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Rahul Gandhi Ko Gussa Kyun Ata Hai

Arindam Bandyopadhyay


Mommy! Yeh kya hai? How did I become the head of the Congress coordination committee for 2014 Lok Sabha polls? Nobody asked me for my consent. Yeh to jabardasti hai.

Please, don’t tell me that this is about my future and the future of the country. Bhar me jaye……why can’t the country leave me alone?

Look, I did not mind becoming an MP since I know that I am a Mediocre Person. But I have resisted all temptations to be part of the government or be a minister, because then you are responsible and liable to be blamed for all the department’s faults. I do not want to give anybody the opportunity to humiliate me. I am smart enough to learn it from you! Akhir beta kiska hun?

I am okay with being the General Secretary of Congress – I can behave like a general without even knowing the job of a secretary. And I do not mind becoming the High Command in future. Ask my friends – they will tell you I like to be ‘high’ and can command right and left as long as I do not have to carry them out.

But why does the party keep on demanding more? How many posts can I hold? Can’t we have other leaders from this pre-historic party who can share some responsibilities? I know you do not like that idea because of the risk of other leaders overshadowing the family. But you have to understand that I cannot pretend anymore that I enjoy politics.

Is politics ke liye mujhe kya kya nahin karna para!

First they call me an ‘icon’. In this age, while ipod, iphone and ipad are pioneers in their respective field, my detractors can easily distort icon from the leader of congress to the head of the conmen – yeh mujhe bilkul pasand nahi hai.

Next, I have to fake myself as a youth leader when I am not a youth anymore. Is umar mein to Vivekananda aur Jesus Christ duniya chorke chale gaye theh.

I had to eat with Dalits and sleep in their house. I had to travel second class with people that Shashi bhaiya disapproved as cattles. I have to spend half my time holding meeting at places where I would have never gone otherwise. Moreover I have to do all of these with a smiling face.

Yeh bhi koyi zindagi hai! Forget about girlfriends, I do not even have time to visit London or Boston anymore, let alone go to mama-bari in Italy.

I know you will remind me that I am important! It is my destiny to become PM. Even our silent PM agrees with that, whenever he is allowed to speak. You will also tell me that my opinions count. I try not to behave or talk like a future PM. (Fortunately, I am blessed because it comes natural to me). But still the scribes keep on insisting? How am I supposed to know that nobody can understand that there is no difference between Kargil war with Pakistan and FDI war with Walmart?

Then look at the hullabaloo they created after I said that ‘Hindu groups could pose a bigger threat to the country than activities of groups like Lashkar-e-Tayiba’. What I meant was, since Hindus are the majority, we should make sure that they remain oppressed enough, so that there is never a possibility of Hindu terror. Now, is it my fault if ignorant people cannot follow my point? Why do they ask for my views then?

That’s the reason why I also avoid Parliament sessions. It is so boring, anyway. All they discuss are scams – CWG, 2G, CoalG(ate). And then they ask me ‘what is your opinion Rahul-ji’? Baap re, mujhe to chakkar aata hai.

Actually I am convinced that there is a deep conspiracy going on. First our party and its allies were being connected to all sorts of scams. Then they attacked our family directly. Robert bhaiya ko to kareeb band baja diya tha…thank God he could fence away, at least for now. All these Annas and Arvinds are their stooges. I know all of it. I am not a bachcha anymore and neither am I kachcha in politics, though  sometimes my oppositions tend to believe that.

And now Subbu uncle, who fondly calls me a buddhu, is accusing even you and me of fraud. This must be part of an international scheme. Otherwise why would, all of a sudden, even the foreign media start taunting us. How dare they refer to me as the Rahul problem? Can anyone otherwise explain why they suddenly decided to declare our famous ‘son of sardarPM as an underachiever?

I know who is behind all of these. It is the man from the west – i.e. the western state of India. All those vibrations from the vibrant programs, where they showcase their state, are shaking our roots here. No wonder they have him as their cover boy. And no wonder suddenly even our friends from UK are warming up to him.

I think you need to pull some strings. Otherwise all these conspiracies and foreign interests can bury us badly in coming elections. Can you imagine where my reputation, which is already heavily tarnished after losing Bihar and UP elections, will be, if we lose the Lok Sabha 2014 polls? Do you still agree that I should hold this post of the head of coordination committee? I think yeh dil maange no more.

Honestly I am also tired of this political role play, jo mere bas ka kaam nahin hai. Sometimes I want to live a normal life. Think about it – I cannot even party with my friends, without criticism. This is very unfair.

Besides if I ever become the PM, what will happen to our Garibi Hatao programme? Look, for example, at Amethi – my constituency. It can compete with anywhere else in India for its garibi. Even Bill Gates failed to turn it around. If I become PM and the whole of India utilize my expertise and try to emulate Amethi, how can we then implement Grandma’s Garibi Hatao program?

I think Ramu dada has probably figured out that India’s PM post is not the right position for me, though he mentioned it in a slightly eccentric way. I admire his cynicism in general but strongly object to his openly criticizing me as illiterate. Publicly bolna nahi chahiye thah …..

Seriously, I think we have to find some new strategies before even the aam aadmi (or mango people, according to Robert bhaiya) decide to dump us.

