Will any Anna Hazare or any anti corruption bill ever address the atrocities committed by the queen of corruption in India? Why does the media who raise a storm in support of Anna Hazare, (perhaps because Mr Hazare is felt to be ‘Gandhian’ and hence ‘harmless’) never bothers to explore these accusations of Dr Swami?  

One wonders if there was no truth in these accusations, why doesn’t Subramaniam Swamy ever get sued or threatened by the Gandhis, despite his lone fight for decades?

Thankfully Baba Ramdev is another person who has started to take a stance on the same issues. That raises the question whether Anna Hazare phenomenon was a deliberate attempt to dilute the ‘actual’ fight. Why is the Indian public, the political parties, the intelligentia or the media and even the judiciary blame only the PM for running a corrupt government, but is ever careful in avoiding questioning the leader of the Congress Party who runs the country by proxy, about her involvement, overtly or covertly in all the series of scams that is rocking the country?    


Dr. Subramanian Swamy seeking PM’s sanction to prosecute Ms. Sonia Gandhi‏

April 15,2011


Dr.Subramanian Swamy, Janata Party President and former Union Cabinet Minister for Law &Justice, today submitted a Petition of 206 pages, seeking from the Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh the required Sanction to prosecute Ms. Sonia Gandhi under Sections 11 & 13 of the Prevention of Corruption Act. Sanction is required under Section 19 of the Act because she is Chairperson of the National Advisory Council with Cabinet rank.

In his Petition to the PM, Dr.Swamy has made out a prima facie case on documentary circumstantial evidence that Ms.Gandhi abetted Italian businessman and close family friend Ottavio Quattrocchi to obtain an illegal commission in the Bofors Gun Purchase deal, and then influenced the government of Prime Minister Narasimha Rao to enable Mr. Quattrocchi to escape from the country in July 1993.

Thereafter she directed the Union Law Minister in 2005 to enable Mr. Quattrocchi to get his London accounts de-frozen and decamp scot free with over $ 200 million [about Rs 1000 crores].

Dr.Swamy has also made out a prima facie case that Mr. Gandhi has illegally held in Swiss bank accounts illegal monies of about Rs. 10,000 crores received as a legatee in 1991 following Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination. He also produced an admission on record of the spokesperson of the Russian government that KGB had provided funds to Ms. Gandhi and her family, as also evidence that she had received commissions on Indo-Soviet trade, which were illegal under Indian law.

In his Petition, Dr.Swamy has also catalogued a list of offences prima facie committed by Ms.Sonia Gandhi since 1974 which shows that she is an habitual offender who deserves to be prosecuted and punished.
For Janata Party
(Pran Nath Mago)
PA to Dr.Swamy


15, April 2011

Dr.Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister as Sanctioning Authority
u/s 19 of the Prevention of Corruption Act (1988) [PCA]
South Block, New Delhi.

Re: Sanction to prosecute Ms.Sonia Gandhi, Chairperson (in Cabinet Rank), NAC, under Prevention of Corruption Act (1988).

Dear Sir:

1. Ms.Sonia Gandhi MP, wife of the deceased Rajiv Gandhi, was first appointed as Chairperson National Advisory Council [NAC] in May 2004. She resigned in 2006 but was re-appointed by an Order of the Cabinet Secretariat dated March 29, 2010, read with Order dated October 8, 2010 [Annexure 1].

2. As per Order of May 31, 2004 [Annexure 2] the Prime Minister’s Office will provide Central Government funds to meet the expenditure of the NAC, and service the NAC for its secretarial needs. Hence she is a public servant as defined in Section 2 ( c ) of the Prevention of Corruption Act (1988).

3. You, in your capacity as deemed appointing authority are therefore the Designated Authority under Section 19 of the Prevention of Corruption Act for granting Sanction to prosecute the said Ms. Sonia Gandhi. As you know, there are no laches or statute of limitations for prosecuting offences of corruption.

4. Your Sanction is required by me for prosecuting Ms. Sonia Gandhi on a private complaint proposed to be filed by me in the criminal court under Prevention of Corruption Act (1988), based on the materials available to me (and enclosed with this letter/application) with reference to two issues:


5. Ms.Sonia Gandhi holds office which enables her to give direction to Government departments and Ministries and also call for confidential reports from CBI, and according to the then Union Law Minister, she can even call for files [Annexure 3]. She has been as Chairperson of NAC giving directions to several ministries and departments.

6. It is charged that she obtained for, and colluded with family friend, Mr. Ottavio Quattrocchi—an Interpol Red-Corner Noticee & a proclaimed offender under Indian criminal law, to obtain for him the pecuniary advantage from defreezing of his CBI-frozen account, thus committing offence u/s 13 (1)(d) of the PCA, and also conspired with Quattrocchi to enable him to escape prosecution in Bofors Gun Purchase scam.

7. Bofors scam that occurred in 1986 represents corruption in very high places and the key figure in the scam is Mr. Ottavio Quattrocchi, the Italian family friend and fixer. The then Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi was manipulated by Ms.Sonia Gandhi, his Italian born wife, to abet the crime in Bofors gun purchase committed by Quattrocchi against the nation.
8. Ms.Sonia Gandhi stationed Mr.Walter Vinci, her brother-in-law, in Sweden to influence her husband and then Prime Minister, when on a visit to Sweden to finalize the Bofors Deal. Also present in the same hotel was the Italian fixer, small arms supplier, and Snam Progetti agent, Mr. Ottavio Quattrocchi, [who was hailed as the catalyst in the deal by the CBI in their Letters Rogatory documents], and who had in return for a hefty commission prevailed on the Prime Minister to sign the deal before March 31, 1986.

