Groundwork for another ‘Direct action Day’ started!!

Ssssh! It has nothing to do with Islam – the most peaceful religion. It is just a few Ajmal Kasab like, misguided youths, who are trying to give a bad name to Islam and trying to cause ‘communal dysharmony”. Kerala Hindus should keep on chanting “All religion are the same” and “Iswar Allah tera naam”. If Muslims claim one state of India, Hindus should be generous enough to offer them another state, for them to live comfortably.

And then they also have to keep in mind the loving Christians…..

And look at poor Pakistan! See how they are always the “victims of terror”!  The terrorists are so naughty that they always force their headquarters in Pakistan and manage the support of ISI and LeT. 


Kerala gets email threat of multiple bomb blasts


IANS, 14 August 2009, 01:03pm IST

KANNUR, KERALA: The cyber police cell in Kerala has traced an email threat from the United Arab Emirates, warning of widespread bomb blasts in the state, if a separate Muslim state, comprising districts of north Kerala, is not created.

The inspector general of police Tomin J. Thachenkery said on Friday that the e-mail was received Thursday at a few media offices.

“We immediately began our work and found that the mail is from United Arab Emirates based Etisalat and the domain is that of Yahoo. Since a first information report is required to trace out the IP of the computer, a case has been registered here at the Kannur Town police station.”

He added that the e-mail was written by Zakhir Hussain who claims to be the head of the newly formed Malabar Mujahid which has its headquarters in Karachi and has support from ISI (Inter-services intelligence) of Pakistan and LeT (Lashkar-e-Taiba).

If their demand for a separate Muslim state is not met, then bombs will be deployed across the state and for that they have already shipped seven kilograms of RDX. The first of the series of bomb blasts will begin with a sample one today (Friday), being the Independence Day of Pakistan,” said the letter, according to Thachenkery.

Following the e-mail, the state has been put on high alert and instructions have gone to all district headquarters to remain vigilant.


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