Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, (aka, Mamata Bano) has done it again.

In order to please her minority vote bank, who helped her gain power, she is exploring new avenues in areas that no one else had imagined before. After doling out special salaries for Imams and muezzins  from  the ‘secular’ government fund, she now announces a hospital, specifically  for minorities only (Wonder whether a external genitalia examination to ascertain religion, would be a prerequisite for an admission for a heart attack or stroke ).

The people who should care, the Hindu Bengali bhadraloks and intellectuals, are least concerned. The politicians / oppositions are mumbled in their protest, in fear of squandering even the minute fraction of muslim vote that they are blessed with. The West Bengal media, as is true in most places in India, has long had the undeclared tradition of not speaking against minority interest, in order to keep the torch of secularism burning.

One dreads to comtemplate the day when Muslim population in West Bengal will attain that critical mass (they are already majority in several districts) where they can dictate terms again. If history is to be believed, the day is not far off when Hindus of West Bengal will travel the path of Kashmir or Assam (as in recent times). They have already forgotten the atrocities of Direct Action Day or the Noakhali massacres. The whole history of the partition of Bengal or the dwindling Hindu population of Bangladesh, before or after independence, does not bother them. They have acquired this immense ability to forgive and forget, to bury their head in sand and believe that the world around is glorious.

What the Congress and Left front have done before and what Mamata Banerjee-lead Trinomool Congress is doing now is accelerating the process to a stage beyond retrieval.

(for those who can read Bengali – get the full news at


Only if Hindus had even the basic understanding, could figure out and actually act accordingly,  for their own benefit ……

While hapless Hindus are terrorized by Muslim mob, lead by TMC party’s Muslim MP in Deganga, while the coward, so-called bhadrolok and intellectual Hindus are pre-occupied, tightening the mask of secularism over their face, while the gutless Bengali media, is busy shoving Muslim atrocities under the carpet and the clueless and  ever- somnolent majority Bengali Hindus, like anywhere else in the world, oblivious merely within 50 years of the pain of partition, are hoping that and there luck will change once Didi takes over from CPI-M, this is what Didi is actually counting on to bring her and keep her in power, with or without Hindus…. 







Meanwhile, the existing CPI-M government, bent on regaining their lost hold over Muslim votes, is doling out ‘gifts’ to the Muslim community, expectedly a large portion of which is illegal Bangladeshi immigrants, at the cost of jobs and facilities for the Hindus, off course.

How long will it take before the next partition, before West Bengal becomes another Kashmir and where do Bengali Hindus plan to migrate this time? 


West Bengal increases OBC quota for Muslims


Kolkata: The West Bengal government on Friday issued notification to increase reservation in the Other Backward Classes (OBC) category from seven percent to 17 percent by introducing a ‘more backward’ classification to benefit the Muslim communities.

Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee at state secretariat Writers’ Building said: ‘The reservation of the OBC will now be 17 percent from 7 percent, whereas there will be classifications within the OBC category. OBC communities would be divided into – ‘backward’ and ‘more backward’ according to their educational, financial and social status. The backward group will enjoy seven percent reservation, while the more backward group will enjoy 10 percent reservation.’

According to a senior official of state Backward Classes Welfare (BCW) department, a total 108 communities from all religions are included in the OBC category, of which 53 are Muslim communities while 45 are Hindu communities. Nine are from Buddhist and another one from Jain community.

‘Now with the classification in OBC category, 56 out of total 108 communities have been regarded as the ‘more backward’ classes. The more backward classes comprise 49 Muslims, six Hindu and one Buddhist communities,’ said the senior official.

The officer further said: ‘The 53 Muslim communities together cover a population of 1.73 crore, or over 86 percent of the total Muslim population (2.02 crore) in the state. So 49 out of 56 Muslim communities are being regarded as ‘more backward’, which accounts for 99 percent of the Muslim population in the OBC category.’

The chief minister had earlier promised introduction of 10 percent reservation in government jobs for Muslims in the Other Backward Classes (OBC) category but the state backward classes welfare (BCW) realised that it is not possible to introduce 10 percent reservation for Muslims in the OBC category due to the Constitutional bar.