9. Thereafter when the arm of the law began reaching near him, he escaped from India in 1993, then from Malaysia in 2002 via a rigged court judgment obtained by collusion with as yet unnamed parties and from Argentina— by the CBI fudging the records – all achieved under the influence exerted by Ms. Sonia Gandhi under three different and consenting Prime Ministers.

10. This is further confirmed in the interview conducted by Ranjit Bhushan of Outlook magazine [Annexure 4 ] in 1998 with Mr.Sten Lindstorm, the Chief of the Investigation Division of Swedish National Bureau of Investigation and Special Prosecutor of the Swedish Government into the Bofors payoffs. The Swedish National Audit Bureau which he assisted concluded after an independent probe that bribes had indeed been paid in the Bofors deal.

11. Lindstorm states in the interview, which has not been contradicted by anyone including Ms. Sonia Gandhi, that: “The Bofors Papers all point to the [Sonia] Gandhi family” and further that Ms.Sonia Gandhi should “explain how Quattrocchi-owned companies got such fat sums as payoffs from the Bofors deal.”

12. This report is corroborated by another interview given by Lindstorm to Chitra Subramanian [Indian Express, March 22, 1998] wherein he stated; “All information we had at that time pointed to the Gandhi link—Sonia Gandhi should place her cards on the table. The bribes have been traced to her friend and this is not something out of the blue. This is no coincidence.”

13. Headlines Today is in possession of the written statement of then Intelligence Bureau officer Naresh Chandra Gosain made before CBI Inspector Ghanshyam Rai on March 29 1997. Between 1984 and 1987, Gosain was posted in the Special Protection Group [SPG] of the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. He was part of the escort team. Between 1987 and 1989, Gosain served as the Personal Security Officer or the PSO of Sonia Gandhi.

14. During the tenure of Prime Minister Deve Gowda in 1997, Gosain deposed before the CBI. This deposition has so far never been made public. Headlines Today dug out this deposition, in which Gosain talks at length about the close family ties between the Gandhis and the Quattrocchis.

15. In his testimony Gosain says, “Mr.Ottavio Quattrocchi and his wife Ms Maria Quattrocchi were very close to Mr Rajiv Gandhi and Mrs Sonia Gandhi. When Shri Rajiv Gandhi became Prime Minister, Mr. Quattrocchi and his family members used to visit PM house and the family members of Shri Rajiv Gandhi also used to visit the house of Mr.Quattrocchi.”

16. He adds: “In the initial period of Prime Ministership of Shri Rajiv Gandhi, the children of Shri Rajiv Gandhi used to stay at Mr.Quattrocchi’s house during the foreign visits/domestic visits of the Prime Minister. We used to perform our shift duties at the residence of Mr.Quattrocchi on such occasions. Sometimes, Mrs Sonia Gandhi has also stayed in the house of Mr.Quattrocchi and at that time we used to perform our duties there.”

Gosain goes on to add that Mr.Quattrocchi and his wife Maria enjoyed free access to the Prime Minister’s house. “At No. 5 & 7 Race Course Road, private cars were not allowed to enter inside the bungalow. Only the ferry cars of SPG, after severe security checks, used to carry such visitors from reception to porch and back. Mr. Quattrocchi and Mrs Maria Quattrocchi were very close to Shri Rajiv Gandhi’s family and they got free access to the PM’s House.”

He further added: “All visitors to No 5 & 7 Race Course Road were issued passes at the reception near the alighting point. Every time, a card was kept ready for Mr. Quattrocchi and his family members as and when they visited the PM’s house. Everybody in SPG posted at PM house knew Mr Quattrocchi and his family members. Hence, there was no question of identifying them.”

17. Ottavio Quattrocchi’s proximity to the Gandhis is well known. What is also known is this proximity continued even after Quattrocchi began to be linked to the Bofors scandal. What documents show is that despite the cloud of suspicion surrounding Quattrocchi’s involvment in the Bofors paybacks, he continued to have unfettered access to 10 Janpath, the residence officially assigned to Ms.Sonia Gandhi, which in itself makes her a public servant under the Prevention of Corruption Act.

18. It is important to recollect that by January 25, 1990, a team of CBI officials was already in Switzerland with a list of suspected recipients of the Bofors payback. According to a Frontline magazine story of the time, Ottavio Quattrocchi was the first name on that list. Between 1988 and 1990, the media too carried many stories about the involvement of Quattrocchi as a middleman in the Bofors deal.

19. It is clear from records that Mr.Quattrocchi was the direct beneficiary of bribe payments in the Bofors scam. It is now confirmed by the ITAT Report of the Hon’ble Tolani & Sharma Bench [Annexure 5 ].

The testimony of Mr. Sasi Dharan is crucial in further unravelling the proximity of Quattrocchi to Ms. Sonia Gandhi.. Sasi Dharan worked as a driver in Snam Progetti. Snam Progetti was an Italian public sector giant that was represented in India by Ottavio Quattrocchi. Sasi was Quattrocchi’s personal driver. He drove Mercedes No.DIA 6253. In his testimony before the CBI, Sasi details the frequent meetings between the Gandhis with the Quattrocchis.

20. In his testimony Sasi says: “Shri Quattrocchi and Mrs Maria Quattrocchi were very close to Shri Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and his family. I do not know what type of relation they had but Quattrocchi and his wife Maria used to frequently visit the house of Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi. I knew it since 1985 when I joined service. At that time they used to visit the house of Rajiv Gandhi twice or thrice in a day. Whenever Sonia Gandhi’s mother or father visited India, I used to drive them to the house of Quattrocchi. They used to remain there for the whole day and Mrs Maria Quattrocchi would take them for shopping. They used to come to India four or five times in the year.”

