Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, (aka, Mamata Bano) has done it again.

In order to please her minority vote bank, who helped her gain power, she is exploring new avenues in areas that no one else had imagined before. After doling out special salaries for Imams and muezzins  from  the ‘secular’ government fund, she now announces a hospital, specifically  for minorities only (Wonder whether a external genitalia examination to ascertain religion, would be a prerequisite for an admission for a heart attack or stroke ).

The people who should care, the Hindu Bengali bhadraloks and intellectuals, are least concerned. The politicians / oppositions are mumbled in their protest, in fear of squandering even the minute fraction of muslim vote that they are blessed with. The West Bengal media, as is true in most places in India, has long had the undeclared tradition of not speaking against minority interest, in order to keep the torch of secularism burning.

One dreads to comtemplate the day when Muslim population in West Bengal will attain that critical mass (they are already majority in several districts) where they can dictate terms again. If history is to be believed, the day is not far off when Hindus of West Bengal will travel the path of Kashmir or Assam (as in recent times). They have already forgotten the atrocities of Direct Action Day or the Noakhali massacres. The whole history of the partition of Bengal or the dwindling Hindu population of Bangladesh, before or after independence, does not bother them. They have acquired this immense ability to forgive and forget, to bury their head in sand and believe that the world around is glorious.

What the Congress and Left front have done before and what Mamata Banerjee-lead Trinomool Congress is doing now is accelerating the process to a stage beyond retrieval.

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Personally, I would have preferred a more active protest rather than this somewhat Gandhian variety of protest by not performing Durga Puja at all. Somehow I feel that this plays into the hands of the anti Hindu forces. However it is highly possible that ground conditions are very different for which the brave soldiers of Hindu Samhati and the Hindus of the area including the 42 Puja committees have taken this collective  decision.

Another glaring example of the absence of the Hindu-hating and minority-appeasing media, the opportunistic activists and the pseudosecular politicains at the time of Hindu plight.


WB town boycotts Durga Puja


Kolkata, Oct 14 (IBNS).

Forty-two Durga Puja mandaps (marquees) across a West Bengal town have gone ’empty’…literally. 

The biggest festival of the Bengalis, for which the populace excitedly waits the full year, has been sacrificed and boycotted by the Goddess’ followers.

Located in Barasat Subdivision of North 24 Parganas district, Deganga Hindus have decided not to bring Mother Durga and her 4 children (Lakshmi, Ganesha, Saraswati and Kartik) home and celebrate the Pujas this year.

The reason being attacks on locals by a Member of Parliament (MP), claimed Hindu Samhati, an organization working for rehabilitation of Hindus in West Bengal.

“Over 500 Hindu homes and 500 Hindu owned businesses have been attacked, multiple Hindu temples have been desecrated and defiled, all with synchronized orchestration by a planned well organized mob under the leadership of MP Haji Nurul Islam. All within a three day span in September,” claimed Hindu Samhati in a press statement.

The festival is being boycotted by all the Puja committees of the Deganga Puja Samanvay Committee.

“They hope that this will catch the attention of the anti-Hindu media, anti-Hindu administration, anti-Hindu Police, and the anti-Hindu politicians of West Bengal,” said the organization.

Hindu Samhati said it endorses to the ‘fullest’ the decision by the Puja Samanvay Committee to boycott this Puja in protest of the anti Hindu stance of the West Bengal media, administration, police and politicians.

“We want to see that the situation is changed, so that we would be able to do the Pujas in full pristine form in 2011, or else, we have to expand our struggle beyond Deganga and North 24 Parganas,” said a spokesperson.

In October-November 1946 the whole of India, especially North and Central India observed a Black Diwali in protest against the horrific riots and Hindu genocide in Noakhali, in erstwhile East Bengal.