Why can’t people like Diggy mama or Sallu chacha try to convince Priyanka? They can also talk to Robert-bhai. He is famous now-a-days. And part of the family too.

And, don’t try to confuse me by telling that my father and grandmother gave their life for the country. At least they had some sort of a life going before they died. Meri to zindagi bhi abhi suru nahi hui. It seems that nobody cares whether I have the right to have some sort of a personal life. At least I could have used some sympathy for my enforced bachelorship. Has anybody thought that if I do not get married, what happens to the continuity of the family tree?

Mera nahi to kam se kam dynasty ki to socho!



The Congress crown prince and would be Prime Minister involved in gang rape?

Is there any truth to this accusation circulating on the web for some time now?

Can we expect a CBI investigation, a sting operation (of Tehelka kind) or a Narco Analysis (used indiscriminately against so called Hindu Terrorists)?

Is there any ‘activist’ who is interested? 


Court notice to Rahul Gandhi on ‘missing’ woman 

Lucknow, March 1 (IANS) The Allahabad High Court Tuesday issued notices to Uttar Pradesh authorities and Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi on a plea seeking information about the whereabouts of a woman who went missing after meeting him in Amethi in 2006, a lawyer said.

The Lucknow bench court issued notice to Gandhi after the petition alleged that the woman and her family members were ‘untraceable’ ever since they met him in his parliamentary constituency Dec 13, 2006.

The notice was issued by Justice S.N. Shukla, the petitioner’s advocate Surya Mani Raikwar told IANS here. The court did not fix any date for the next hearing, he said.

Filing the petition on behalf of the family, Kishore Samrite, a former Samajwadi Party legislator from Madhya Pradesh, accused the Congress leader and his five ‘foreigner friends’ of allegedly assaulting the 24-year-old woman Sukanya Singh.

Claiming to have learnt about the incident from a web site, the petitioner said: ‘I was moved by the news. So I came from my home in Balaghat in Madhya Pradesh to Amethi where I found the girl’s house locked. Villagers were tightlipped about the whereabouts of the family.’

The petition seeks presentation of Sukanya, her father Balram Singh and mother Savitri Singh in court.  


Rahul Gandhi involved in Gang Rape: Victim Ms.Sukanya is under threat from Congress goons

Below message is received from sources on the ground and also members of Hindu Unity.

Source: HINDUUNITY.ORG, Local reporters 


Rahul Gandhi, Congress Member, Parliament of India, representing the youth of Congress Party is been charged for raping a girl named Ms.Sukanya who happened to be daughter of Congress worker. Rahul Gandhi is fifth-generation scion of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty and son of Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi, he ran on a campaign promoting economic development, honest politics and the role of youth. Mainstream media is silent on this issue .

On that fateful night Ms.Sukanya tried to get the support of local bastiwalas, but no one came forward as everyone are scared of Congress Goondaism which is strong in Amethi.Sukanya’s father beat her so badly that she was forced to run away with her mother because Congressman wanted to kill her. A Group of 1,000 Congress people roamed the town on that night and kept warning people to keep their mouth shut otherwise they will kill them.It all happened under the nose ofthe police who acted helplessly.

The local media who learnt about this incident next morning enquired from the local people. Both people and Police refused to speak anything and evaded any question. Reporters of Small and Medium Newspapers had shown interest in this incidence but it did not carry much weight. Major newspapers had heard about this incident, but did not take it seriously.

The following Reporters who were present on 4th December,2006 to cover Rahul’s Trip in Amethi and who were given information about the incident. These reporters were informed about the incident, none of them took interest to look into the matter

a) IBN7
b) Dainik Jagran, Dainik Bhaskar
c) Punjab Kesari
d) Hindusthan Times (Hindi)
e) Times of India & Times now
f) NDTV (Hindi)
g) Aaj Tak
h) Star News
i) Nav bharath times

Sukanya and his mother are said to be hiding in one of their Relatives House in Harayana. Our Sources in Lucknow say that “The Congress men have been ordered to kill them at sight before they come out in open or approach the president” .Congressman have been deployed at all 7 borders of UP & Delhi to trace both motherand and Daughter. Congressmen deployed at checkposts have been provided photographs of Sukanya. 

Door to Door Searching is on in Amethi and neighbouring Villages to track down them, and simultaneously the villagers are being warned and threathened if they provide protection to both mother and daughter.

As per the information, both Mother and Daughter are alive (Updated information about 10:00 P.M IST 16/1/2007) and search is going on. There is likely that Congressmen and Congress Governments in other states are secretely been instructed to track them down and hand over to them at the earliest.

We have no information like who is contacting the president on behalf of them. We are trying to gather information from our people in New Delhi whether the Human Rights has seriously registered their Complaints. Our people are hesistant to to because there is a possibility that they may apprehend us and hand over us to the police or congressmen for questioning.

Few Congress MLA’S from Uttar Pradesh are under tremendrous pressure from the high command to Locate both mother and daughter and finish the needful.Secretly a reward has been announced by the Congress High Command if whosoever provides info or …… Congressman from other districts and states are touring all over UP & Delhi.