21. What is clinching is the car log maintained by driver Sasi Dharan. In this log, Sasi details the exact dates when Ottavio Quattrocchi came to meet Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi at 5 and 7 Race Course Road or 10 Janpath. These logs are for the period 1989 to 1993. In this log book, Sasi Dharan has mentioned 41 occasions when Quattrocchi came to meet the Gandhis.

22. It is important to note that the meetings between Ottavio Quattrochi and Sonia Gandhi continued even after the death of Rajiv Gandhi in 1991 even as Ms.Sonia Gandhi remained as a public servant under the Prevention of Corruption Act.

23. According to Sasi Dharan, Quattrocchi came to 10 Janpath 21 times after May 1991. Considering the long financial dealings of Mr.Quattrocchi since 1976 with LTTE (the assassins of Rajiv Gandhi), this fact is a subject of a future application for sanction as well.

24. Sasi concludes by saying: “Shri Quattrocchi left India on the night of July 29, 1993 and on this day also I had driven him to the airport. At that time he did not have any luggage except one briefcase and he told me he was going for an urgent meeting. Usually, whenever Mr. Quattrocchi wanted the car, he would tell me in advance, but the day he left, he did not tell me (in advance)”. Obviously he had notice of his impending arrest by CBI in advance.

25. As a consequence of the misuse of her office and position, Ms. Sonia Gandhi helped Ottavio Quattrocchi not only escape from the country, and in 2005 even to withdraw $ 29 million from his de-frozen accounts and thus let off scot free.

26. Hence, it is prima facie obvious that Ms.Sonia Gandhi had misused her office [she was Life President in the Government funded Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts Trust(IGNCA Trust) during 1991-2002] and thus a public servant with considerable influence in government to enable Mr. Quattrocchi to escape from India in 1993 and later in 2005 to benefit Mr.Quattrocchi to illegally gain monetarily at the expense of the Consolidated Fund of India, by defreezing his London accounts.


27. This complaint against Sonia Gandhi also includes the corrupt monies held under her control in the tax haven of Switzerland as a legatee of the corrupt money which was banked in the name of her late husband or deposited by her of funds obtained from the erstwhile KGB, the Soviet Union’s Intelligence Agency, or by sale of illegally exported antiques in the country. I retain the right to submit details of other illegal accounts in other havens such as Macao at a later stage in another application to you or before the court.

28. It is well-reported that Sonia Gandhi is the beneficiary of Rajiv Gandhi’s estate which includes the corrupt monies continued even now to be held in a tax havens. Why this money is held abroad (even if held as a trust to benefit family members) instead of its being held in India within the Indian financial system to benefit the nation is a question which Ms.Sonia Gandhi must answer.

29. Violations of FEMA have occurred as also under Prevention of Money Laundering Act. In case any transaction on this account which is not reported in the Income Tax Returns, and FCRA is also a violation. There may also be an issue of obtaining RBI prior permission for holding such large sums abroad if it is claimed to be a legitimate account.

30. It is clear that this wealth was not reported in Election Affidavits of Sonia Gandhi & Rahul Gandhi as a beneficiary of the monies so held [Annexure 6]. The total wealth of both Gandhis, as per their election returns, is just Rs 363 lakh, Sonia owns no car. “

31. When Schweizer Illustrierte a prestigious German language Swiss magazine alleged that Rajiv Gandhi held an illegal account in Swiss banks of about US $ 2 billion, neither she nor her son, protested, or sued the magazine, then or later[Annexure 7].

32. When major papers, The Hindu and The Times of India included, had carried in the year 1992 the official confirmation of KGB payments to the Rajiv Gandhi family, adding that the Russian government owned the payments in the disclosures, neither of the two Gandhis challenged or sued them [Annexure 8].

33. Nor did they sue Dr. Yevgenia Albats, a member of the official Commission on KGB Operations set up by President Yeltsin, when she wrote about KGB payments to Rajiv Gandhi and family in her book: The State within State [Annexure 9]

34. More than $ 2 billion in 1991 was being held by Ms. Sonia Gandhi as a legatee, or otherwise obtained by receiving stolen movable and immovable properties, monies and securities, kept illegally in tax haven banks of Switzerland and elsewhere, and which is disproportionate to her known sources of income. She thus has also committed offence u/s 13(1)(e) of PCA. It also attracts the IPC Sections for receiving stolen property.

35. The recent deposition of Hasan Ali, alleged to have siphoned money of the nation to Switzerland secret accounts admits to his close association not only with her but with Mr.Ahmed Patel MP and political adviser to Ms.Sonia Gandhi [Annexure 10 ].

36. Ms. Sonia Gandhi is also obviously culpable under Indian criminal law such as FCRA for the pay offs in the Iraqi Oil-for-Food scam of 2002. The United Nations had set up an independent inquiry committee under Dr. F. Volcker which found that the “Congress Party” headed by Ms. Sonia Gandhi as a beneficiary of a free oil quota from the now deposed and deceased dictator Saddam Hussein, which the beneficiary sold at market price through Marc Rich, the notorious swindler who had been convicted by a US Court for 350 years and several million dollars as fine. He was pardoned by US President Clinton in 2000 on Israeli Prime Minister’s intervention. He lives in Switzerland.

37. No one in Congress Party but Ms. Sonia Gandhi as party President could have been this beneficiary. The other beneficiary listed in Volcker’s Report was by name: Natwar Singh, who got much less [Annexure 11].

38. I reserve the right to further petition you to enlarge the scope of this sanction at a future date to include other violations and offences committed by Ms.Sonia Gandhi under Prevention of Corruption Act (1988), for which I will file with you a separate application if necessary..