In order to find a way out, a ‘more backward’ classification within the OBC category was introduced, where the majority of Muslim communities in the state are included.

Currently, there is seven percent reservation for OBC, 22 percent quota for Scheduled Castes and six percent for Scheduled Tribes in government recruitment in the state

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As the Marxist and the TMC-Congress coalition compete for their Muslim support and the Muslim leaders feel confident to throw them out if their interest is not taken care off, one wonders, what happens to the followers of Goddesses Durga and Kali in West Bengal? 

How quickly have they forgotten the days of partition, those of the Noakhali riots and those of the Direct Action Day.


Muslim body proclaims support for Mamata

Saugar Sengupta | Kolkata

The Left Front received another jolt when after the Urdu-speaking Muslims their Bengali counterparts revolted against the Marxist “double-dealers.”

The State’s leading and most revered Muslim umbrella body of Furfura Sharif openly pledged its support for the Opposition Congress-Trinamool Congress combine.

It is another matter however that a beleaguered CPI(M) leadership decided to look right through the development stating the “party does not believe in communal politics”, though it attached “sufficient importance to community-based developments which may be proved by the latest decision of the State Government to impart free job-oriented training to the minorities.”

Religious head of Furfura Sharif Tauha Siddiqi told a huge gathering of Muslims that he would advise the members of his communities to reject the CPI (M) as it had bamboozled the Muslims of Bengal for the past three decades.

The cleric made this statement on Sunday in presence of Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee and warned: If Mamata fails to keep her promise towards the Muslims then we will throw her out of Bengal as well.”

The clerics of Furfura Sharif had traditionally been a pro-Left lot and even after the Nandigram movement and the rise of Siddiqullah Chowdhury they refused to commit direct support to any particular group.

Even when senior Congress leaders and the mastermind of anti-Taslima Nasreen movement Idrish Ali implored Siddiqui’s support the latter looked the other way. This dispassionate policy continued till the Lok Sabha election when the CPI (M) polled about 50 per cent of the Muslim votes in West Bengal — down from a traditional 65-70 per cent.

They felt the Marxist leaders continued to “ignore us even after the election. There was no leader coming to us to discuss the worries of the Muslims for which they were indicted by the Sacchhar Committee report. This confirmed that the Government was taking the Muslims as lightly as it took the general lot of farmers, tribals and other poorer sections who brought them to power repeatedly.”

The Furfura Sharif is happy that Banerjee had announced a railway link line joining Howrah with the shrine situated in Hooghly district. A tourist highway has also been planned, sources said adding the Centre had sanctioned the necessary funds.

West Bengal has an 8 crore-plus population out of about 2.3 crore are Muslims. The Urdu-speaking Muslims constitute a little more than 15 lakh. “The CPI(M) will be seen no where if the entire Muslim lot votes against them and this time they will do so to teach the defiant and arrogant Marxists a lesson,” he said.

While the Muslims constitute about 25 per cent of the total voting population, their effective voting strength goes as high as 33 per cent said Subroto Mukherjee, former Kolkata Mayor and PCC working president. This because they vote in full and vote en masse.

With Furfura Sharif declaring its official stance the Left Front seems to have lost its third major ally after the tribals of West Midnapore and Matua or a section of SC community residing mostly in North and South 24 Parganas and Nadia districts and comprising more than 74 lakh people.

The Congress, Trinomool Congress (TMC) and Left front had all competed for the votes of the Muslims, including infiltrators from Bangladesh, who are reportedly over 25% of the population. Over several decades, the Communists had been able to garner support from the minorities but in the recent election for Lok Shaba 2009, TMC-Congress coalition has been the beneficiary of the countrywide swing in Muslim vote.  Mamata Banerjee’s rhetoric in Singur and Nandigram and her participation in Ramzan did pay off.

In the mean time the Hindu majority, taken for granted, oblivious of their rights and collective power, in deep denial of the silent Muslim invasion and ignorant of the spreading shadow of a repeat Partition that looms over their land, are too happy to join the celebration of the ‘change’ in the Left front’s political dominance.

