Those who have seen through the design of the India pseudo secular media, know that Narendra Modi does not need any further certification. From sportsmen to filmstars, industrialist to foreign dignitaries,  famous names from many walks of life had already endorsed the Gujarat CM for taking the state to a never before stage of development.

Only people who despise Modi because of his stance that not only is he incorruptible himself but he also does not allow others to indulge in corruption (unlike our esteemed PrimeMinister, trying to hold his head amidst scams all around him) and those who feel insecure by his brand of honest, transparent and focused development, keep on dragging the bogey of the controversial ‘Gujarat Riot’ to try tarnish his image and instigate people against him.

Secularism for me means ”India First”, claims Modi. But that is not enough for the Modi-bashers, including the UPA government.

Totally dumbfounded by the staggering success of the recently concluded Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Summit, where 7,936 memorandums of understanding (MoUs) for Rs.20,83,000 crore (about $462 billion) worth of projects have been signed in the two-days, it is reported that the finance ministry is asking the nationalised banks not to get involved in the process and better if they keep off.

It is nice to see that educated Muslim leaders are also tired of vote-bank based appeasement policies of the UPA and are giving a call to their community to participate in honest, developmental politics.


New Deoband chief lauds Modi’s Gujarat

Yagnesh Mehta, TNN, Jan 19, 2011, 01.31am IST

SURAT: The new Darul Uloom vice-chancellor, Maulana Ghulam Mohammed Vastanvi, said “all communities” are prospering in Narendra Modi’s Gujarat and there was “no discrimination against the minorities in the state as far as development was concerned.” He was talking to TOI here on Tuesday.India and the fount of the Deobandi thought, which has adherants well beyond the country’s borders, especially in Pakistan and Afghanistan.Darul Uloom chief is seen as a possible change catalyst in this conservative seminary.Deoband chiefhas obviously been impressed by the economic progress of Gujarat. He said, “Development has undoubtedly taken place in Gujarat and we hope it will continue. I ask Muslims to study well. The government is ready to offer jobs (to them), but for that, they need good education.”

This is arguably the most significant endorsement of Modi. Darul Uloom, based in Deoband in Uttar Pradesh, is a leading Islamic seminary in Vastanvi, himself a Gujarati from Surat, is an MBA graduate and has been instrumental in introducing modern subjects in institutions run by Darul Uloom in Gujarat and Maharashtra, including medicine, engineering and allied subjects. His recent election as the

It’s not easy for the man holding this chair to be charitable towards Modi, the person who has been accused of persecuting Muslims during and after the 2002 Gujarat riots. Asked about the riots, Vastanvi didn’t give Modi a clean chit, but stressed that it was now time to move on.

“The issue is almost eight years old now and we should move forward,” Vastanvi told TOI on Tuesday. “Rioting anywhere — in Gujarat or in any other part of the world — is bad for humanity and it should never happen. Gujarat riots were a blemish for India and all culprits should be punished.”

Vastanvi said “there are not as many problems in Gujarat as has been projected.” Asked about justice for the Gujarat riot victims, he said the riots had worsened “because the police did not act due to political pressure during those days”.

But he differed with what many activists working among the riot victims or the UPA government at the Centre claim about continuing discrimination against Muslims in Gujarat. He said, “As far as relief work riot is concerned, it has been carried out very well by government and people of Gujarat.”

The Vastanvi hails from Vastan village near Surat and his initiation into Islamic studies began at a seminary here.