39. But, in this application alone there is substantive prima facie evidence for an appropriate court to take cognizance of the offence committed by Ms.Sonia Gandhi under the Prevention of Corruption Act, and thus I seek your sanction to initiate the criminal law to prosecute her under the Act

40. Ms. Sonia Gandhi is habitually committing acts of corruption since 1972. On November 19, 1974, I brought it to the attention of the Rajya Sabha that Ms. Sonia Gandhi, then an Italian citizen had functioned as a benami insurance agent of public sector insurance companies, and giving her address as 1, Safdarjung Road, New Delhi which was then the official residence of the Prime Minister of India. She thus committed an offence under FERA. The then Prime Minister Mrs.Indira Gandhi subsequently informed the Rajya Sabha that following my disclosure, Ms. Sonia Gandhi had resigned from this agency earning commissions.

41. Between January 25, 1973 and January 21, 1975 she held a post of Managing Director of Maruti Technical Services on a salary despite it being an offence under FERA. But then she had become Managing Director of Maruti Heavy Vehicles Pvt Ltd with an even bigger remuneration. For neither post she had the necessary qualifications having never passed even High School. The Justice A.C. Gupta Commission appointed in 1977 by the Janata Party Government found her guilty of multiple offences under FERA and IPC.

42. In 1980 and January 1983 Ms. Sonia Gandhi then still an Italian citizen enrolled herself as a voter in the New Delhi constituency despite having been struck off the list in 1982 upon the ERO receiving a complaint from a citizen. She thus committed an offence under Section 31 of the Representation of the People’s Act read with Form 4 of the Registration of Electors Rules(1960).

43. Ms.Sonia Gandhi’s Indian citizenship acquired in record speed in April 1983 is vitiated by her incomplete answers to mandatory questions in the citizenship forms. She did not submit documents from the Italian government of relinquishing her Italian citizenship required for Indian citizenship, stating in the Form that it was ‘not applicable [Annexure 12].

Italian Embassy in New Delhi simply affirmed what she told them and hence that cannot be taken as a valid document of relinquishment for the purposes of citizenship. She also retrieved her Italian passport in 1992 after citizenship laws in Italy were amended which under Section 10 of the Citizenship Act (1955) means cancellation of her Indian citizenship.

44. All these facts stated above were put together and published in USA in a full page advertisement in the New York Times in 2008 by NRIs N. Kataria and others. The Congress Party unit in USA thereafter engaged the most expensive law firm and filed a $200 million defamation suit. However Ms.Sonia Gandhi refused to appear in the witness box and be cross examination. Therefore, Justice Emily Goodman of the New York State Supreme Court dismissed the suit since defamation suits in law have to be filed by the person claiming to be defamed, and therefore cannot be assigned to others [Annexure 13]. Ms. Sonia Gandhi had a case to rebut these facts, then why she failed to turn up in court?



Arindam Bandyopadhyay

(also published in http://www.indiacause.com/blog/2011/03/17/conversion-corruption-congress-bloody-indians/)

Recently, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh assured a Christian delegation  that he was trying to evolve a consensus on granting Scheduled Caste status to Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims. This is interesting since just a few days ago; the Gujarat High Court has rejected a plea filed by a converted Christian seeking access to benefits extended to him earlier as a Scheduled Caste Hindu  

In addition the Prime Minister reportedly promised “to act on the Saldanha report on violence against minorities in Karnataka”. This is in reference to the independent inquiry report of Michael Saldanha, of The Catholic-Christian Secular Forum (Catholic but Secular? Hmm!), a retired judge of the Bombay and Karnataka High Courts, (and just happen to be the President of the Catholic Association of South Kanara or Dakshina Kannada, the place where violent incidents had taken place) in which he accused the state government, including the Chief Minister, B. S. Yeddyurappa and the former home minister, Dr. V. S. Acharya, for playing active roles on the 2008 attacks on churches in Karnataka.  

However that accusation was not supported by another recent Commission of Inquiry by Justice B.K. Somasekhara that reported  (among other things)  

(a) There is no basis to the apprehension of Christian petitioners that the Politicians, BJP, mainstream Sangha Parivar and State Govt. directly or indirectly, are involved in the attacks.

(b) Some incidents of attack are true, some self inflicted, some make believe, some blown out of proportions and some totally politicized. 

(c) The issue of conversions and circulation of derogatory literature with insulting attitude against Hindus has been the recurring impressions of large number of Hindu petitioners and is being projected as the reason for attack. 

(d) There appears to be no conversions at all by Roman Catholic Churches or its members except for routine purposes like marriage or voluntary instances. But there are clear indications of conversions to Christianity in the districts of Bangalore, Kolar, Chikkaballapur, Bellary, Davanagere, Chikkamagalur, Udupi by few organizations and self styled or self appointed Pastors continuing as Hindus by religion for all benefits of law by circumstances and inducements and as a commercial bargain using unaccounted local and funds of the foreign countries but not necessarily by compulsion or fraud or coercion but definitely by inducements.

Despite officially being only 2.3% of the population (2001 census) Christians in India have been a privileged class. It is hard to believe the allegation that Christians are victims of discrimination. Perhaps unknown to many, the church controls 30 percent of academic institutions and 22 percent of health services in the country. After the Government of India, it is the church that possesses the largest landed property in the country, and a major portion of this land is in posh areas. Over 70% of the 25 million official Christians are converted from the section of Hindu schedule castes and schedule tribes, but even after being promised an egalitarian status in their new faith, they hardly get the same benefits that their upper caste Christian leaders enjoy. They still remain dalits – hence the term Dalit Christians! Conversion to Christianity has not redeemed the 19 million Dalit Christians from social discrimination and untouchability. It has only added to their misery. Conversion disqualifies the Dalit Christians from a whole lot of constitutionally guaranteed protection and privileges, which the Church leaders would like them, continue to enjoy, as part of maximum leverage that they can extract from the government and the society. Hence is the attempt to claim the SC status and benefits for Dalit Christians.

