“Not taking action is also an action”. That is the wise opinion of  Mr. P. Chidambaram, a man used to inaction or more precisely ‘selective inaction’ and the Home Minister, who is not hesitant to sacrifice the interest of his country to play his role to perfection, as a teamman of the Congress lead UPA.

The anti Sikh riot of 1984 was perhaps the best example of inaction. Writes Kanchan Gupta, “For three days and four nights the killing and pillaging continued without the police, the civil administration and the Union Government, which was then in direct charge of Delhi, lifting a finger in admonishment. The Congress was in power and could have prevented the violence, but the then Prime Minister, his Home Minister, indeed the entire Council of Ministers, twiddled their thumbs.”

The farce of the subsequent investigations of the 1984 riots including selective inaction against Tytler and Sajjan Kumar  is also well known. We have seen such inactive action in cases related to Bofors (letting Quatrochhi go scot free), Bhopal (allowing Warren Anderson to escape), the Parliament attack (the reluctancy in hanging Afzal Guru), in seeking justice for the death of the Hindu saint Swami Lakshmananda or the 57 karsevaks of the Sabarmati Express near Godhra.

Obviously inaction is the standard action against terrorism in India other than the shameless and repeated ranting of strong retalition. And during and after the Mumbai carnage, the whole world was witness  to the glorious inaction of the whole government, despite tall claims of zero tolerance.

There is one area of exception and that is if there is any accusation of Hindu or Saffron terror as Mr. PC loves to call it. Then the police, the CBI, the ATS and the NIA are all geared into maximum action to procure and if needed fabricate results. 

And lastly such action reaches its almost orgasmic salvo whenever it is felt that there is a possibility of implicating the merchant of death, Mr Narendra Modi or any of his associates.  


Police stand on Arundhati Roy in accordance with spirit of law: Chidambaram

PTI / Monday, November 1, 2010 17:00 IST

Home minister P Chidambaram today said Delhi police not filing a case against noted writer Arundhati Roy for her alleged seditious speech recently was in accordance with the letter and spirit of law.

Not taking action is also an action,” he shot back when a journalist asked him why the government was not acting against her for her “Azaadi” (independence) remarks made at a convention on Kashmir here recently.

“Section 124(A) of the IPC (related to sedition) is for deterrence and punishment. The spirit of the law and true interpretation of law is that unless there is direct incitement to violence, the state must show tolerance and forbearance.

“Delhi police is acting in accordance with the letter and spirit of the law,” he said.

To a question about a demonstration outside the writer’s residence by BJP women cell activists, the minister said, “I don’t think there was any attack on her residence. If there are specific requests, we will provide her security.”

BJP has been demanding registration of police case against her and Hurriyat hardliner leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani for their speeches in the convention on Kashmir.


It is ironic that the same government which drags it feet to call its anti-Indian citizens as secessionist, has no hesitation in arresting protesting Tibetans who are demanding independence from Chinese aggressions.


Tibetans detained for holding anti-China protests in Delhi

PTI / Monday, November 1, 2010 16:01 IST

Scores of Tibetan activists today staged a protest outside Nehru Memorial Library where a seminar on Sino-India relations was organised by the ruling Congress party.

Around 50 protestors raised slogans against China in front of the Nehru Memorial Library in Teen Murti Bhavan around noon, a senior police official said. They have been detained and taken to Chanakyapuri police station.

The seminar was attended by senior Chinese Communist Party leaders, including Polit Bureau member Zhou Yongkang.

Tibetans have been demanding independence from China.