“I am sure they have decided to kill both mother and daughter.”

IMPORTANT: Father of the victim Mr.Balram Singh has either gone underground or has been killed, he is not to be seen since 4th January 2007.

Gaddar Hatao, Desh Bachao!

Dynasty Hatao, Desh Bachao!

…….. But the problem could well be that there are lot of others who have picked up their shares, even if it was crumbs compared to the Gandhi family; if not in cash, then may be, in kind.

The country needs a mutiny again.


Zero tolerance, secret billions 

By S Gurumurthy 
02 Jan 2011

What was Rajiv Gandhi’s fatal error in politics? It does not need a seer to say that it was his claim to honesty — branding himself as ‘Mr Clean’ — that proved fatal to him. Indira Gandhi was his contrast. Asked about corruption in her government, she said nonchalantly, ‘it was a global phenomenon’. This was in 1983. An honest Delhi High Court judge even lamented how could corruption be controlled when someone holding such a high position had almost rationalised it. The result, no one could ever charge Indira Gandhi with corruption, because she never claimed to be clean. But, ambitious to look ideal, Rajiv proclaimed honesty and so provoked scrutiny; in contrast, Indira, opting to be practical, immunised herself against scrutiny. Eventually, Rajiv’s claim to honesty became the very cross on which he was crucified in the 1989 elections when the Bofors gun shot the Congress out of power. The lesson to the political class was: don’t claim to be honest, if you really are not so. The hard lesson seems forgotten now by the Gandhi family itself. Sonia Gandhi, instead of following Indira’s safe path, is wrongly caught on Rajiv’s risky steps. The consequences seem to be ominous. Will the politics of 1987 to 1989 repeat?

Following Rajiv and forgetting Indira, Sonia Gandhi proclaimed ‘zero tolerance’ to corruption at a party rally in Allahabad in November 2010. She repeated it at the Congress plenary in Delhi weeks later. Asking the cadre to take the corrupt head on, she said that her party was ‘prompt’ in acting against the corrupt; ‘never spared the corrupt’ because corruption impedes development’. This was almost how Rajiv Gandhi spoke in the Congress centenary in Mumbai 25 years ago. Two crucial differences marked Rajiv away from Sonia. First, when Rajiv claimed to be ‘Mr Clean’, he had no scams to defend against. But, Sonia claims to be honest amidst huge and continuing scams — CWG, Adarsh, 2G Spectrum allocation scam…. Next, Rajiv had a clean slate to begin with, with no known skeletons in his cupboard till the Bofors scam smashed his ‘Mr Clean’ image. In contrast, Sonia’s slate is full of credible exposures of bribes and pay-offs in billions of dollars secreted in Swiss bank accounts, not counting Quattrocchi’s millions from Bofors. To make it worse, for almost two decades now, she has not dared to deny the exposures or sue the famous Swiss magazine or the Russian investigative journalist who had put out evidence of bribe against the Sonia family. Seen against this background, Sonia’s vow to act against the corrupt seems like a suspect hooting ‘catch the thief’ and scooting away. This is the main story that unfolds here.

$2.2 billions to 11 billions!
A stunning exposure on Sonia Gandhi’s secret billions in Swiss banks came, surprisingly, from Switzerland itself, where the world’s corrupt stash away their booty. In its issue of November 19, 1991, Schweizer Illustrierte, the most popular magazine of Switzerland, did an exposé of over a dozen politicians of the third world, including Rajiv Gandhi, who had stashed away their bribe monies in Swiss banks. Schweizer Illustrierte, not a rag, sells some 2,15,000 copies and has a readership of 9,17,000 — almost a sixth of Swiss adult population. Citing the newly opened KGB records, the magazine reported ‘that Sonia Gandhi the widow of the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was controlling secret account with 2.5 billion Swiss Francs (equal to $2.2 billion) in her minor son’s name’. The $2.2 billion account must have existed from before June 1988 when Rahul Gandhi attained majority. The loot in today’s rupee value equals almost Rs 10,000 crore. Swiss banks invest and multiply the clients’ monies, not keep them buried. Had it been invested in safe long-term securities, the $.2.2 billion bribe would have multiplied to $9.41 billion (Rs 42,345 crore) by 2009. If it had been put in US stocks, it would have swelled to $12.97 billion (Rs 58,365 crore). If, as most likely, it were invested in long-term bonds and stocks as 50:50, it would have grown to $11.19 billion (Rs 50,355 crore). Before the global financial meltdown in 2008, the $2.2 billion bribes in stocks would have peaked at $18.66 billion (Rs 83,900 crore). By any calculation the present size of the $2.2 billion secret funds of the family in Swiss banks seems huge — anywhere between Rs 43,000 plus to some Rs 84,000 crore!