The vast majority of the Christian community of India is happy to coexist with other religious followers within the secular framework of India, but the same is not true about the Christian leadership in the country. Christians at large, like most Hindus, are perhaps not even aware of the menace of conversion by force, allurement or other unethical means that is the root cause of conflict between the followers of Christ and members of other dominant faith, especially in the tribal areas in the country. The Christian community is often held as pawns when the fight against fraudulent conversions to Christianity is projected as a campaign against Christians themselves by the power brokers and by local, national as well as international media. One is tempted to ask that if there is no fraudulent conversion activity, why are the Church leaders bothered with anti-conversion bills

Foreign funds are increasingly pouring into India and the vast majority go to Christian organizations. The church is long suspected to be involved in nefarious and subversive activities in India as they have been in Nepal and Sri Lanka. The hand-in-glove relationship of separatists and Maoists with the missionaries and the church in India is now an open secret. Conversion activities are in full gear, and evangelists are much more daring over the last several years. It is not too difficult to understand that all of this is happening because of overt or covert patronage of the Catholic President of the Congress Party.

India is being sold out, her traditions and values eroded and her civilization disintegrated by her own people.

Ironically this Congress boasts to carry the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi, who had proudly proclaimed, “I am not interested in weaning you from Christianity and making you Hindu, and I do not relish your designs upon me, if you had any, to convert me to Christianity. I would also dispute your claim that Christianity is the only true religion …… I hold that proselytizing under the cloak of humanitarian work is unhealthy to say the least.”  

Like Muslims leaders, the Christian leaders and Church authorities are pampered by the Congress lead UPA government for their dirty vote bank politics. The Christian community has an unwritten alliance with the current Congress Party and that is obviously due to the presence of Sonia Gandhi as its leader. This explains the disproportionate percentage of Christians like Ambika Soni, A K Anthony, Ajit Jogi, the late Y S Reddy, Margaret Alva, Oommen Chandy Oscar Fernandes, P N Sangma and Digvijay Singh in her close circle within the Congress Party over the last few years. Many of these people (along with the presence of Ahmed Patel, Gulam Nabi Azad and Salman Khurshid, all Muslims), as core members of Sonia’s think tank has been the reason for concerns for the majority Hindus, who apprehend that they are cornered in their own country and their interests are not dealt with appropriate values to their rights and sentiments. This is substantiated by the handling of the government of such issues as the Amarnath shrine, the Ram Setu or the Ayodhya issues.

Also obvious is the promotion of noted anti Hindu, Christians of debatable integrity in various important posts and positions in the government, under controversial circumstances. One may recall how Rev. Valson Thampu a Christian theologian, who had a brief and controversial tenure as Principal of St Stephen’s College, Delhi, was made the Chairman of NCERT Curriculum Review Committee and member of the National Minorities Commission and the National Integration Council (NIC).

Another such member of the National Integration Council is Mr. John Dayal, the President of All India Christian Council who was thus assessed by a fellow Christian, PN Benjamin, who runs the Bangalore Initiative for Religious Dialogue, “John Dayal opens his mouth and wields his pen only to spew venom on the Hindu community.” 

In this regard, it is to be remembered that many converted Christians keep their Hindu names. It is also often difficult to ascertain the religious affiliations of such person, because our media often conveniently fail to disclose that kind of information for non-Hindus.

It is intriguing that some of the names that surfaced in the recent allegations of corruption and infamy happen to be Christians. One of them is K G Balakrishnan, former Chief Justice and current Chairman of National Human Rights Commission. Another name that came up in the 2G scam involving the disgraced telecom Minister A Raja, is Father Jegath Gaspel, accused as a main link for Tamil Tigers in India, whose NGO office was raided by CBI, in relation to the telecom scam. Our Prime Minister however has selective amnesia and needs to be reminded from time to time; often by the court that he is leading a corrupt Government. Perhaps out of shame and disgrace Mr. Honest Prime Minister finally admitted “an error of judgment”  in the appointment of another tainted Christian, PJ Thomas as Chief Vigilance Commissioner.

Thus it seems that there is a pattern where tainted persons are given prestigious positions by Congress lead UPA government (remember the controversial appointment of Chief Election Commissioner, Mr. Navin Chawla, author of a biography on Mother Teresa and recipient of the Italian government’s Mazzini Award for his contribution to promoting ties between India and Italy), and it is more than coincidental that quite often these persons come with a Christian background.  

The Prime Minister may be a ‘super-academician’ with an impressive CV but he must be a fool to underestimate the intelligence of the aam aadmi. Corruption, manipulation and arm-twisting have been integral parts of Congress success all along. The aam aadmi knows that all these irregularities occur around the PM, either because he has full consent to it or else because he does not have any power to oppose them, which substantiate the accusation of being a weak and lame duck PM, despite his meek protest.  

Thus when the Prime Minister promises action “to allay fears and insecurity Christians are experiencing”, it cannot be good news for the majority community. This is the same PM who once announced that Muslims have first right to national resources, repeatedly failing to rise above petty political and religious bias. One recalls that he was quick to condemn the Khandamal riots as national shame without giving a moment of thought on the brutal assassination of Swami Lakshmananda and his associates or trying to understand the resentment of the tribal’s as the root cause of the riots. Despite censors, news does come out about mutual accommodation between the Church and the Maoists. It cannot be that hard for the Prime Minister to find out about Radhakant Nayak, the chief of the local chapter of World Vision and his suspected role in the conspiracy to kill Swami Lakshmananda. He remains scot-free off course, being a Christian Congress MP.

Thus it was not at all surprising when recently Mr. Ninong Ering, the person who called the Hindu Guru, Baba Ramdev a “bloody Indian turned out to be a Christian Congress MP. Neither was it coincidental that the bloody Indian happened to be a Hindu Guru donning saffron attire and revered by millions of followers, national and international. 

