For those who preach ‘there is no fraudulent conversion’  and ‘Christianity is only interested in spreading love and peace’, here is some interesting news.

Just a few days ago our premium news media, not unexpectedly, was going ‘ga-ga’ over a Jammu based NGO, Youth Movement for Peace. 

Rebuilding lives in Ladakh

NDTV Correspondent, Updated: October 17, 2010 10:12 IST

 Jammu:  The devastating cloud burst killed more than 200 people and orphaned scores of children in Ladakh. Now, for the first time, a Jammu based NGO, Youth Movement for Peace, has adopted 27 of these orphaned children who will get free education and a place to stay in Jammu.

“I want to become a doctor, it was my desire to get education, I want to make a mark in life,” said a child Tsewang Stanzin.

With dreams in their eyes the Ladakhi children want to build their lives afresh.

“I want to become an aeronautical engineer, it was not possible there, because there weren’t any facilities,” added another child Stanzin Chotak.

The NGO has come as a ray of hope after despair for the children who are so traumatized that even a mild shower scares them.

“Winter is approaching, there has been snowfall in Ladakh, and just a bit of a rain is enough to scare the people. The children are in shock. They are really not sure what’s going to happen next,” said Vikas Sharma the chairman of Youth Movement For Peace.

But, the NGO believes that it will be able to provide the children with a home away from home and giving them with a healing touch.


Now it seems that the NGO vultures were at what they do best – prey on the needy and unfortunates. No prize in guessing what these kids were being abducted for – conversion, selling for adoption, pedophilia – your choice.

NGO men held for kidnapping Leh orphans

 Updated: October 24, 2010 09:22 IST 

Jammu:  Seems like there is no end to distress for the children who lost everything during the Ladakh flash floods. It was just a week ago when an NGO, Youth movement for peace, had claimed it adopted 28 children and would take care of them.  

Now, the Police say they were kidnapped by the NGO and brought to Jammu.

Five people have been arrested and they had kidnapped the children in the garb of an NGO. There are 28 children and when we investigated, we found all the children were missing from Ladakh after the flash floods,” said SS Sambiyal the DSP of North Jammu.

The police claim that the NGO didn’t follow proper procedures nor was the local administration informed before the children were relocated. Some sources also say the NGO wanted to collect donations in the name of rehabilitating the children.

 Also, there are allegations that some of the NGO members have a controversial past.

“The members have a controversial background. In 2009 an FIR had been lodged against them and the allegation was that they were converting people into Christianity,” said PP Kunzang, the general secretary of Ladakh Buddhist Association.

But, the NGO denied all charges saying it’s an attempt to discredit them.

“If 28 children would have been kidnapped from Ladkah on 5 October, then the ripples would have been felt across the country,” said Meenakshi the Manager of Youth Movement for Peace.

It’s a sad irony for the children who dreamt of a better future after losing all that they had. Now, if the charges on the NGO are proved, their future will hang in balance.


This is what CNN-IBN also adds, “The NGO office was attacked by local Shiv Sena over two weeks alleging that they were involved into conversions. Even as those charges are yet to proved, initial investigations have revealed that the NGO had no legal consent of parents or the administration. Also, the infrastructure promised by them was completely missing.”

Will there be a ‘sting operation’ to reveal the true nature of these vulture organizations?

Will the media at least, for once, acknowledge and elaborate the role of Hindus (and Buddhists) trying to fight fraudulent conversions?