This is indeed sad, to say the least.

I am not talking about just the memories of the Mumbai attack, the deaths of innocent bystanders in scores, the supreme sacrifices of our security forces – those were unforgettably painful and will hurt us for a long time, whenever they creep into our memories.

But what hurts us most is the repsonse of our leaders and our government.

After all the rantings, the vows of ‘no tolerance’ and ‘ promises for retaliations’ and ‘appropriate responses’; all they come up with, even are two years of the incidence, are laments that their ‘neighbour’ has not done its duty and beggings that Pakistan do some soul searching.  

Clearly we have to sadly admit that despite all tall talks, our Indian government is at the mercy of the neighbour state (that it stupidly tries to cover up as ‘trust’) and has no clue as to how to reign Pakistan and its terrorists. 

They have let down all expectations and pride of the Indian people.


India asks Pakistan to do soul searching

Mumbai/New Delhi, Nov 26, PTI:

On the second anniversary of 26/11, India on Friday asked Pakistan to realise its ‘responsibility’ to punish those behind the dastardly terror attacks even as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh vowed to redouble efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice.  

 As the nation paid tributes to the 166 martyrs of Mumbai attacks, including 18 security personnel, India lamented that Pakistan had not punished the masterminds of the terror strike as it had promised. 

“I sincerely hope that Pakistan will realise its responsibility as a nation, as a government and fulfil its promises to bring to justice those who perpetrated the attacks,” said Union Home Minister P Chidambaram after attending commemoration events.

Chidambaram and Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan were among those who placed wreaths at the Police Gymkhana.

Recalling Pakistan’s assurances, he said it had promised to bring to justice the masterminds, the controllers and the handlers of the terror strike by arresting all the seven persons whose names were handed over by India to it.

He said Pakistan had not even handed over the voice samples of the handlers of the 10 Pakistani terrorists who struck in Mumbai on this day two years back.

‘Redouble our efforts’

In a statement issued in Delhi, the Prime Minister said: “We pledge to redouble our efforts to bring the perpetrators of this crime against humanity to justice. India will never succumb to the designs of our enemies.”

In Parliament, MPs paid tribute by observing a minute’s silence. Chidambaram said India has “learnt a lesson that while we will always trust our neighbour, we must always be on guard.”

He was speaking after handing over the CNG filling station dealership to the family of Tukaram Ombale, an unarmed Mumbai police constable, who was killed when he caught Kasab alive in suburban Borivali.

Lauding Ombale, he said: “If Kasab hadn’t been caught alive, there would be no conclusive link to Pakistan in 26/11 attacks.”

Defence Minister A K and External Affairs Minister S M Krishna also echoed similar views saying the terror strike was “a grim reminder” of the volatile neighbourhood and expressed the nation’s resolve not to allow a repeat of the 26/11-type mayhem in the country.

“It (Mumbai terror strike) is a grim reminder of the volatile and perilous state of our neighbourhood and thereby, the need for constant vigil,” he said.

In Mumbai, the Maharashtra police took out a parade in south Mumbai beginning from the Oberoi Trident Hotel, one of the sites of the deadly strikes.

The parade displayed advance anti-terror combat vehicles and weapons procured by the state police following the terror attack.

A 1.3-km long banner, which read ‘The Great Wall of Mumbai’, was held by hundreds of students from Mumbai starting from hotel Trident.