KGB papers
The second exposé, emanating from the archives of the Russian spy outfit KGB, is far more serious. It says that the Gandhi family has accepted political pay-offs from the KGB — a clear case of treason besides bribe. In her book The State Within a State: The KGB and its Hold on Russia-Past, Present, and Future, Yevgenia Albats, an acclaimed investigative journalist, says: “A letter signed by Victor Chebrikov, who replaced Andropov as the KGB head in 1982 noted: ‘the USSR KGB maintains contact with the son of the Premier Minister Rajiv Gandhi (of India). R Gandhi expresses deep gratitude for the benefits accruing to the Prime Minister’s family from the commercial dealings of the firm he controls in co-operation with the Soviet foreign trade organisations. R Gandhi reports confidentially that a substantial portion of the funds obtained through this channel are used to support the party of R Gandhi’.” (p.223). Albats has also disclosed that, in December 2005, KGB chief Victor Chebrikov had asked for authorisation from the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, “to make payments in US dollars to the family members of Rajiv Gandhi, namely Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Ms Paola Maino, mother of Sonia Gandhi.” And even before Albats’ book came out the Russian media had leaked out the details of the pay-offs. Based on the leaks, on July 4, 1992, The Hindu had reported: “the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service admits the possibility that the KGB could have been involved in arranging profitable Soviet contract for the company controlled by Rajiv Gandhi family”.

Indian media
Rajiv Gandhi’s sad demise delayed the Swiss and Russian exposé on Sonia being picked up here. But Indian media’s interest in it actually coincided with Sonia Gandhi assuming leadership of the Congress. A G Noorani, a well-known columnist, had reported on both Schweizer Illustrierte and Albats’ exposés in Statesman (December 31, 1988). Subramanian Swamy had put out the photocopies of the pages of Schweizer Illustrierte and Albats’ book in his website along with the mail of the Swiss magazine dated February 23, 2002 confirming that in its article of November 1991 it had named Rajiv Gandhi with a total of Swiss Franc 2.5 billion ($2.2 billion) in secret account; it had also offered to supply a original copy of the magazine to Swamy. (See: These facts were again recalled in my article in The New Indian Express (April 29, 2009) written in response to Sonia Gandhi speech at Mangalore (April 27, 2009) declaring that, “the Congress was taking steps to address the issue of untaxed Indian money in Swiss banks”. The article had questioned her about her family’s corrupt wealth in Swiss banks in the context of her vow to bring back the monies stashed away abroad. Rajinder Puri, a reputed journalist, has also earlier written on the KGB disclosures in his column on August 15, 2006. Recently, in India Today (December 27, 2010) the redoubtable Ram Jethmalani has referred to the Swiss exposé, asking where is that money now? So the Indian media too has repeatedly published the details of the secret billions of the Gandhi family investigated by the Swiss and Russian journalists. Amal Datta (CPI(M)) had raised the $2.2 billion issue in Parliament on December 7, 1991, but Speaker Shivraj Patil expunged the Gandhi name from the proceedings!

But, what has been the response of Sonia or Rahul, major after June 1988, to the investigation by Schweizer Illustrierte and Albats and to the Indian media’s repeated references to their investigation? It can be summed up in one word: Silence. Thus, apart from the exposés, the deafening silence of the Gandhis itself constitutes the most damaging and self-incriminating evidence of the family’s guilt. When Schweizer Illustrierte alleged that Sonia had held Rajiv Gandhi’s bribes in Rahul’s name in Swiss banks, neither she nor the son, protested, or sued the magazine, then or later; nor did they sue A G Noorani or Statesman when they repeated it in 1998, or later; nor would they sue Subramanian Swamy when he put it on his website in 2002; neither did they sue me, or the Express when the article was carried in April 2009. When major papers, The Hindu and The Times of India included, had carried the expose on KGB payments in the year 1992 itself adding that the Russian government was embarrassed by the disclosures, neither of the Gandhis challenged or sued them; nor did they sue Yevgenia Albats when she wrote about KGB payments to Rajiv Gandhi in 1994. Neither did they act against  Swamy when he put Albats’ book pages on his website or when Rajinder Puri, a well-known journalist, wrote about it in his column on August 15, 2006. However, a feeble but proxy suit was filed by Sonia loyalists to defend her reputation when Albats’ exposé was made part of the full-page advertisement in The New York Times in 2007 issued by some NRIs to ‘unmask’ Sonia to the US audience, as they claimed. The suit was promptly dismissed by a US court because Sonia herself did not dare file the suit. Shockingly even that suit did not challenge the $2.2 billion Swiss account at all!

Imagine that the report in Schweizer Illustrierte or in Albats book was false and Sonia Gandhi did not have those billions in secret accounts in Rahul Gandhi’s name or the family was not paid for its service to the KGB as alleged. How would they, as honest and outraged people, have reacted? Like how Morarji Desai, then retired and old at 87, responded in anger when, Seymour Hersh, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist, had mentioned in his book that Morarji Desai was a ‘paid’ CIA mole in the Indian Cabinet. Morarji Desai forthwith filed a libel suit. Commenting in The American Spectator, Rael Jean Isaac wrote in 2004, five years after Morarji Desai had passed away, that Hersh habitually indulged in character assassination; and in his attempt to do down Henry Kissinger, Morarji Desai became the victim. Isaac added that Desai, 87, calling it a “sheer mad story”, reacted in outrage with a libel suit seeking $50 million in damages. When the suit came up, as Desai, 93, was too ill to travel to US, Kissinger testified on Desai’s behalf, flatly contradicted Hersh’s charge and stated that Desai had no connection to the CIA. That is how even retired and old persons, honest and so offended and outraged, would act. But see the self-incriminating contrast, the complete absence of such outrage, in Sonia, who is reigning as the chairperson of the UPA now, neither retired or tired like the nonagenarian Morarji Desai, being just 41 when the story broke out in Schweizer Illustrierte. Imagine, not Sonia or Rahul, but Advani or Modi had figured in the exposés of Schweizer Illustrierte or Albats. What would the media not have done to nail them? What would the government of Sonia not have done to fix them?

