Arindam Bandyopadhyay

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Recently, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh assured a Christian delegation  that he was trying to evolve a consensus on granting Scheduled Caste status to Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims. This is interesting since just a few days ago; the Gujarat High Court has rejected a plea filed by a converted Christian seeking access to benefits extended to him earlier as a Scheduled Caste Hindu  

In addition the Prime Minister reportedly promised “to act on the Saldanha report on violence against minorities in Karnataka”. This is in reference to the independent inquiry report of Michael Saldanha, of The Catholic-Christian Secular Forum (Catholic but Secular? Hmm!), a retired judge of the Bombay and Karnataka High Courts, (and just happen to be the President of the Catholic Association of South Kanara or Dakshina Kannada, the place where violent incidents had taken place) in which he accused the state government, including the Chief Minister, B. S. Yeddyurappa and the former home minister, Dr. V. S. Acharya, for playing active roles on the 2008 attacks on churches in Karnataka.  

However that accusation was not supported by another recent Commission of Inquiry by Justice B.K. Somasekhara that reported  (among other things)  

(a) There is no basis to the apprehension of Christian petitioners that the Politicians, BJP, mainstream Sangha Parivar and State Govt. directly or indirectly, are involved in the attacks.

(b) Some incidents of attack are true, some self inflicted, some make believe, some blown out of proportions and some totally politicized. 

(c) The issue of conversions and circulation of derogatory literature with insulting attitude against Hindus has been the recurring impressions of large number of Hindu petitioners and is being projected as the reason for attack. 

(d) There appears to be no conversions at all by Roman Catholic Churches or its members except for routine purposes like marriage or voluntary instances. But there are clear indications of conversions to Christianity in the districts of Bangalore, Kolar, Chikkaballapur, Bellary, Davanagere, Chikkamagalur, Udupi by few organizations and self styled or self appointed Pastors continuing as Hindus by religion for all benefits of law by circumstances and inducements and as a commercial bargain using unaccounted local and funds of the foreign countries but not necessarily by compulsion or fraud or coercion but definitely by inducements.

Despite officially being only 2.3% of the population (2001 census) Christians in India have been a privileged class. It is hard to believe the allegation that Christians are victims of discrimination. Perhaps unknown to many, the church controls 30 percent of academic institutions and 22 percent of health services in the country. After the Government of India, it is the church that possesses the largest landed property in the country, and a major portion of this land is in posh areas. Over 70% of the 25 million official Christians are converted from the section of Hindu schedule castes and schedule tribes, but even after being promised an egalitarian status in their new faith, they hardly get the same benefits that their upper caste Christian leaders enjoy. They still remain dalits – hence the term Dalit Christians! Conversion to Christianity has not redeemed the 19 million Dalit Christians from social discrimination and untouchability. It has only added to their misery. Conversion disqualifies the Dalit Christians from a whole lot of constitutionally guaranteed protection and privileges, which the Church leaders would like them, continue to enjoy, as part of maximum leverage that they can extract from the government and the society. Hence is the attempt to claim the SC status and benefits for Dalit Christians.

The vast majority of the Christian community of India is happy to coexist with other religious followers within the secular framework of India, but the same is not true about the Christian leadership in the country. Christians at large, like most Hindus, are perhaps not even aware of the menace of conversion by force, allurement or other unethical means that is the root cause of conflict between the followers of Christ and members of other dominant faith, especially in the tribal areas in the country. The Christian community is often held as pawns when the fight against fraudulent conversions to Christianity is projected as a campaign against Christians themselves by the power brokers and by local, national as well as international media. One is tempted to ask that if there is no fraudulent conversion activity, why are the Church leaders bothered with anti-conversion bills

Foreign funds are increasingly pouring into India and the vast majority go to Christian organizations. The church is long suspected to be involved in nefarious and subversive activities in India as they have been in Nepal and Sri Lanka. The hand-in-glove relationship of separatists and Maoists with the missionaries and the church in India is now an open secret. Conversion activities are in full gear, and evangelists are much more daring over the last several years. It is not too difficult to understand that all of this is happening because of overt or covert patronage of the Catholic President of the Congress Party.

India is being sold out, her traditions and values eroded and her civilization disintegrated by her own people.

Ironically this Congress boasts to carry the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi, who had proudly proclaimed, “I am not interested in weaning you from Christianity and making you Hindu, and I do not relish your designs upon me, if you had any, to convert me to Christianity. I would also dispute your claim that Christianity is the only true religion …… I hold that proselytizing under the cloak of humanitarian work is unhealthy to say the least.”  