Only if Hindus had even the basic understanding, could figure out and actually act accordingly,  for their own benefit ……

While hapless Hindus are terrorized by Muslim mob, lead by TMC party’s Muslim MP in Deganga, while the coward, so-called bhadrolok and intellectual Hindus are pre-occupied, tightening the mask of secularism over their face, while the gutless Bengali media, is busy shoving Muslim atrocities under the carpet and the clueless and  ever- somnolent majority Bengali Hindus, like anywhere else in the world, oblivious merely within 50 years of the pain of partition, are hoping that and there luck will change once Didi takes over from CPI-M, this is what Didi is actually counting on to bring her and keep her in power, with or without Hindus…. 







Meanwhile, the existing CPI-M government, bent on regaining their lost hold over Muslim votes, is doling out ‘gifts’ to the Muslim community, expectedly a large portion of which is illegal Bangladeshi immigrants, at the cost of jobs and facilities for the Hindus, off course.

How long will it take before the next partition, before West Bengal becomes another Kashmir and where do Bengali Hindus plan to migrate this time? 


West Bengal increases OBC quota for Muslims


Kolkata: The West Bengal government on Friday issued notification to increase reservation in the Other Backward Classes (OBC) category from seven percent to 17 percent by introducing a ‘more backward’ classification to benefit the Muslim communities.

Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee at state secretariat Writers’ Building said: ‘The reservation of the OBC will now be 17 percent from 7 percent, whereas there will be classifications within the OBC category. OBC communities would be divided into – ‘backward’ and ‘more backward’ according to their educational, financial and social status. The backward group will enjoy seven percent reservation, while the more backward group will enjoy 10 percent reservation.’

According to a senior official of state Backward Classes Welfare (BCW) department, a total 108 communities from all religions are included in the OBC category, of which 53 are Muslim communities while 45 are Hindu communities. Nine are from Buddhist and another one from Jain community.

‘Now with the classification in OBC category, 56 out of total 108 communities have been regarded as the ‘more backward’ classes. The more backward classes comprise 49 Muslims, six Hindu and one Buddhist communities,’ said the senior official.

The officer further said: ‘The 53 Muslim communities together cover a population of 1.73 crore, or over 86 percent of the total Muslim population (2.02 crore) in the state. So 49 out of 56 Muslim communities are being regarded as ‘more backward’, which accounts for 99 percent of the Muslim population in the OBC category.’

The chief minister had earlier promised introduction of 10 percent reservation in government jobs for Muslims in the Other Backward Classes (OBC) category but the state backward classes welfare (BCW) realised that it is not possible to introduce 10 percent reservation for Muslims in the OBC category due to the Constitutional bar.

In order to find a way out, a ‘more backward’ classification within the OBC category was introduced, where the majority of Muslim communities in the state are included.

Currently, there is seven percent reservation for OBC, 22 percent quota for Scheduled Castes and six percent for Scheduled Tribes in government recruitment in the state

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Gujarat vs West Bengal – contrasting states

This is secular West Bengal! No Burqa? Can’t teach!

Hindus in West Bengal – majority without a say.

Gujarat Vs West Bengal is a contrasting story of employment vs unemployment, development vs petty politics and opportunity for all vs minority appeasements.   

While Gujarat boasts of the highest per capita income, West Bengal can feel good about being the only state with two Haj houses.  

One wonders what the majority Hindus of West Bengal think about how their leaders dole out special privileges to minorities. Does the CM of WB thinks that there is no poor Hindu in WB.   Don’t they also need jobs or vocational training. And if the Hindus are waiting for Mamata Didi to take care of them … well, good luck!  


Gujarat tops job placement list

TNN, Aug 28, 2010, 03.37am IST  

 NEW DELHI: Gujarat has topped the list of 35 states and union territories in providing maximum number of job placements through employment exchanges, accounting for 5.50 lakh of the 8.30 lakh job offers facilitated by the government agency.

Labour minister Mallikarjun Kharge told Rajya Sabha in response to a question that in the three years — from 2007 to 2009 — Gujarat had managed to place 1,78,000, 2,17,000 and 1,53,000 workers, respectively, through employment exchanges.  