Rs 20.80 lakh-crore loot
The billions of the Gandhi family being both bribes and monies stashed away in Swiss banks, they are inextricably linked to the larger issue of bringing back the huge national wealth stashed abroad. All world nations, except India, are mad after their black wealth secreted in Swiss and like banks. But India has shown little enthusiasm to track the illicit funds of Indians in Swiss and other banks. Why such reticence?

When during the run-up to the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP leader L K Advani promised to bringing back, if voted to power, Indian monies estimated between $500 billion and $1.4 trillion stashed abroad, the Congress first denied that there was such Indian money outside. But when the issue began gathering momentum, Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi had to do damage control and promise that the Congress too would bring back the national wealth secreted abroad. Global Financial Integrity (GFI), a non-profit institution working against global black funds, has recently estimated that the Indian wealth secreted away is about $462 billion, approximately equal to Rs 20.80 lakh-crore. The GFI says that more than two-thirds of it was looted away under the liberalisation regime. This is what the GFI says about the character of the loot: “From 1948 through 2008, India lost a total of $213 billion in illicit financial flows (or illegal capital flight)” through “tax evasion, corruption, bribery and kickbacks, and criminal activities”. Does one need a seer to say under what head would the $2.2 billion in Sonia family’s secret account (which would have grown to $9 to $13 billion by now) fall? But accretions, if any, from the loot in 2G and CWG where the numbers are even bigger are not still accounted. Now comes the more critical, yet practical issue. When the Sonia Gandhi family is among the suspects who have secreted away monies abroad, how will it affect the efforts to bring back the wealth stashed away by others?

Looters safe
Just a couple of examples will demonstrate how the government is unwilling to go after Indian money secreted abroad.
As early as February 2008 the German authorities had collected information about illegal money kept by citizens of different countries in Lichtenstein bank. The German finance minister offered to provide the names of the account holders to any government interested in the names of its citizens. There were media reports that some 250 Indian names were found in the Lichtenstein Bank list. Yet, despite the open offer from Germany to provide the details, the UPA-II government has never showed interest in the Indian accounts in Lichtenstein Bank. The Times of India reported that “the ministry of finance and PMO have, however, not shown much interest in finding out about those who have their lockers on the secret banks of Liechtenstein which prides itself in its banking system”. But under mounting pressure the Indian government asked for details not under the open offer but strategically under India’s tax treaty with Germany. What is the difference? Under the tax treaty the information received would have to be kept confidential; but, if it were received openly, it can be disclosed to the public. Is any further evidence needed to prove that the government is keen to see that the names of Indians who had secreted monies abroad are not disclosed?

The second is the sensational case of Hasan Ali, the alleged horse-breeder of Pune, who was found to have operated Swiss accounts involving over Rs 1.5 lakh-crore. The income tax department has levied a tax of Rs 71,848 crore on him for concealing Indian income secreted in Swiss accounts. This case is being buried now. The request sent to the Swiss government was deliberately made faulty to ensure that the Swiss would not provide details. Some big names in the ruling circles are reportedly linked to Hasan Ali. That explains why the government would not deepen the probe. It is Hasan Alis and the like who transport through hawala the bribes of the corrupt from India. If Hasan Ali is exposed, the corrupt will stand naked. This is how the hawala trader and the corrupt in India are mixed-up.

Is it too much to conclude that thanks to Sonia family’s suspected billions in Swiss accounts the system cannot freely probe the $462 billion looted from India at all?

Tail-pieces: The total wealth of both Gandhis, as per their election returns, is just Rs 363 lakh, Sonia owning no car. Sonia lamented on November 19, 2010, that graft and greed are on the rise in India!! Rahul said on December 19, 2010, that severe punishment should be given to the corrupt!!! Amen.

An open letter to Mr. Rahul Gandhi.

Arindam Bandyopadhyay

published in


Dear Mr. Rahul Gandhi,

We know that you are no ordinary person. We have been repeatedly made aware that you are India’s uncontested Prince, the future Prime Minister of India, the perceived messiah of the Congress Party, the leader who is supposed to take India to the future, the quiet revolutionary who, it is felt, will be the king.

Being a member of the Nehru-Gandhi family, you are almost automatically credited for any successes of the Congress party in recent times, which could be even remotely connected to you. This includes the recent 2009 Loksabha Election, despite rising suspicions of misuse of EVM machines  used in the elections.

Thus it is no surprise that you are the darling of the Indian media. Hardly a day goes by when your statement or picture fail to adorn the news or electronic media. Your spending a night at a Dalit’s house draws huge acclaim. Yours breakfast break at a local restaurant kitty party easily brings delight to our media.

