Conversion!. A topic that our leaders rarely talk about, a news item that our media is usually reluctant to report or explore, a truth that majority of  Indians are either ignorant about (and prefer to remain so) or brush it aside as propaganda of right wing Hindus of the RSS, VHP or BJP  kind.

India is the favorite hunting ground of the evangelist Christian soul harvestors because there is no fear of retribution, unlike the Islamic countries  or communist China.

The vast majority of Indian Christians, coming from socio-economically deprived background, and converted under false pretext (as below) hardly ever get to realise  the promises doled out to them. But a section of the leadership do enjoy great undue privileges because of their religious affiliation. 

A large section of the Indian public is confused with the repeated affirmation that ‘all religions are the same’ and still suffer from the colonial aura that anything that has a flavor of being English, Christian or Western has to be  progressive and modern. 

The enormous amount of resources including funds available (mostly  from  foreign countries, often in the form of genuine donations by ignorant westerners, done in good faith), the advantageous opportunities accessible through ownership of private health and educational institutions,  a favorable atmosphere enabled by the ruling government and the menace of vote bank politics – all have contributed to the wildfire spread of Christian evangelism, often violent, thoughout India in recent years, especially the states of North East India and that of Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and  Tamil Nadu.

Unfortunately such news, as below, are not highlighted ( may not be ‘permitted’ or ‘profitable’) by our media, at least not  even close to the overwhelming zeal with which they sensationalize Valentine Day protests or vandalised church or try to glorify Pink Chaddi or Slutwalk campaign.


The Indian preacher and the fake orphan scandal

An Indian missionary charity falsely portrayed young Buddhist girls from Nepal as “orphans” of murdered Christians in a global fund-raising operation involving British and American churches

Parents paid a child-trafficker more than £100 to take their daughters to good schools in Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, but instead they were taken more than 1,200 miles to Tamil Nadu, southern India.

At the Michael Job Centre, a Christian orphanage and school in Coimbatore, they were converted to Christianity, given western names and told that its charismatic founder, Dr PP Job, was now their father.

On websites, the children were given serial numbers and profiles. The charity claimed they had been either abandoned by their parents who did not want the financial burden of raising girls, or orphaned after their “Christian” parents were murdered by Nepal’s Maoist insurgents.

The profiles were used to attract financial sponsors from around the world.

Many of the donors were in the United States, Holland and Britain, where Dr Jobs’s sister organisation, Love in Action, is run from St Mary’s C of E Church in Stoke-sub-Hamdon, Somerset. ………………….. (deleted)


and the update

46 more children with parents identified in Sulur orphanage

 COIMBATORE: The ongoing probe into the alleged international child trafficking racket involving an orphanage here after 23 Nepalese children were found in their custody under the guise of orphans has become murkier. The Child Welfare Committee probing into the institution has identified and sent 46 more children to their rightful parents so far.

More such cases are expected to crop up in the coming days claimed officials involved in the process. Majority of these children were from Assam and Bihar. Even though they were not orphans, they were lodged at Michael Job Centre for Orphan Girls in Sulur.

“We are probing into the matter. More such children were identified and the Child Welfare Committee is expected to send a detailed report to me in the coming days. It is a sensitive issue and we have to handle it carefully,” said M Karunagaran, District Collector, Coimbatore.

The chairman of the institution Dr PP Job, a famous evangelist based out of New Delhi was also asked to appear before the Child Welfare Committee but has not complied with the order so far.………..

………. The officials have also cancelled the license of the centre. As of now 485 children reside there and are given a formal education. ……… (deleted)