Recently the Gujarat government’s statewide Attention on Grievances with Application of Technology (SWAGAT) programme has won United Nations Public Service Award (UNPSA). The SWAGAT initiative of the state government has been awarded second place in the category ‘Improving Transparency, Accountability and Responsiveness in Public Service’ by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs which facilitates the search for innovations in governance and public administration.

Modi and his government gets its biggest reward from the people of Gujarat.

People of Gujarat win. Rest of india misses. And the biased Indian Media sulks. Hardly any coverage. Imagine if Congress won in Gujarat. There would be glories of Sonia Mai(no) and Raul Baba literally oozing out of news media and our TV anchors would have been out with their fangs and nails exposed, frothing to present the latest edition of vivisection of the ‘demonic Narendra Modi’ and his ‘Gujarat pogrom’.

Alas Indians have missed the fun this time.

But the bigger fun is Congress whining against EVM fraud, literally endorsing the suspicion that the 2004 and 2009 Loksabha elections were won by managing and manipulating EVMs with the help of Election Commission and its puppet Commissioners, and the Congress lost repeatedly in Gujarat and in other recent elections because the same things could not be repeated.


Modi’s panchayat poll victory shocks Cong

 Ahmedabad, October 23, DHNS:’
Establishing his complete supremacy over Gujarat’s political spectrum, Chief Minister Narendra Modi swept the state panchayat elections, the counting of which was concluded on Saturday.

The win comes after Modi’s BJP tasted victory a fortnight back in the state’s civic polls, where, too, the Congress got a drubbing. The party asserted its dominance by winning 22 of the 24 district panchayats in the state.

Worse for the Congress,  Modi managed to wrest control over the Anand district panchayat, which has been under Congress control for years. The party even lost the tribal-dominated Dahod panchayat in the Central Gujarat region, another Congress bastion.

Significantly, a good number of 60-odd Muslim candidates put up by Modi won the elections and the chief minister stressed this fact during his victory rally in Ahmedabad.

During the rally, Modi attributed the party’s success to the development  mantra of his government. “It has been an inclusive victory. Even Muslims have voted for the party. Be it Muslims, poor, tribals. All have reposed their faith in our developmental politics,” he said. The opposition Congress, which found itself in an embarrassing position following its allegations of tampered EVMs, faced more trouble following the debacle.

Taking moral responsibility for the defeat, Gujarat Congress president Siddarth Patel resigned from the post.  “I have resigned taking moral responsibility but I still believe its not Modi magic but EVM magic,” said Patel reiterating his allegation that EVMs had been tampered during the polls.

CLP leader Shakti Sinh Gohil has also tendered his resignation. But Modi refuted the charges saying the Congress was acting as a poor looser.


Congress U-turn: finds fault with EVMs in Gujarat

 New Delhi : The Congress, which had 15 months ago scoffed at L K Advani’s apprehensions about electronic voting machines (EVMs) saying it hoped the BJP leader’s fears “do not betray a lack of grace over the loss of elections”, today complained to the Gujarat State Election Commission that the BJP is “tampering” with EVMs to “manipulate” results of panchayat polls.

“It is learnt from some reliable sources that… BJP is trying to manipulate the results once again in taluka/district panchayat election to be held today. To manipulate the result there by tampering electronic voting machine by usage of laptop, some technocrats along with laptops have been sent by the BJP,” Gujarat Congress general secretary Girish Parmar said in a memorandum to the CEC of the Gujarat Election Commission.

Parmar said that since “EPROM (erasable programmable read-only memory) can be easily intercepted through bluetooth or RS-232 port serial data cable…, no laptop or computer should be permitted… within 100-metre radius” of polling booths.

In July 2009, Advani had told The Sunday Express that India should revert to ballot papers for Assembly elections later that year unless the Election Commission could ensure that EVMs were foolproof. Congress spokesman Abhishek Manu Singhvi had then said, “I hope and trust that (Advani’s comments) do not betray a lack of grace over the loss of elections. We hope that Advani will not take the country back to the dark ages.”

The Congress had also cited (the then) Election Commissioner S Y Quraishi’s statement that an expert committee had looked into whether EVMs could be rigged, and concluded that they could not.

Today, Congress spokesman Mohan Prakash defended his party’s U-turn on EVMs saying that the BJP allegation was “negative without evidence”, whereas the Congress has “evidence”. According to Prakash, at one polling booth the EVM registered 111 votes for BJP, whereas only 44 people had voted. At another booth, when a voter pressed a button to vote, the light in front of the other candidate’s name came on, he said.

The BJP swept the municipal corporation polls in Gujarat earlier this month. Elections for panchayats and municipalities were held today.