The recently selected Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, perhaps in deep gratitude, perhaps even before he took his oath, went overboard to  promise to make you the Prime Minister in 2014, with total disregard to our democratic electoral system. To be fair, one has to mention that at least, on the records, you have declared that you are not interested in PM’s post right now. However one cannot blame the Andhra CM, since even our esteemed ‘Mr. Clean amidst all scams and dirts’, ever-loyal Prime Minister, Mr. Manmohan Singh, himself a selected PM, had without hesitance, declared “I’ll make way for Rahul whenever the party calls for it“. 

Thus it is not unexpected that you will start to feel invincible and assume that you have the right to give opinions, meant to mesmerize the Indian public. Perhaps your confidence is further hyper inflated by the coterie of followers and adulators that surround you and the so-called huge or massive rallies, organized by your party for you and boosted by descriptions in great flair, by the media

For a person, thrust on to the limelight as an MP and the AICC secretary, by virtue of your sole qualification of carrying the ‘Nehru-Gandhi’ gene, it is almost comical when you want to change the system of dynastic politics. You are quick to remind us of the supreme sacrifice that your father and your grandmother have done for the country but there are many Indians who will remember them equally, if not more, for their roles in some of the darkest episodes of our country, like the Emergency, the anti-Sikh riots, the Bofors scandal or the Bhopal tragedy. 

And I do not want to embarrass you by dragging the many blunders of India’s first Prime Minister, Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru, who proudly claimed to be the last Englishman to rule India, from the 1962 Indo China war to Kashmir to declining the permanent seat at UN security council.

You seem to insist that only the Congress party could unite the “two Hindustans”- one for the rich and the other for the poor. One would like to know, if you have any clue as to who can claim the most for the making the ‘two India’. By now, you must be aware of the recent report which says that post-independence (1947-2008), India lost 462 billion dollars through tax evasion, crime and corruption and that India’s underground economy has been estimated to account for 50 percent of the country’s GDP – 640 billion dollars at the end of 2008. Perhaps you meant something different when you said that only poor can take India ahead but it sounds like a justification as to why Indians have been ‘deliberately’ kept poor even after over six decades of Independence.

Isn’t it ironic that your party keeps on renewing the slogan for Garibi Hatao every few years?

True it is none of your fault, but history says that India was under the reign of your family directly for 37 of those 62 years in question. Perhaps you may be gloating at times, as to how cleverly, even now, your mother continues to be the de-facto ruler of the country, controlling a Shikhandi Prime Minister, despite scams like Commonwealth games, Adharsh, 2G Spectrum popping up almost regularly.

Don’t you think that it is actually us, the Indian people, who sacrificed so much to accept your family in the power for such a long time?

Being portrayed as a young leader (perhaps to cover up for your naivety), you are frequently reported to have urged the youth to join politics. Perhaps you expected the Indian youth will automatically be like the servile, Congress coterie that surrounds you, but I hope after the incidences in Darbhanga, Bihar and Ahmedabad, Gujarat, you will have some second thoughts before taking them for granted and insulting their intelligence with baseless and biased opinions.

That should be a lesson for you just like the one you had, after you had accused the Bihar Chief Minister, Mr. Nitish Kumar for not doing enough for the development of Bihar. The voters of Bihar made it very clear that they do not agree with you.

The voters also did not like the Congress style of politics in Gujarat as the results from the repeated Assembly elections and the recent Municipality elections proved. True to the Congress heritage of vote bank politics, you had tried to woo minorities by comparing Narendra Modi with Mao Zedong. Your mom, Sonia, once did the same mistake with her infamous ‘merchant of death’ phrase and had to pay the price. 

If the actual news of the recent elections ever reaches you, penetrating the clout of sycophants and the shield of SPG guards, you should be aware that even the minorities are fed up with Congress’ minority appeasement policies. In the Gujarat zilla panchayat and municipal elections, Muslims in large percentage voted for Modi’s party and out of 247 Muslim candidates fielded by BJP, 118 were victorious. The same was true in Bihar where there is evidence to suggest that Muslims have voted in favour of the BJP-JD(U) alliance which won 40 of 51 assembly segments in seven minority concentrated districts of Bihar. If you are wondering why the Muslims ‘betrayed’ your party, Mr. Gandhi, then you should also know that according to the report of the UPA-appointed Sachar Committee, the per capita income of Muslims in Gujarat was the highest in the country and Muslims in Gujarat have the best education and highest bank accounts as compared to their counterparts in other states.

The Congress has done nothing to improve the lot of the Muslims….” was the frustration of the president of the United Muslim Front Mr. Abu Qaiser, of Bihar.

The same sentiment was echoed by Babi Sama, a Muslim, BJP-elect. “A stage has now been reached where the development oriented initiatives of Narendra Modi are drawing the Muslim community towards the party……. both Hindus and Muslims desire development. When they see it happening, people are likely to be drawn towards the party behind it”.

The Gujarat state did not win the prestigious 2010 United Nations Public Service Award (UNPSA) for ‘Improving Transparency, Accountability and Responsiveness in Public Service’ without its merit. Despite efforts of being censored by mainstream media, you can still see the list of acclaims that the state and its leader have got.  