None of the states were in the striking distance. The second best, however, was Maharashtra that had managed to place nearly 8,000 in 2007; 11,000 in 2008 and 24,000 in 2009. Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh were among other states in that order that had made some contribution along with Maharashtra.  

An important agency before private enterprises replaced the public sector as the favoured employer, employment exchanges have lost their sheen in the post-liberalisation phase. They, however, still remain an important mechanism for lower-category government jobs.  

What is surprising is that all these states had a long list of applicants, who had registered with the employment exchanges with different vocational capabilities.  

Though Left-ruled West Bengal and Kerala were among the top five states that had highest number of people registered with employment exchanges, their placement records remained dismal.  

In West Bengal, 64,00,000 were registered with employment exchange as on May 31, 2010 while the figure for Kerala — that was third on the list of highest unemployed — was 30,14,000. Tamil Nadu came second, with 55,65,000 unemployed.  

Across the country, the total number of job seekers registered with employment exchanges as on May 31, 2010 were around 3.80 crore. Maharashtra, UP, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Chhattisgarh and Haryana were among the top 10 states with highest registered unemployed.  

Gujarat’s contribution to providing employment is commendable as what placements we see through employment exchanges is only a fraction of the actual scenario. In many of the organised and unorganised sectors that constitute for most of the employments, job seekers approach directly avoiding the employment exchanges.

This also reflects in Gujarat per capita income, at $833 it is higher than the national average of $627 as per the 2005-06 data. In the past few years, the state has significantly added its manufacturing capability which alone accounts for highest employment.  


Job quota for backward Muslims in Bengal by September-end

 Mon, Aug 30 05:57 AM  

Nearly 1.4 crore backward Muslims in West Bengal would be issued OBC certificates under a reservation policy for poor people of the community after the state Cabinet approves the decision on September 22. This will be in keeping with Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee’s promise in February this year that the step will be taken before year-end.  

The policy decision has been taken and it awaits approval of the Cabinet on September 22, Bhattacharjee said on Sunday while inaugurating a Haj House-cum-Empowerment Centre at Kaikhali near Kolkata Airport. In effect, after September all advertisements for government jobs will mention that there will be reservation for OBC Muslims.  

The move will go a long way in winning back the support of the Muslim community whom the state government antagonised over the years resulting in a dent in Muslim vote bank.  

If SC and ST population can come under reservation, why not the minorities like Muslims?” Bhattacharjee said, adding that the state government was encouraged by recommendations of the Ranganath Mishra Commission in this regard.  

The state has 2.2 crore Muslim population and most of the remaining people will come under reservation soon, according to Abdus Sattar, Minister of State for Minority and Madrasa Education. “Fifty-two groups are already in the OBC community and others are going to be included soon,” Sattar told The Indian Express.  

When the plan is implemented Muslims will be entitled to a 7-per cent reservation in government jobs. However, since Bhattacharjee had announced for a 10-per cent reservation for Muslims, it was not clear where the remaining 3 per cent will come from.  

The Rs 10-crore Haj House is the second of its kind in the state after the one situated near Park Circus in the city, which made West Bengal the only state to have two Haj Houses for the benefit of Haj pilgrims, he said. Bhattacharjee said there was need for such a facility to cater to the growing number of Haj pilgrims in the state. While 1,410 pilgrims went to Haj in 1985, the number rose to 10,272 in 2010.  

Bhattacharjee said “minorities were not living in anybody’s mercy” and the government had given approval for starting 12 English-medium madrasas in the state.  

In addition to 600 madrasas in the state, steps have been taken to prepare a list of 300 more of the institutions to impart education not only in religion, but also in subjects like science, mathematics and computers to make the minority community students more competitive.  

Sattar said unemployed Muslims would be imparted vocational training in 37 trades in the Haj building for nine months by the Aliah University.  

