Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt is in trouble.

A man who is used to be in the news for his pro-Islam, pro-Pakistan stance and his anti Hindu rhetoric suddenly finds himself in the headlines for the wrong reason. Rahul Bhatt, his son is under scanner and is heading for intense interrogation by National Investigation Agency because of his alleged links with the US-based terrorist of Pakistani origin David Coleman Headley.

A person used to accusing others is suddenly finding himself desperate to defend his son now. Upset over reports attributed to security agencies and the Union Home secretary that they have not cleared his son of any wrongdoing in connection with his dealings with terror suspect David Headley, Mahesh Bhatt said that he is hurt and claimed that his son, Rahul is a true and responsible Indian and that his heart is clear and he doesn’t require any clean chit from anyone.

This has certainly been a spoiler to the excitement that he must have felt on being invited by the Pope to Vatican City to discuss ‘global peace’. He and his daughter Pooja are the only Indian artists invited by the Pope, he had boasted. Perhaps the Pope was pleased of his effort in leading the delegation to meet the President on the so called Orissa violence. That part of the global peace process that happened in Orissa, India started after a octagenarian, Hindu Swami, was peacefully gunned down by accomplishes of the religion of peace.

Mahesh Bhatt had lead several such delegations before. Being part of the Indian pseudosecular, intellectual, minority rights activists crowd, he was also found in Mangalore where he was called again to lead a delegation to protect Christians Citizens from Hindu Radicals. “The idea of proselytising is India’s gift to the humankind” he had claimed, thus equating Buddhism’s spread beyond Bharat, by knowledge and wisdom, to the barbaric spread of Christianity and Islam worldwide that had left millions of people dead and still continues to do so.

He, like so many other selective minority rights activists of his kind, however has never been seen in Jammu & Kashmir to stand by the Hindu / Buddhist minority victims of the state, nor has he been ever heard to spend a few words on the plight of the Hindu minorities in the Christian dominated North East of India or the Islamic states of Bangladesh or Pakistan.

His love for Islam and its followers is well documented. He is often seen leading Muslim protests or addressing seminars to defend Islam. When islamic terrorism, SIMI amd Indian Mujaheeddin were ripping apart cities after cities, in serial bomb blasts, his heart was bleeding for the muslims, “Where there is fear, there is no Islam and where there is Islam, there is no fear.” in one such seminar.

Before the last Lok Shabha elections, he advised the Muslims to vote for Congress Party, to defeat communal forces and give strength to secular forces. “I think that this is the secular party and want to do something for Muslims”. A fine example of sick-secularism, indeed!

After the July 2005, suicide bombings in London that left 56 people dead in a bid, he felt the need to show Islam as a religion of peace and planned a movie titled “Suicide Bomber”, to star his son Rahul in the role of a young Asian Muslim planning to trigger the blasts in London. “The movie is inspired by the London bombings and my son will make his film debut by playing the key role of the suicide bomber who is of Asian origin …. I have been researching on the script since the bombings and through the movie I plan to highlight that Islam is a religion of peace and not dreadful as it is perceived by the world, …….I will attempt to bring out the virtues of Islamic living and also show how the state (government) can sometimes be a demon. The film will delve into the heart and mind of a suicide bomber,” he added.

One can at least easily delve into his heart and mind.

I draw a lot of inspiration from the life of Prophet Mohammad, he had once claimed

He was there to play the ‘muslim victim’ card with his nephew, actor Emraan Hashmi, when the latter cried ‘religious discrimination’ while trying to buy a flat, but then had to hastily retreat when a Mumbai social worker accused them of  ‘fomenting communal tensions to gain cheap publicity’.

It is possible that there were some childhood trauma that may have contributed to the strong anti – Hindu feelings that this person, who unfotunately carries the name of Lord Shiva, emanates. Reportedly he officially converted to Islam to marry actress Soni Razdan so that he could keep two wives.

His love and compassion for Pakistan had often crossed limits. He was unhappy about certain movies  being made in India (ex. Gadaar, Sarfarosh) with anti Pakistan messages, claimed that he personally condemned those films which contained excessive anti-Pakistan rhetoric, and was happy to see that such films had failed at the box office.

“Do not point a finger at Pakistan”, he had ranted, reportedly, while giving his reaction to the massacre and mayhem in Mumbai 0n 26/11, to India TV.

Well Mr Bhatt!  It looks like your dream story of Rahul Bhatt as a suicide bomber is getting a realistic touch here. And the fingers that were pointing towards Pakistan could slowly turn to your direction.

Unless, off course, unseen threads are pulled by unknown authorities, we hope to find more on the case in future.