That should be the message for you and your party, Mr. Gandhi. For too long, Indians have been fooled. They have been kept hungry and illiterate so that they are dependent on crumbs offered by the government and political parties, for the price of their vote. For generations, they have been promised ‘roti, kapada aur makan’ before every elections, but they received nothing but injustice, humiliation and disdain after that. You have asked the youth to come and join and change politics. But politics cannot be done when one is not sure of even two square meals a day.

India today is rising despite the government and its politicians. Indians are asking questions and demanding answers. Globalization has opened their eyes – they understand what they deserve, identify much better as to who can give them that and do not hesitate to throw away the rests. Ask the Lalus and the Mulayams of recent times, and they will verify that.  

So instead of depending on cheap gimmicks like spending tax payer’s money on frugality tours with your convoy or comparing the nationalistic RSS with the banned extremist outfit, SIMI or actually glorifying Mao by comparing him with Narendra Modi, please do some introspection.

Here is a word or advice from an aam aadmi. Stop depending on the projection and protection by the Indian media for your success since the media has lost all its credibility. Instead connect directly to the public. Learn from the experience of your mom when she realized, albeit the wrong way, that ‘public sab jaanti hai’.

So do you want to start on some real developmental work on your own? How about starting from a small municipality ward in Amethi area?

Aha! That’s like a future Prime Minister.

After the nth terrorist attack, this time an action replay at Varanasi, by the perpetual offenders of the Islamic terrorist group, Indian Mujahideen, while, as usual, the present Prime Minister, had nothing to say other than parroting time-old excuses that “The blast is an attempt to weaken our resolve by evil forces of terrorism in which terrorists will not succeed” and the color blind, ‘saffron-terror’ fame, Home Minister, P Chidambaram, after a lot of  analysis, had just about enough wisdom to comfort the country by declaring that it was an “attempt to disturb peace and harmony”, we have the crown prince, the would-be-Prime Minister, the smart I-know-all Gandhi, offer us the most amazing yet simple solution to counter terrorism. 

The terrorist organizations must be shivering in fear of being out of business.

The CIA, FBI, RAW, Mossads, MIA and Scotland Yard officials must be lamenting in anguish for missing this simple solution.

No doubt, he is the darling of the Indian media. Wonder what the country would be like if he is allowed to rule the country, say, for about a week.


Defeat terrorism in 15 minutes: Rahul

PTI / Tuesday, May 5, 2009 17:57 IST

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday had a surprise suggestion of empowering villagers to fight terrorism. “I am confident that this country can take on terrorism. Defeating it is no problem. If we empower those people in villages, we can sit back, relax and we will destroy terrorism in 15 minutes,” Gandhi told a press conference here.

Interesting to see criticism of the members of the ‘Family’. Rather mild though.  ‘Disasters as leaders’ and ‘opportunist’ are obviously gentle descriptions. Perhaps the writer, out of decency,  fails to use the words that they rightly deserve. 

But then why should we blame them? The Congress party and its leaders have nothing to bank upon, other than their ‘first family’.  The media is on the payroll to promote the family and shove all its crimes under the carpets. But finally the onus should be on the citizens, whose preference of servitude, compels them to choose their unworthy ‘master’ by electing the Congress party, election after election, since Independence.

What better can we possibly deserve?


Sonia and Rahul Gandhi are both leaders missing in action


DNA / R Jagannathan / Sunday, August 8, 2010 2:26 IST

If UPA-1 lived a charmed life under Left hectoring, UPA-2 is practically defunct, thanks to an absolute lack of leadership from the Big Three: Manmohan Singh, Sonia and Rahul Gandhi. The silence of the lamb — Manmohan Singh, who becomes a tiger only when LK Advani gets his goat — is understandable. He is not expected to lead. His main job is to keep the PM’s gaddi warm for the heir apparent (or is it apparent heir?). He can tinker here and there, but nothing more. If anything works, the family can claim credit for it. If it doesn’t, he can carry the can for it.

Both Sonia and Rahul have been disasters as leaders. But outside of blogosphere, you won’t hear any of this. Our media handles the Gandhis with kid gloves, assuming — wrongly — that they are born to rule.

As always, it took an outsider to exclaim that the would-be emperor had no clothes. In a stinging analysis of Rahul Gandhi’s coming-of-age 40th birthday in June, The Economist made caustic comments in a piece headlined ‘The Mysterious Mr Gandhi’. “Forty, after all, is not really that young. By then a man might be expected to have made his mark in the world, rather than be celebrating his coming-of-age. By the time they were Rahul’s age, Mozart and Alexander the Great had both been dead for several years. At 33, Jesus Christ had preached, healed, died and risen. The comparison is not wholly unfair, since Rahul’s disciples talk of him as India’s saviour….”

Given its limited knowledge of Indian history, The Economist cannot be faulted for thinking only of Jesus and not Sankara or Mahavira or Buddha. While Sankara changed the course of Hinduism before he passed at age 32, the Buddha and Mahavira gave up their cushy lives and kingdoms to search for higher truths. This search gave birth to two great religions — Jainism and Buddhism. Rahul is busy doing the opposite: trying to figure out how his meanderings across India can win him a kingdom in Delhi.