They fail to understand that what they are celebrating is nothing but the continuation of one of the largest holocaust in history of mankind, only the catalysts has changed from the Left front to the TMC-Congress coalition.


Green Revolution: West Bengal has the Highest number of Muslim MPs in India.


 by Sambuddha Gupta 


I took just some times to observe the situation in Bengal. The situation is worst ever for the rural Bengali Hindus. From everywhere the news coming about the post poll clash in the name of TMC-CPIM or RSP-CPIM or CONG-CPIM is nothing but the vandalization upon the Hindus by the Muslim goons using every colour to paint a big Green Star n Crescent in Bengal canvas.

This is the real Green Revolution in West Bengal in the advent of 15th Parliament constituting in New Delhi. So the journey of the Green Force from Kolkata to New Delhi depicts only the Supra Control of Muslim Community in Bengal over the frightened Hindu community in every corner of Bengal inside.

I must clear the picture in some ways.

1. Ganashakti (Daily Organ of CPIM West Bengal) published a report on 18th May, 09 that in Sholebagha in Howrah District within Chitnan Gram Panchayet (Village Level Constituency) 43 households were set fire to ashes out of a post election violence. The victims of Sholebhagha are exclusively belong to the Doloi Community Hindus and the attack upon the houses of Prafullo Daloi, Maya Daloi, Pareshbala Daloi (a 75 yrs old woman) and others was instigated and operated by none other than Sultan Ahamed, an newly elected MP from Bengal and TMC leader.

The muslim goons came from Kolkata with deadly weapons and arms & ammunition. All the belongings of the villagers from their golden ornaments arranged for the up-grown daughter’s marriage to the full granary from the harvest or the utensils and water-pot for a marginal inhabitant below the poverty line, all are looted or destroyed by the muslim goons so far reported by the press as a general incident of political violence, not an attack upon Hindus by Muslims.

2. In another news paper Pratidin, (a pro TMC paper controlled by Swapan S Basu a Rajjaya Sabha MP) reports on 19thMay, 09 that the Kolkata Police has arrested two notorious criminals viz. Md. Naseem Khan (55 yrs., Munger, Bihar) and Taleb Mondal (34 yrs., Bangaon, WB) for purporting post election violence in North 24 Parganas from their Dane in Bagbazar in North Kolkata.

Many Hindus in North 24 Pgs, especially in Barasat and Bashirhat Sub-Division were attacked by the muslim goons and even murdered in the last three months in connenction of pre-poll violence, and some Hindu Temples including a Harichand Mandir in Bangaon area a Shitala Devi Mandir in Sodepur-Natagarh area were vandalized by anti-hindu gangs of venomous Islamist spirit.

But Miss. Mamata Banerjee, the new icon for neo-islamic movement of Bengal ordered Smt. (Dr.) Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar to dedicate her victory in Barasat Parliament Constituency in the name of some Khijjir Molla who was murdered in a post poll clash out of a inner conflict between local power groups of muslims. Khijjir was a supporter of TMC as told. But Mamata Banerjee or the Kakoli G Dastidar are in a process to ignore and forget the dedication and sacrifice of hundreds and thousands Hindu supporters of Congress (Indian National Congress) & TMC (Trinmool Congress) in the last 32 years of struggle in the Bengal to an end of a Marxist regime.

3. On 16th of May at about 12-30 broad day light Sri Prahlad Pramanik was murdered by Ahammed Molla and his group in Sonakhali area under Canning Police Stn within Joynagar Parliamentary Constituency. Prahlad and Ahammed both are the supporters of local RSP and registered in the action group of the party. But Prahaladwas fatally targeted with iron-rod to die for his pro-Hindu activities by the Muslim murderers.

