It is so predictable!

When the Pakistani players were not slected for the IPL, what do NDTV do?

Predictably they pick up the chief celebrity of the ‘friends of Pakistan brigade’,  Mr Shahrukh Khan and  predictably he bats for his co-religionists across the border.

It was not really unexpected – he has done this before. In fact I was almost expecting that Mr Khan will give us a word of his wisdom on this issue. The Indian islamist, overt or crypto, and the pseudo-secularists cannot really tolerate any perceived wrong-doing to Pakistan or it’s celebrities.

And so it came, thanks to our liberal and elite media. Shahrukh Khan certifies that “It (Pakistan) is a great neighbour to have. We are great neighbours, They are good neighbours.”

Did he keep in mind the three major wars that Pakistan imposed on us, the Kargil  insurgency, the routine violation of border ceasefires, the attack on the Parliament House, or even the recent Mumbai 26/11 attack, the vow of their president Zardari  to wage a 1,000-year war with India and their soldiers, trained and dedicated to the idea of fighting “Hindu India” resentment over the idea of fighting Taliban and killing fellow muslims on their own soil?

If Pakistan is such a great neighbour, are all of these India’s fault?

Off course he has not failed to walk the favorite path of the media as it did after the Mumbai carnage, that is, to blame the ‘ghost politicians’ to divert people’s attention. 

Are the Indians nationals who died in all the above wars, the Indian soldiers who lost their lives in cross-border ceasefire violations or the Indian civilians who are killed by the ISI trained  islamic terrorists, in all those serial blasts, all over the country, mere politician’s imaginations?

Or is it you, Mr Khan who is playing the role of the politician now.

Why not face it? We know it is a strong temptation to place the brotherhood over and above nationhood and we sympathize with you.

Admit it. Don’t fake and don’t misguide the youth.


Shah Rukh Khan feels Pak players should have been picked

Sunday, January 24, 2010 23:01 IST  

New Delhi: As a perceived snub to Pakistani players by the Indian Premier League spark a spat between the neighbouring countries, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, an IPL franchisee himself, believes they should have been picked.”I truly believe they (Pakistan players) should have been chosen,” Khan, co-owner of Kolkata Knight Riders(KKR), said.

Khan however said that since “some issues” were involved the matter could have been handled by the IPL “respectfully”.

No Pakistani player was bought by the eight Indian clubs during an auction on Tuesday for the third edition of the glitzy IPL despite the Pakistan team being the reigning world champions in the Twenty20 format of the cricket tournament.

Rooting for the Pakistani players, Khan said they are the best T20 players in the world. “They are the champions, they are wonderful but somewhere down the line there is an issue and we can’t deny it,” he told NDTV.

Khan said it was humiliating to him as a KKR owner that no one bid for the Pakistani players despite them being put up for auction. “We are known to invite everyone. We should have. If there were any issues, they should have been put on board earlier. Everything can happen respectfully,” he said.

“Everyday we blame Pakistan, everyday Pakistan blames us. It is an issue,” Khan, who had five players from Pakistan playing for KKR in IPL’s first edition, said.

Khan felt that the youth should circumvent all that is said about India and Pakistan by the politicians and say, “It (Pakistan) is a great neighbour to have. We are great neighbours, They are good neighbours. Let us love each other.”

“Let me be honest. My family is from Pakistan, my father was born there and his family is from there,” he said.