Forget religious leaders. At 24, Bhagat Singh had energised an entire nation by courting martyrdom for his country. In contrast, Rahul is relying on a fawning media and the mask of humility to build his reputation.

India is bleeding from a 1,000 unattended cuts, thanks not to the LeT or Maoists, but to the pusillanimity of its leaders who don’t want to risk anything in order to remain in power. Manmohan Singh can do many things, but won’t, because of a misplaced sense of loyalty to the dynasty. Sonia, who has all the power and authority she needs in the Congress party and outside, has shown no inclination to take the decisions the country needs — whether it is economic reforms or political initiatives to deal with Kashmir, Maoist violence, or anything. Rahul is allegedly trying to build the party, but I am yet to hear about one courageous stand he has taken against any real problem facing the nation.

Of course, some party faithfuls will say that Sonia and Rahul are behind the NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) initiative. This is tosh. Is there any politician in the world who has shown reluctance to throw taxpayers’ money to buy votes?

Pouring money into petroleum, fertiliser and social sector subsidies needs no political courage. Dealing with the crisis in Kashmir does. It needs leadership of a high order — something the current crop of Gandhis have completely lost sight of.

It is a tragedy to see a Gandhi scion hiding behind mamma, shying away from the real challenges of life. Nehru battled sectarianism and put his political prestige on the line to fight Hindu traditionalists in the Congress party and outside. Indira Gandhi took on all the party bosses to establish her power and take the country forward. She took the fateful — unfortunately, wrong — decision to storm the Akal Takht and paid with her life. But she did not shrink from taking a decision. Rajiv Gandhi learnt from her mistakes and handled the next Golden Temple crisis intelligently. He also tried to bring peace to Sri Lanka by sending the IPKF to deal with the murderous LTTE. He too paid for it with his life.

The mark of a good leader is not that he or she always takes the right call, but that they are never afraid to take a decision in the national interest. In contrast, Sonia and Rahul have made no wrong move ever. They are courting power by abandoning the idea of leading. They are opportunists. This country needs leaders, not opportunists.

So says Padmashree Rajdeep Sara-desh-hai-hai,  Editor-in-chief of CNN (Congress News Network) -IBN.

The criteria on which it is based has nothing to do with his Gandhi surname (of which he is coyly proud), or his superhero image of a fitness freak who relaxes by practicing boxing.

Neither was it based on whose picture or news items were flashed for the most time on Indian news media, of which he could have been a indisputable winner thanks to the loyal and sycophantic media, lead by Padmashree Sara-desh-hai-hai  himself.

The criteria was that no one toured India the way he had done.

One has to admit that his competitors were all relatively static – perhaps stuck with work only in their respective constituency, assembly, parliament or state – at least we are least conscious of when and where they go.

On the other hand, courtesy of the Indian media, we are made aware of each place and each incidence of his visits to different parts of the country and even his most outspoken adversary have to admit that he has travelled a lot – be it for election campaigning or for asking school kids to join politics, or for titillating Aligarh Muslim Universitity students that Muslims can be Prime Ministers. One should also remember that here is this humble, politician who leads by example in the austerity drive by travelling like common people with his pack of SPG guards in possibly vacated compartments, braving a near Panipat battle  with stone throwing children. Reportedly one of his trip to Chennai to campaign for austerity cost the Congress party Rs 1 Crore and in another he  took a train in AC chair car to Ludhiana and saved a whopping Rs 445.

Who can miss his passion to visit the  Dalit’s houses  (be it for tea or for night stay) or his untraceable visits to unknown places in Orissa or UP?

And one should not forget that his trips are not restricted to India alone – he does make trips to international places, for example to London to celebrate his birthday.

Surely, Rahul Gandhi has come a lot up in the political ladder in India from the days of his FBI encounter in Boston with his Columbian girlfriend and $200,000 in cash, to be given this honorable accolade.

 Only President Obama’s anticipatory Nobel peace prize (chosen within two weeks of Presidency) can be a comparison for this.



Rahul Gandhi named Politician of the Year


New Delhi: Year 2009 was a watershed year for Indian politics. Experts say it was a year which bid farewell to a generation of great politicians and ushered in new and promising faces. 

Trinamool Congress chief and Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee strode on a renewed wave of popularity to signal the end of the Left era in West Bengal.

Orissa Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik and Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh rewrote the history of political consistency. 

Governance acquired a new dimension of competence in the hands of Union Home Minister P Chidambaram and Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee.

Apart from this there is also no denial that in 2009 General Elections, voters overwhelmingly voted for the youth. 

One man, who became the symbol of this new trust and represented the generation next of Indian leaders is Rahul Gandhi.  He has become the synonymous of political credibility and social sensitivity.

“Rahul Gandhi has been chosen CNN-IBN politician of the year over many of his more experienced colleagues and rivals because no one toured India the way he has in the past 60 months.

Nobody has enunciated a vision of new India the way he has and none has understood the immediate need to bridge the city-country divide the way Rahul Gandhi has. His efforts show that hard work

pays even in the uncertain world of politics,” says CNN-IBN Editor-in-chief Rajdeep Sardesai.