Has the PM ever cared for the feelings and sentiments of Hindus, the majority population of the country? He has highlighted Gujarat riot on multiple occasion but did anybody hear him spend a word of empathy for the 59 karsevaks, burned to death in the Sabarmati express at Godhra, even after the court’s recent verdict of Muslim lead conspiracy?. 

The PM and his government, his party and its high command, should better realize that the majority of people with Indian blood are aware, despite the best efforts of a biased and soul-less media, that the Christ – influenced and corrupt Congress Party lead by Sonia Gandhi is becoming a threat to the nation.

They, the bloody Indians, had once thrown the mighty British Empire out. Rest assured when the time comes, they will not hesitate to do the same with the current rulers, to save their country.

“Whatever some people may say, that we are a lame duck government, that I am a lame duck Prime Minister, we take our job very seriously. We are here to govern, and to govern effectively. Tackle the problems as they arise and get this country moving forward” – Manmohan Singh, PM, India

One hopes that our PM, who normally spends sleepless nights over the distress of  Indians overseas (albeit when it makes a difference in vote bank politics) and his government’s effort to offer legal help makes some difference for these hapless Indians.

Seventeen Indians given death sentence for allegedly killing one Pakistani.

Perhaps that’s what the perceived value of a non-muslim Indian, in the Islamic Middle East, is, despite the best daydream of our now-disgraced-and-expulsed  Minister of State for External Affairs, Mr Shashi Tharoor, that another Middle East country, i.e. Saudi Arabia, could act as a “valuable interlocutor” between India and Pakistan.

One wonders why India, the reportedly the  second largest business partner of UAE  cannot be more assertive.

Why can’t our so called liberal, investigative, sting-loving  media raise public awareness on this issue?

Is it because there are no secular browine points or no page three appeals in fighting for these poor, unglamourous Indians?


Amnesty slams UAE for ‘torturing’ Indians

IANS / Abu Dhabi

Amnesty International has urged the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to investigate the alleged torture and forced confession of 17 Indian prisoners accused of killing a Pakistani.

The detainees were found guilty last month over the murder in the emirate of Sharjah and were sentenced to death.

This is a mockery of justice. These 17 men have been tortured, forced to confess and sentenced to death based on a faked video,” Amnesty’s deputy director for Middle East and North Africa Hassiba Hadj Sharaoui said.

The rights group has asked the UAE authorities to probe the allegations of torture and abuse and ensure the 17 men receive a fair trial on appeal, Press TV reported Saturday.

Citing evidence provided by Indian rights group Lawyers For Human Rights International (LFHRI), Amnesty said: “The 17 men were beaten with clubs, given electric shocks, deprived of sleep and forced to stand on one leg for prolonged periods.”

The group also condemned UAE officials for notifying the prisoners about their death sentences 16 days after the verdict was issued. The accused have lodged an appeal and are due to be heard in court May 19.

Authorities in the UAE have made no comment about the allegations.


Families of those on UAE Death Row meet in Punjab village, send out SOS

Amrita Chaudhry Posted online: Thursday , Apr 01, 2010 at 0332 hrs

Jaitu (Faridkot district) : Arvinder Singh, 21, could have been among the 17 sentenced to death by a Sharjah shariah court for killing a Pakistani man and injuring three others. He was among 70 people picked up soon after the incident in January last year. After spending about three months in jail, Arvinder was released. But he is not celebrating. His brother, Sukhjinder Singh, 22, is among those handed the death sentence.

Sixteen of the 17 accused hail from Punjab. Most families gathered today in Jaitu, about 115 km from Ludhiana, to launch an appeal asking both the state and Central governments to intervene in the case.

Among them was 96-year-old Anek Singh, grandfather of Arvinder and Sukhjinder. “Both the state government and the Indian government must intervene as soon as possible and help bring our sons back. They are innocent. We have 15 days to appeal,” he said.

Arvinder, who returned to his home in Patti district in June last year, claims that all the accused have been framed. “We were all picked up from different places and named as accused. Many of us did not even know each other. Some were picked up from the airport, while they were returning to India after their contracts had ended. Others, like my brother and me, were picked up from our homes,” said Arvinder.

“I have no clue about this fight or where it took place. My brother and I were sleeping in our room with other men when the police raided our place and rounded us all up. I am free but my brother is facing death sentence. I have to get him back home,” he said.

Barring the 17 on death row, all the rest have been released. “The worst thing was that we never knew what was happening. There was nobody to explain anything to us. We were never taken to court and were informed about the proceedings of the court in jail itself,” said Arvinder. “For the first three days, we were kept in police remand. All of us were tortured and not given any food or water. The situation became better when we were sent to jail,” he said.

On reports that the fight was over the illegal liquor business in the Al Sajaa area of Sharjah, he said: “There were some people who used to sell liquor to construction workers living in the area. We would often go and work with them when we did not have any other job.”

The families are set to meet Minister of State for External Affairs Preneet Kaur on Thursday. The minister said today that the government would extend all support to them.

Ranjit Kaur’s husband Dharampal is among those facing death sentence. “For almost a year, I never knew he was in jail. It was just a few months back that he told us he was in jail, after his company stopped paying us his salary,” she said.

“I talked to him on Sunday, he sounded fine. He assured me that he would be back in a month or so. The news about the death sentence shattered my world,” said Ranjit, who has two minor children,

Another accused is Baljeet Singh, who was the sole breadwinner of his family. His widowed mother and younger brother are living with his uncle Daljeet Singh in Aitiana village near Raikot, Jagraon. “Baljeet has always maintained that he is innocent. He said he didn’t even know what the charges against him were. This is like a bad dream,” said Daljeet.