It is believed that Prahlad played a vital role to build a strong resistance in Sonakhali area for the hindus where 4 hindu activists of RSS were murdered on 10th February 2001 by Muslim goons namely Anar Molla, Iran and obviously a provocative Lokman Molla, a leader of RSP, South 24 Pgs District Committee. A non-manageable Prahlad did not stop his hindu activism for the hindus under pressure of muslims planning for a total surrender of hindus to them. For this charge a muslim comrade finished his hindu colleague without any hesitation. This news could not get any chance to crave any space in the secular press in West Bengal.



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The Islamic Crusades in India

Lokshabha election 2009 is over. The people of India has given their verdict, once again for the Congress party, whom they know for a long time. What stands out from that verdict is the clear rejection of many of the opportunistic politicians who had started to think of themselves as larger than reality. Lalu Prasad’s Rashtriya Janata Dal, Ram Vilas Paswan’s Lok Jan Shakti Party, Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Party and even Mulayam Jadav’s Samajwadi Party have all been snubbed effectively by the electorate, who on the other hand, hailed Naveen Patnaik ‘s Biju Janata Dal and Nitish Kumar’s Janata Dal (United), sending the clear message that the people value leaders and parties who work for their benefit. In Maharasthra, the Shiv Sena received a setback while Muslim and Dalit candidates were practically wiped out, again attesting to the fact that Indians favor developmental politics more than caste, creed, region or religion based divisive politics. The Communists also were effectively rejected, including in their traditional strongholds of West Bengal and Kerala, being reminded that negative politics and blind anti USA vis-a-vis pro Chinese ideologies are not accepted kindly by the electorate of India.

Perhaps one can argue that the same negative notions did not work against as well, in the case of  the Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee. Despite her opportunistic flip-flop from NDA to UPA, to appear close to her increasingly expanding Muslim base who themselves are disillusioned by the Left front government and her whimsical poltics not particularly known for development (remember Nano), she was able to play her cards well and synergize the anti incumbency factors, to dent the red fort built by the 32 year reign of the communists in West Bengal.

As for the fate of the Bharatiya Janata Party, I thought of attaching this article below. 

My personal impression of their debacle is that being proved the second largest national party, they need to reach out to the the whole nation including the South and North East of India and also to have their own media. There is no doubt that the existing Indian news and television media, specially of the English language kind, does cater unabashedly more to the need of the Congress Party. The predominant news related to the BJP or its leaders and allies are more often negative and conspirational and hardly ever champion their developmental efforts or project their positive agendas. It does matter when Indians wake up daily to see the familiar faces of Rahul, Sonia or Priyanka on their TV and read headlines pertaining to their ‘achievements’ in the newpapers, everyday. The BJP needs its own channel and media to publicize to the Indian mass the progress and developments that they are achieving in the states that they happen to rule and to advocate that they work for a strictly ‘national’ agenda, which does include the majorities of the country but not with the exclusion of the minorities.


Shock & awe on Hindutva Web sites

 B Raman | May 17, 2009 | 11:27 IST

There has been a lot of discussion going on for the last 12 hours or more on pro-Hindutva Web sites in India and abroad about the Bharatiya Janata Party’s stunning failure to do well in the election to the Lok Sabha, and the Congress party’s dramatic success.

The pro-Hindutva elements, which regularly visit and post on these Web sites, are in an astonishing state of shock. There is more introspection already going on on these web sites than in New Delhi and state capitals, and there is more loud thinking than in the endless debates on our television channels.

It is more interesting and educative to read these postings than to listen to the blah-blah of the spokesmen of different parties and the so-called analysts who have congregated in New Delhi.

As one goes through these Web sites, one is struck by the admiration of many pro-Hindutva elements over the way the Congress has given a youthful image to the party and over the quality of the intellect and powers of articulation of the Congress’s youth brigade. There is a grudging admiration even for Rahul Gandhi. Some admit that he has made an impact on the nation as a whole. Others insist that his impact is confined to Uttar Pradesh.

Many have compared the Congress’s youthful image to the tired and ageing image of the Hindutva leaders. Where are the young people in the BJP, the post-ers ask. The majority agree that L K Advani was a bad choice to lead the election campaign. They allege that instead of surrounding himself with youthful faces and intellect, he surrounded himself with old pensioners from different government services and the armed forces who were unable to read the mind of the Indian youth.