Like Muslims leaders, the Christian leaders and Church authorities are pampered by the Congress lead UPA government for their dirty vote bank politics. The Christian community has an unwritten alliance with the current Congress Party and that is obviously due to the presence of Sonia Gandhi as its leader. This explains the disproportionate percentage of Christians like Ambika Soni, A K Anthony, Ajit Jogi, the late Y S Reddy, Margaret Alva, Oommen Chandy Oscar Fernandes, P N Sangma and Digvijay Singh in her close circle within the Congress Party over the last few years. Many of these people (along with the presence of Ahmed Patel, Gulam Nabi Azad and Salman Khurshid, all Muslims), as core members of Sonia’s think tank has been the reason for concerns for the majority Hindus, who apprehend that they are cornered in their own country and their interests are not dealt with appropriate values to their rights and sentiments. This is substantiated by the handling of the government of such issues as the Amarnath shrine, the Ram Setu or the Ayodhya issues.

Also obvious is the promotion of noted anti Hindu, Christians of debatable integrity in various important posts and positions in the government, under controversial circumstances. One may recall how Rev. Valson Thampu a Christian theologian, who had a brief and controversial tenure as Principal of St Stephen’s College, Delhi, was made the Chairman of NCERT Curriculum Review Committee and member of the National Minorities Commission and the National Integration Council (NIC).

Another such member of the National Integration Council is Mr. John Dayal, the President of All India Christian Council who was thus assessed by a fellow Christian, PN Benjamin, who runs the Bangalore Initiative for Religious Dialogue, “John Dayal opens his mouth and wields his pen only to spew venom on the Hindu community.” 

In this regard, it is to be remembered that many converted Christians keep their Hindu names. It is also often difficult to ascertain the religious affiliations of such person, because our media often conveniently fail to disclose that kind of information for non-Hindus.

It is intriguing that some of the names that surfaced in the recent allegations of corruption and infamy happen to be Christians. One of them is K G Balakrishnan, former Chief Justice and current Chairman of National Human Rights Commission. Another name that came up in the 2G scam involving the disgraced telecom Minister A Raja, is Father Jegath Gaspel, accused as a main link for Tamil Tigers in India, whose NGO office was raided by CBI, in relation to the telecom scam. Our Prime Minister however has selective amnesia and needs to be reminded from time to time; often by the court that he is leading a corrupt Government. Perhaps out of shame and disgrace Mr. Honest Prime Minister finally admitted “an error of judgment”  in the appointment of another tainted Christian, PJ Thomas as Chief Vigilance Commissioner.

Thus it seems that there is a pattern where tainted persons are given prestigious positions by Congress lead UPA government (remember the controversial appointment of Chief Election Commissioner, Mr. Navin Chawla, author of a biography on Mother Teresa and recipient of the Italian government’s Mazzini Award for his contribution to promoting ties between India and Italy), and it is more than coincidental that quite often these persons come with a Christian background.  

The Prime Minister may be a ‘super-academician’ with an impressive CV but he must be a fool to underestimate the intelligence of the aam aadmi. Corruption, manipulation and arm-twisting have been integral parts of Congress success all along. The aam aadmi knows that all these irregularities occur around the PM, either because he has full consent to it or else because he does not have any power to oppose them, which substantiate the accusation of being a weak and lame duck PM, despite his meek protest.  

Thus when the Prime Minister promises action “to allay fears and insecurity Christians are experiencing”, it cannot be good news for the majority community. This is the same PM who once announced that Muslims have first right to national resources, repeatedly failing to rise above petty political and religious bias. One recalls that he was quick to condemn the Khandamal riots as national shame without giving a moment of thought on the brutal assassination of Swami Lakshmananda and his associates or trying to understand the resentment of the tribal’s as the root cause of the riots. Despite censors, news does come out about mutual accommodation between the Church and the Maoists. It cannot be that hard for the Prime Minister to find out about Radhakant Nayak, the chief of the local chapter of World Vision and his suspected role in the conspiracy to kill Swami Lakshmananda. He remains scot-free off course, being a Christian Congress MP.

Thus it was not at all surprising when recently Mr. Ninong Ering, the person who called the Hindu Guru, Baba Ramdev a “bloody Indian turned out to be a Christian Congress MP. Neither was it coincidental that the bloody Indian happened to be a Hindu Guru donning saffron attire and revered by millions of followers, national and international. 

Has the PM ever cared for the feelings and sentiments of Hindus, the majority population of the country? He has highlighted Gujarat riot on multiple occasion but did anybody hear him spend a word of empathy for the 59 karsevaks, burned to death in the Sabarmati express at Godhra, even after the court’s recent verdict of Muslim lead conspiracy?. 

The PM and his government, his party and its high command, should better realize that the majority of people with Indian blood are aware, despite the best efforts of a biased and soul-less media, that the Christ – influenced and corrupt Congress Party lead by Sonia Gandhi is becoming a threat to the nation.

They, the bloody Indians, had once thrown the mighty British Empire out. Rest assured when the time comes, they will not hesitate to do the same with the current rulers, to save their country.