Jaswinder Singh, a resident of Patti, said: “My brother Kulwinder Singh told me that they have been framed. They were picked up by the police from their room at night. My brother was not involved in the fight, but nobody is listening to him. Language is also a huge problem.”

“We are all poor, and have no access to the people in power. It is sad that neither Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal nor Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal have come to our help. The government is our only hope now,” said Jagdev Singh, father of Sukhjot Singh, 23, who is among the accused.

Our minority concerned PM has spoken again! 

According to the PM the  underprivileged and weaker sections of our society  does not include any ordinary Hindus. One would like to ask him whether, if a minority group promotes communal violence and discord, will they be dealt with firmly too. Perhaps he believes that minorities do not promote such discord – they are by definition, innocent and ‘victim of circumstances’.

Maybe he should also advice how best to establish the relationship. Should policemen be advised to marry their daughters to minorities; for how better can you establish “trust and confidence”? 



Build relationship of trust with minorities: PM to police


New Delhi, Sept 15 : Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Tuesday said the police should build a relationship of trust with minorities.

‘Special efforts must be made to establish a relationship of trust and confidence between our police forces and the minority communities,’ Singh said addressing the All India Conference of DGPs and IGPs here.

‘Let me you of your solemn obligation towards the common citizen, someone who has little by way of resources to defend himself or herself against crime and criminals. Indeed, it is your solemn duty to protect the weak and the defenceless.

‘Those who seek to promote communal violence and discord have to be dealt with firmly. Special efforts must be made to establish a relationship of trust and confidence between our police forces and the minority communities. You must not fail in this aspect.

‘The underprivileged and weaker sections of our society- the minorities, the SCs and STs, women and senior citizens– should feel adequate confidence in the ability of our police force to protect.

‘The common man should go about his daily life with a sense of security. He should have faith in the policeman and the police station. And this I believe is the real test of our efforts, a test that we cannot afford to fail,’ said Singh

What else can be expected from a (twice-selected) Prime Minister of South Asia, sorry, India?

Like a true ‘South Asian’ Prime Minister he always believed that terror is a threat to Pakistan as it was to India.

Perhaps a bit confused and taken aback by the carnage of the Mumbai attack, he had tried to give Indians the frantic assurance that, “We will take the strongest possible measures to ensure that there is no repetition of such terrorist acts. We are determined to take whatever measures are necessary to ensure the safety and security of our citizens..”

Soon after that, though, he retracted, “War is no solution to the problems…and hoped that “better sense will prevail with Pakistan”.

Time and again he had exploded with rhetorics like, “India will push for ‘zero tolerance’ to terror and “Pakistan territory must not be used for promoting terrorism against India“, but at the same time, submissively paved the path of compromise by offering that his government is ready to make peace with Pak. To convince us he even sent New Year greeting card featuring a dove to Pakistan President (Mr 10 percent) Zardari. 

So this is where the people of India’s hope of justice for the Mumbai (and other) massacre rests upon.

Our hopeless Prime Minister is desperately hoping on ‘cooperation’ from Pakistan that has eluded us since 1947 and ‘good’ sense from Pakistani leadership, who have waged four major wars and numerous terror attacks and whose entire existence is based on a desire to destroy India into thousand pieces.


For PM, Indian blood is cheap

Kanchan Gupta

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is a decent and honest man. His admirers would say he is an economist too. His detractors (a plague on their houses!) don’t quite see it that way and his critics (may they never escape the damnation of hell!) think he is a feckless man given to spinning webs of deceit to cover up his sins of omission and commission. So, there is no reason to doubt that when he met Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani on the sidelines of the Non-Aligned Movement (yes, it still exists) Summit at Sharm el-Sheikh last Thursday, Mr Singh did the tough-guys-don’t-cry act with him.

“I conveyed to him the strong sentiments of the people of India over the issue of terrorism, especially the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. We are reviewing the dossier of investigations into these attacks which Pakistan has provided to us. I also conveyed to Prime Minister Gilani that sustained, effective and credible action needs to be taken not only to bring the perpetrators of the Mumbai attack to justice, but also to shut down the operations of terrorist groups so as to prevent any future attacks,” the Prime Minister told Parliament on Friday. Since he is a man of impeccable integrity, and because the Right to Information Act won’t allow us access to the ‘Record of Discussion’, we must believe that this is indeed what he told Mr Gilani.

And having read out the riot act, presumably in a stern though whiny voice and with an unsmiling face, the Prime Minister agreed to endorse a joint statement along with Mr Gilani, whose contents, in both letter and spirit, fly ruthlessly in the face of what he now claims to have said. Since 72 hours is a long time for public memory to remain fresh, it would be in order to quote the salient points of the joint statement:

“Both leaders agreed that terrorism is the main threat to both countries.”

“Prime Minister Singh reiterated the need to bring the perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks to justice. Prime Minister Gilani assured that Pakistan will do everything in its power in this regard.”

“Both leaders agreed that the two countries will share real time, credible and actionable information on any future terrorist threats.”

“Prime Minister Gilani mentioned that Pakistan has some information on threats in Balochistan and other areas.”

“Both Prime Ministers recognised that dialogue is the only way forward. Action on terrorism should not be linked to the Composite Dialogue process and these should not be bracketed. Prime Minister Singh said that India was ready to discuss all issues with Pakistan, including all outstanding issues.”

Here’s a commonsensical interpretation, which is not quite different from how diplomats with commonsense would interpret it, of the joint statement, based entirely on an understanding of what used to be the Queen’s language:

The Pakistan-sponsored jihadi terrorism India has to cope with, and pay for with the blood of innocent Indians, according to Mr Singh, is no different from the bloodletting in Pakistan caused by those jihadis who have turned rabid and begun to bite the hand that once lovingly fed them.Nothing distinguishes the victim, our saintly Prime Minister believes, from the perpetrator of macabre misdeeds. So, 10-year-old Devika Rotawan, whose right leg has been disabled after she was shot during last November’s fidayeenattack on Mumbai, should feel contrite for deposing against Ajmal Kasab, the Pakistani who remorselessly crippled her and sat grinning in the court while she relived the horror of that night at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus.

