Thank God! Parsis are not specially ‘secular’ nor do they belong to special ‘minorities’.

 Parsis see Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India


Ahmedabad.  Parsi community here showered praise on Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today with one of the high priests wishing him to become the Prime Minister and Bollywood actor Boman Irani describing him as the protector of sacred fire ‘Atash Behram’.

Modi was the chief guest at a function organised to celebrate the 1290th Anniversary of Shreeji Pak Iranshah at Udvada, a world renowned pilgrimage centre for Parsi community.

“On the 1300th anniversary of Shreeji Pak Iranshah, 10 years later, I wish it to be celebrated in presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” High Priest Dastur Kurshedjee Kekobad said during his address.

He said that Parsi people were secure in Gujarat and ‘Foundation for development of Udvada’ is the result of Chief Minister’s far-sightedness. Even the Zoroastrian Information Centre has also been developed with the help of Chief Minister’s funding, he added.

Noted actor Boman Irani who was present on the occasion described Modi as the protector of the ‘Atash Behram’ or Fire of victory and of pilgrim place Udvada, second after King Jadav Rana of Sanjan who gave shelter to people of Parsi community on their arrival in India.

Irani also thanked Modi government for initiating efforts to preserve the sanctity and solemnity of Udvada.

Modi has come in for praise from different sections of people, of late, including Anna Hazare. However, Modi’s critiques in Gujarat had said it was misplaced.