the last Lok Shabha elections, he advised the Muslims to vote for Congress Party, to defeat communal forces and give strength to secular forces. “I think that this is the secular party and want to do something for Muslims”. A fine example of sick-secularism, indeed!

After the July 2005, suicide bombings in London that left 56 people dead in a bid, he felt the need to show Islam as a religion of peace and planned a movie titled “Suicide Bomber”, to star his son Rahul in the role of a young Asian Muslim planning to trigger the blasts in London. “The movie is inspired by the London bombings and my son will make his film debut by playing the key role of the suicide bomber who is of Asian origin …. I have been researching on the script since the bombings and through the movie I plan to highlight that Islam is a religion of peace and not dreadful as it is perceived by the world, …….I will attempt to bring out the virtues of Islamic living and also show how the state (government) can sometimes be a demon. The film will delve into the heart and mind of a suicide bomber,” he added.

One can at least easily delve into his heart and mind.

I draw a lot of inspiration from the life of Prophet Mohammad, he had once claimed

He was there to play the ‘muslim victim’ card with his nephew, actor Emraan Hashmi, when the latter cried ‘religious discrimination’ while trying to buy a flat, but then had to hastily retreat when a Mumbai social worker accused them of  ‘fomenting communal tensions to gain cheap publicity’.

It is possible that there were some childhood trauma that may have contributed to the strong anti – Hindu feelings that this person, who unfotunately carries the name of Lord Shiva, emanates. Reportedly he officially converted to Islam to marry actress Soni Razdan so that he could keep two wives.

His love and compassion for Pakistan had often crossed limits. He was unhappy about certain movies  being made in India (ex. Gadaar, Sarfarosh) with anti Pakistan messages, claimed that he personally condemned those films which contained excessive anti-Pakistan rhetoric, and was happy to see that such films had failed at the box office.

“Do not point a finger at Pakistan”, he had ranted, reportedly, while giving his reaction to the massacre and mayhem in Mumbai 0n 26/11, to India TV.

Well Mr Bhatt!  It looks like your dream story of Rahul Bhatt as a suicide bomber is getting a realistic touch here. And the fingers that were pointing towards Pakistan could slowly turn to your direction.

Unless, off course, unseen threads are pulled by unknown authorities, we hope to find more on the case in future.

Groundwork for another ‘Direct action Day’ started!!

Ssssh! It has nothing to do with Islam – the most peaceful religion. It is just a few Ajmal Kasab like, misguided youths, who are trying to give a bad name to Islam and trying to cause ‘communal dysharmony”. Kerala Hindus should keep on chanting “All religion are the same” and “Iswar Allah tera naam”. If Muslims claim one state of India, Hindus should be generous enough to offer them another state, for them to live comfortably.

And then they also have to keep in mind the loving Christians…..

And look at poor Pakistan! See how they are always the “victims of terror”!  The terrorists are so naughty that they always force their headquarters in Pakistan and manage the support of ISI and LeT. 


Kerala gets email threat of multiple bomb blasts


IANS, 14 August 2009, 01:03pm IST

KANNUR, KERALA: The cyber police cell in Kerala has traced an email threat from the United Arab Emirates, warning of widespread bomb blasts in the state, if a separate Muslim state, comprising districts of north Kerala, is not created.

The inspector general of police Tomin J. Thachenkery said on Friday that the e-mail was received Thursday at a few media offices.

“We immediately began our work and found that the mail is from United Arab Emirates based Etisalat and the domain is that of Yahoo. Since a first information report is required to trace out the IP of the computer, a case has been registered here at the Kannur Town police station.”

He added that the e-mail was written by Zakhir Hussain who claims to be the head of the newly formed Malabar Mujahid which has its headquarters in Karachi and has support from ISI (Inter-services intelligence) of Pakistan and LeT (Lashkar-e-Taiba).

If their demand for a separate Muslim state is not met, then bombs will be deployed across the state and for that they have already shipped seven kilograms of RDX. The first of the series of bomb blasts will begin with a sample one today (Friday), being the Independence Day of Pakistan,” said the letter, according to Thachenkery.

Following the e-mail, the state has been put on high alert and instructions have gone to all district headquarters to remain vigilant.


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