A perusal of many of these postings shows that the angry pro-Hindutva elements do not look upon younger BJP leaders like Arun Jaitley, Sushma Swaraj, Arun Shourie etc as representing the newly rising Indian youth. They dismiss them as middle-aged backroom manipulators and not genuine representatives of young India.

Many of the postings say Advani made the election campaign a personality-based one and not an issue-based one, which was a serious mistake. Interestingly and significantly, many admit that the election has shown that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has no national stature. The fact that he has been able to galvanise Gujaratis in Gujarat and outside does not mean that he will be able to galvanise the rest of India.

They feel one of the BJP’s biggest problems is that it has not been able to produce a leader of national stature after Atal Bihari Vajpayee. It has produced a number of good regional leaders, but they are not in a position to expand their appeal beyond their region and beyond their respective communities.

I am reproducing below some examples of the kind of comments I picked up from my browsing:

1. ‘I think BJP should dismantle, and regroup under a new name, new leadership, with a bit more conviction (I mean the mental kind, not legal) and spine. Bottom line: The BJP does not impress Hindus any more, and it manages to frighten non-Hindus. Not a combination to win India.’

2. ‘How do old people like Advani answer to the aspirations of the youth and also how can they ‘connect’ to a grandfatherly figure when a much older figure like me sees him as an anachronism? Are you going to inspire the youth so that they will vote for Advani in 2014? I see it in simple terms: Manmohan Singh kept Advani engaged while the Congress youth brigade engaged the voters. This is a classic military tactic though I don’t believe the Congress worked it out as a strategy. But that was the effect and people should learn from it and plan for the future.

‘What worked in the 80s will not work with the voters today many of whom were not born then or were small children. The electorate is not static. Are you going to take them back to the 80s? Also, the BJP is being ill-served by some of its ‘intellectuals’, who talk smoothly on TV and score debating points, but have no clue about the electorate. This is soothsaying, not problem solving.’

‘A defeat of this magnitude is due to a fundamental shift, not minor issues like whether Modi or Vajpayee would have made a better speaker. I already see futile talk that BJP made a tactical error by bringing in Narendra Modi as speaker and so forth. This is like a drowning man clutching at straws. This shows that the BJP doesn’t know what hit them — the youth brigade. Where is a BJP youth brigade that can engage Rahul, Sachin Pilot, Jyotiraditya Scindia and so forth? Why did the BJP fail to cultivate them even with its vast cadre? It has five years to focus on this issue.’

‘Bringing up a cadre of young leaders should be the first priority of BJP-RSS. It should allow them some freedom and not put them in an ideological straitjacket. That will nip talent in the bud. My concern is more for future generations than the fortunes of any political party. Where are the future leaders? I hope people are listening. I will bring this up with some people I know and also mention it in a couple of presentations.’

3. ‘The BJP has to be a party for all communities if it has to be a truly national party. A party that has India’s interests as its priority and delivers on development will have no problems getting the support of a large section of Christians and Muslims. All that the BJP has to do is remove the institutional bias against Hindus that exists in government circles. That’s all Hindus ask of them.’

4.‘I am not a Hindu though I have Hindu heritage. I was looking forward to INC’s defeat mostly because I vehemently am opposed to the idea of dynasty. India is a republic not a monarchy. I am seriously disappointed by the disastrous performance of BJP.’

‘You are in the trenches against an enemy more powerful and more organised moving against you and as you are running low on ammunition, you don’t want traitors in your rank. You also don’t want ultra patriots among you who might do serious damage to your battle plan. It is almost like giving the enemy your ammo stock even while you are running low yourself. Varun Gandhi played that spoiler. He may have made a tactical error in judgement but the moment the national and international media caught that it brought about strategic implication. Sadly, the BJP’s reaction was hew and haw without clear and concise action/reaction.’