(With PTI)  

Wah! Selective Secularism, at its best. This would likely be more and more of the way of life to expect in West Bengal over the coming years, till it reaches the pre-partition days of Suhrawardi Khan. The approximately 25% vote-bank of the minorities is hard to ignore. So it is not expected that there will be any protest by any politician or political party, be it of the ruling CPIM Dada or the aspiring Trinomool Didi . 

The great ‘selectively liberal’ Indian media and the ‘selectively humanitarian’ rights activists, who could go on relentlessly against ‘Ram Sena’ or ‘Bajrang Dal’ are nowhere to be found to report against Islamic ‘diktat’.  

There are many such incidences happening frequently which the Media prefers to overlook. 


A teacher says no to burqa in a West Bengal Muslim university, isn’t allowed to teach


For the past three months, 24-year-old Sirin Middya has not been able to hold her classes at West Bengal’s first Muslim university. While the guidelines at Aliah University in Kolkata don’t stipulate the same, the students’ union has demanded that Middya can teach but only in burqa.

Middya was appointed a guest lecturer at the university in March this year and got the union “diktat” in the second week of April. “I was told that I would not be allowed to attend college if I did not agree to come in a burqa. The University Grants Commission does not prescribe any such dress code and even the university does not have a dress code. But the most unfortunate part is that students are forcing us to wear burqa,” Middya told The Indian Express.

According to her, she has no issues with wearing a burqa — but if she dons one, it would be of her own free will.

Siamat Ali, secretary of West Bengal Madrasah Students’ Union, says he doesn’t understand Middya’s problem.

“There are eight women teachers at the university. It was decided through consulation that the women will observe purdah, and most teachers agreed. Only this lady has a problem,” Ali said, adding that they were ready to welcome Middya back as long as she adhered to the “decent” dress code.

The university has chosen to play safe, putting the issue on the backburner and hoping it dies down.

“This is a stray incident… we tried to nip the problem in the bud. There is no dress code in our university. Since there was a problem, we asked the teacher to report to the Salt Lake campus,” said Vice-Chancellor Syed Shamshul Alam.

The university was set up in 2008 by upgrading the famous Calcutta Madrasah which was started in 1781 by Warren Hastings, Governor General of Bengal. One of the oldest centres of higher learning and culture in the country, the institution has had many eminent scholars in its ranks. Aliah University was expected to harmonise tradition and modernity, and while its Islamic cources are run in the Calcutta Madrasah building, the other academic activities are conducted on different campuses at Salt Lake.

Middya joined Aliah University after an M.A. in Bengali from Jadavpur University. Having refused to kow-tow to the union, she has been unable to go to Aliah’s Calcutta Madrasah campus, and reports to the university’s library at Salt Lake. “Without taking any classes, I am given the full prescribed salary by the university,” said Middya.

“Most of the teachers do not like the diktat of the students to wear burqa. But they have no option but to accept it. This is Talibanisation of educational premises and there is no one to our rescue,” she said.

On June 4, nearly two months after she was virtually barred from the campus, Middya wrote to West Bengal’s Minister for Minority Development Abdus Sattar. She said she was yet to get a response.

Prior to this episode, Aliah University had faced another row when the students’ union held protests demanding that the word “madrasah” be added to its name.

With the university itself silent on the Middya issue, other teachers’ unions such as the All Bengal University Teachers Association (ABUTA) have decided to launch a movement.

“The university and the government should have protected this teacher and other teachers so that their fundamental rights were not infringed upon. Whereas in other parts of the world, even in Muslim countries, wearing a burqa is not mandatory, here the Left Front government has failed to protect the rights of the teacher,” said Tarun Naskar, general secretary of ABUTA.


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Hindus in West Bengal – majority without a say


Who cares for the minor Hindu girl’s right and the society’s committment to protect her?  Is she a ‘package’ to be governed by Sharia Law too?

Would the honorable (sick-u-lar) judges have given the same judgement if their own 15yr daughter was eloped, kidnapped and forcibly married?