Our firm and not easily persuaded Prime Minister demanded Pakistan must bring those responsible for 26/11 to justice. Mr Gilani assured him everything is being done in this regard. We must believe Mr Gilani, because our wise Prime Minister trusts him.Never mind minor details like Hafiz Mohammad Saeed, the chief terrorist of Lashkar-e-Tayyeba who operates under the cover of a bogus Islamic charity, Jamaat-ud-Dawa’h, and the mastermind behind the carnage in Mumbai, being allowed to walk free and plot the next attack on India. Nor should we feel distraught if others ‘arrested’ in the case by Pakistani authorities are also set free on account of ‘insufficient evidence’.

The US, more specifically the CIA, wants us to share real time, credible and actionable intelligence with Pakistan. The Americans have been haranguing us on this score for some time now. We might as well give in and do Washington’s (or should it be Langley’s?) bidding. Why rub the Americans the wrong way, especially since they have us by our short and curly over our now compromised nuclear programme? And why upset the 300-million-strong middle class which aspires to see India become an American stooge? After all, they determined the outcome of this summer’s general election and ensured that we would continue to have a decent, honest and, not to forget, economist Prime Minister who oozes integrity. So, we shall pass on real time, credible and actionable intelligence to the Pakistanis and they shall rework their terror strategy accordingly so that our security agencies cannot pre-empt future jihadi attacks. No, there’s no need to get upset about it. To cavil would be unpatriotic as all patriots are expected to back the Prime Minister who genuinely believes capitulation will “serve to further advance India’s interests”.

Pakistan, we are now told, has “some information on threats in Balochistan and other areas”. The sly reference to Balochi separatism in the joint statement need not shock us, even though this amounts to legitimising Pakistan’s absurd claim that Indian agencies, more specifically R&AW, have been fomenting trouble in Balochistan. The Prime Minister says there’s nothing to fear, ours is an “open book”. So, why feel apprehensive that this shall pave the way to Islamabad accusing New Delhi, and convincingly so, that India has been doing unto Pakistan what Pakistan has been doing unto India?The Prime Minister’s silence on the inclusion of Balochistan in the joint statement when he spoke in Parliament need not intrigue us — he wasn’t being cunning or deceitful; that’s not what decent and honest men do; he was merely glossing over a minor detail whose consequences can be disastrous.

The Prime Minister sincerely believes “action on terrorism should not be linked to the Composite Dialogue process and these should not be bracketed”. He is also “ready to discuss”, as the US wants him to, “all issues with Pakistan, including all outstanding issues”. However, this does not really mean what it means, or so we are told by the Prime Minister. What it really means, and I quote from his statement in Parliament, is that “action on terrorism should not be linked to the composite dialogue process”.

Further comment would be tantamount to questioning the integrity of a decent and honest man, and lending credence to what the Prime Minister’s critics say, that he is a feckless man given to spinning webs of deceit.

Zero tolerance to terror: the empty rhetoric


Arindam Bandyopadhyay

“Zero tolerance” to terror is the new mantra in India. Every now and then Indian leaders come up with this magic phrase that is sure to hit the headlines.

Just a few days ago on Jun 04, 2009, on the eve of the new government formation, it was the President of India, Mrs Pratibha Patil who reminded us. 

Our former External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee had some early optimism that  ‘Only policy of zero tolerance can curb terrorism’. He tried to draw the world’s attention when he was speaking at the Russia-India-China ministerial meet in Yekaterinburg, went out of his way to show his faith in Indo-Pak solidarity when he called for a  zero tolerance against terrorism to condemn the Marriott blasts in Islamabad but was soon reminded of reality within a week with the blast in Mehrauli, Delhi. 

 Our disgraced former Home Minister Shivraj Patil  did find some time, between changing attires, after the Jaipur blaststo assure us of this great principle to fight terrorism, but could not have enough time to implement it since he was later made the scapegoat and unceremoniously thrown out by ‘high command’ after the 26/11 Mumbai carnage.

 We have to admit that we have not heard it from the Gandhi family members but the Congress party itself did however show its faith in the doctrine of zero tolerance after the September 2008 blast in the capital and again after the Mumbai terrorist attack.

We have heard it from Union Home Minister P Chidambaram as his policy towards terror and Naxal threats and again as his invaluable neighbourly advise to Pakistan, perhaps moved by the sorry state of the country under the Taliban threat, that like India, Pakistan should declare zero tolerance towards terrorism  as a bold, all-purpose anti terror measure.

Perhaps he had missed that both Mr 10 per cent President, Mr Zardari and the Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi have are well versed with such slogan and have already hoodwinked us before, with similar assurances.

After the new government was formed, according to our new External Affairs Minister, Mr.  S.M. Krishna, it appears that despite a change in personality, our motto remains the same. 

All this is possible due to the unwavering commitment of our twice selected Prime Minister, who right from the beginning had promised us to  push for ‘zero tolerance’ to terror  although he was clear and convinced that he did not need any tougher laws  for that. To celebrate his second term he thus reiterated that Govt will pursue zero tolerance to terrorism. However perhaps in an effort to please the instructors from the USA and also careful not to give Pakistan the excuse to release its non-state actors again upon India, he has clarified immediately that despite zero tolerance for terror, his government is ready to make peace with Pak.

To be fair though one should give some consolation for the UPA government since the opposition party, BJP has also used the catchphrase, as did its two most prominent leaders, Mr L.K. Advani and Mr Narendra Modi, but then that is a separate story altogether.