‘Remember how George W Bush disowned Trent Lott? That is what leadership is. Does not matter how charismatic a person is and how popular he/she might be but the moment he/she steps out of line, he/she however capable must be gone. In 1991 the deputy commander of all US forces arrayed against Iraq made a statement to the press about how the war would be waged. Norman Schwarzkopf fired him even though he was said to be a brilliant war planner because he went to the press without approval. Despite being friendly with the Bush family he was fired nevertheless.’

‘The BJP officials did not show leadership when it was needed. India has the world’s largest 20-something population. Many of these are urbanised or dream of being urbanised. Many move to urban areas in search for that extra rupee. Many of these even in the country are fascinated by Bollywood and its regional cousins. Admit it. Materialism, Westernisation and its associated fashions/influence is ever-expanding. In light of these developments, it would have been prudent for BJP to endear itself among this demographic.’

‘Beating up couples on Valentine dates or trashing pubs/nightclubs will alienate these folks. The Hindu forces should be geared to fight Talibanisation and not become like the Taliban. Believe it or not, of all the good things you do one small infraction is all that is needed for the media to show you like a demon. The zealots played into the hands of the media like fools. For a youngster in Chennai who has heard of BJP and other Hindu right movements, he would know little of what great work these movements are doing in Gujarat or Haryana. But he would hear from the media when a couple on a Valentine date get beaten up. That would be his impression of the Hindutva movement.’

‘Like the old saying: A drop of ink is enough to spoil a bucket of milk. Also, in light of this 20-something demographic, where are the young faces in the BJP? This is the largest 20-something population in the world and the largest voting bloc in the country. Eighty-something year old Mr Advani, no disrespect to him and his huge contribution to the country, but there is a disconnect and I don’t think he instills much confidence among the young crowd.’

‘All this time Rahul Gandhi and his sister went around charming whoever that could be charmed. Let’s admit it. We humans are visual animals. It is nature and no matter how indoctrinated we are otherwise, this will forever be dominant. In 2009, the India voter wants to see someone like him/her. Regardless of Manmohan Singh, Rahul was the featured face of INC in this election. Then the alienation and division among Hindus. Given that Hindus are intrinsically secular, stealth must have been the operative word. You cannot charge around like a bull. People however worried about their Hindu religion will be seriously repulsed. You should win the heart and mind of people via stealth instead of repulsing them.’

‘Does the BJP stand for all Hindus or some Hindus only? If a man does not do his husbandly duties, his wife will not sit and wait around. She is bound to seek the arms of another willing man. And there is no shortage of men who will not think twice of doing the deed when a vulnerable or willing housewife arrives on the scene. This is the same with the controversy surrounding conversion. Why do people convert to another religion? Can we all agree that the reason they convert is because the new religion offered them hope and other related benefits that the original religion did not offer? You can cry till your lungs burst about the activities of the evangelists but as long as you have a vulnerable population that you hardly care except that they convert to another religion. The ants will keep moving to where the sugar is. It’s the law of nature that you cannot change. Until Hindus themselves take the initiative to empower and help the downtrodden and vulnerable among them, these same vulnerable and downtrodden will be played for their votebanks by the cunning foxes.’

‘For a party that desires to change the nation, the party must first instill change in the party. Does not matter how INC does business or XYZ party does business, it’s about time the BJP does business differently and stand out as a force of positivity. Have a national referendum to select a party candidate just like the US primary. This will galvanise the rank and file and allow everyone a chance to vote their leader and give every party member a voice. Be the agent of change instead of giving lip service to it.’

”On the whole all these news about goondas beating up people, colour TV or sack of rice or money in exchange for vote stinks big time. What happened to the spiritual Indian? Does this prove that Hindu influence is depleting? No wonder Hindutva lost its appeal?’

‘Lastly, you cannot fight corruption by being less corrupt. You are either incorruptible or corruptible. BJP needs to stand as an incorruptible party that is for good governance.’

A caveat: Not all these people who post on these web sites are necessarily Hindutva cadres or sympathisers. There are some who feel more comfortable with the strategic thinking of the BJP on national issues than with that of the Congress, but they cannot be characterised as pro-Hindutva.