(Also, note the ‘objective’ reporting of our enlightened media)


Youth gets bail in elopement case Kolkata


TNN 17 December 2009, 07:04am IST

KOLKATA: Calcutta High Court on Wednesday granted the anticipatory bail plea of a 26-year-old youth from Murshidabad who had been accused of kidnapping and marrying a 15-year-old girl.

Sairul Sheikh, a resident of Bakultala in Behrampore, had been accused of kidnapping and forcibly marrying Anita Roy.

A division bench of Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghosh and Justice S P Talukdar allowed Sheikh’s plea after his lawyers Joymalya Bagchi and Rajib Lochan Chakraborty submitted that the marriage was legal under Muslim Personal Law. Holding the marriage legal, the court granted Sheikh’s anticipatory bail application.

Anita’s mother Jyotsna had lodged a complaint with Behrampore PS that her daughter had been missing since October 14. On October 15, she came to know that son Sairul had “kidnapped and married” her minor daughter.

As the Marxist and the TMC-Congress coalition compete for their Muslim support and the Muslim leaders feel confident to throw them out if their interest is not taken care off, one wonders, what happens to the followers of Goddesses Durga and Kali in West Bengal? 

How quickly have they forgotten the days of partition, those of the Noakhali riots and those of the Direct Action Day.


Muslim body proclaims support for Mamata

Saugar Sengupta | Kolkata

The Left Front received another jolt when after the Urdu-speaking Muslims their Bengali counterparts revolted against the Marxist “double-dealers.”

The State’s leading and most revered Muslim umbrella body of Furfura Sharif openly pledged its support for the Opposition Congress-Trinamool Congress combine.

It is another matter however that a beleaguered CPI(M) leadership decided to look right through the development stating the “party does not believe in communal politics”, though it attached “sufficient importance to community-based developments which may be proved by the latest decision of the State Government to impart free job-oriented training to the minorities.”

Religious head of Furfura Sharif Tauha Siddiqi told a huge gathering of Muslims that he would advise the members of his communities to reject the CPI (M) as it had bamboozled the Muslims of Bengal for the past three decades.

The cleric made this statement on Sunday in presence of Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee and warned: If Mamata fails to keep her promise towards the Muslims then we will throw her out of Bengal as well.”

The clerics of Furfura Sharif had traditionally been a pro-Left lot and even after the Nandigram movement and the rise of Siddiqullah Chowdhury they refused to commit direct support to any particular group.

Even when senior Congress leaders and the mastermind of anti-Taslima Nasreen movement Idrish Ali implored Siddiqui’s support the latter looked the other way. This dispassionate policy continued till the Lok Sabha election when the CPI (M) polled about 50 per cent of the Muslim votes in West Bengal — down from a traditional 65-70 per cent.

They felt the Marxist leaders continued to “ignore us even after the election. There was no leader coming to us to discuss the worries of the Muslims for which they were indicted by the Sacchhar Committee report. This confirmed that the Government was taking the Muslims as lightly as it took the general lot of farmers, tribals and other poorer sections who brought them to power repeatedly.”

The Furfura Sharif is happy that Banerjee had announced a railway link line joining Howrah with the shrine situated in Hooghly district. A tourist highway has also been planned, sources said adding the Centre had sanctioned the necessary funds.

West Bengal has an 8 crore-plus population out of about 2.3 crore are Muslims. The Urdu-speaking Muslims constitute a little more than 15 lakh. “The CPI(M) will be seen no where if the entire Muslim lot votes against them and this time they will do so to teach the defiant and arrogant Marxists a lesson,” he said.

While the Muslims constitute about 25 per cent of the total voting population, their effective voting strength goes as high as 33 per cent said Subroto Mukherjee, former Kolkata Mayor and PCC working president. This because they vote in full and vote en masse.

With Furfura Sharif declaring its official stance the Left Front seems to have lost its third major ally after the tribals of West Midnapore and Matua or a section of SC community residing mostly in North and South 24 Parganas and Nadia districts and comprising more than 74 lakh people.