The “Hindutva” group of Congress! ………. There is still hope for Hindus!

If they could only realise that a Hindu is inherently secular ……. he believes in coexistence, he respects other’s Gods, he does not proselytize, he does not denounce other’s faith and so on ……….. unlike other religious groups ….


Congress Secular Hindu Forum


‘Congress is India! India is Congress’!

The ‘Congress Secular Hindu Forum’ has formed with the grace and blessings of great seers and saints from various Hindu Dharma organizations and ‘Ashrams’. The great Sankarachrya’s, Mahamandaleswars, Mahanth’s and various heads of the great and famous Ashram’s has clearly expressed their support and sympathy towards our cause and purpose. We take great proud and reverence from the blessings of these great reverent leaders of Hindu Dharma, as our guide lines through the track of our future path.

There is a twenty one member Central committee, and an elected General secretary, representing various states are presently working with the Congress Secular Hindu Forum as office bearers. In several states organizing committees are functioning under the leadership of state convener. Now we are looking forward for our first All India conference on July 2009. Where we will form our central committee with a pan India representation and discuss the organizational and socio-political situation with great determination and discipline.       

We have great faith in the creator, protector and destroyer of all living and other material, he is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient, the whole universe is within him. He is pervading us in our journey. We should do all we can to keep the ideal of the great Congress leaders as a living force, through the awakening of millions of Hindu followers in our beloved Mother land.       

The Congress Secular Hindu Forum is an independent organization, that have formed with a group of like minded persons, who are staunch followers and loyal workers of the Indian National Congress, throughout India and abroad.

We, the Congress Secular Hindu Forum, has been holding in high esteem the programmes and policies of the congress party. The Hindu religious followers who have implicit confidence in congress party, and give their vote to the ‘Hand symbol’ that was created and popularized by our great leader Smt. Indiraji are only eligible for our membership.

The Indian National Congress, it has a rich history of 123 eventful years, have been holding each and everyone in its arms and represent the nook and corner of this great nation. An Indian citizen, who gives his assent to the congress party, have been assigned to achieve different tasks in history. We consider him as a great patriot who loved his Motherland and an indefatigable defender of her unity, prosperity and meaningful reconstruction. We are duty bound to  protect the very foundations of the secular democratic character of the modern India, and the legitimate rights of religious minorities.

We will vigorously fight against the forces, who are wearing the secular mask , and actively collided with foreign forces and their money power, to destroy the Hindu religion and culture. And we will also relentlessly pursue the public support for the prosperity and well being of the Hindu community. Do not allow the domination of other religions on Hinduism through any form of religious conversions and atrocities and will fight against, it through Gandhian ways. Congress Secular Hindu Forum does not believe in abetting in any form of violent act or animosity against other religions. Never encourage religious violence or hatred; always uphold the theory of Non-Violence as a principle in our activities.

We must effectively pursue, to achieve our goal for an anti-conversion law, that will prohibit religious conversions, from Hindu religion to other religions; through actively persuading  the Congress high command; for the introduction of an ‘Anti-Conversion Law’ in parliament with stringent punishment against the offenders. We will go all out, for a unanimous opinion among the Hindu followers for this purpose, throughout the nation and will organize peaceful agitations.

It is our civilization that preached ‘Universal Relationship’ to the mankind which grew up by the unique process of ‘synthesis, that is by assimilation’ and not by analysis, as in case of the western civilization. We do not approve the western pattern of culture and behavior, creeping into our society that has littering, the Hindu way of life. We have a glorious heritage and civilization, that belongs to the Hindu culture is gradually going through an alteration, severely damaging the younger generation has come to an alarming state, it is important to guide these people, to realize  their misconceptions and to respect and follow the rich culture and spirit of our Motherland.

We have a different view about the school curriculum in our nation, that have placing a foreign language like English above our own languages, which were more ancient and consisting rich literature and superior knowledge about the universe. Everybody knows that our own languages or the mother tongue of every country has a binding influence in shaping the destiny of every nation. The ancient languages in India, ‘ Paly and Sanskrit’ contains a great treasure trove of  knowledge for the entire man kind. Unfortunately, 99% of the original owners of these beautiful language are not known an alphabet of these languages. The Sanskrit language, which was very important in the Hindu way of life, because the Vedas and Upanishads, and various Hindu religious texts were written in this language, was neglected a lot, by the rulers of this country, for different reasons. It is the responsibility, of not only the authorities, but also the parents of this country, have the right to initiate an educational curriculum that containing the compulsory study, of ‘Sankrit’ from primary level educational facilities. It is also very important that the Hindi and other regional languages, must have get more preference in our educational system.

The congress secular Hindu Forum, firmly believes that the 123 years old congress party has not belong to a small group of families, or only some influential persons in the society. It is not a corporate organization, with capital share holders, controlling with corporate interests . This great organization has been owned, to the people who were born, and bought up and living in India and the yet to born. In several states, the party has became a pocket borrow of one or two influential persons. They are the dubious distinction for sharing the parliament and assembly seats, and powerful government posts with husband and wife, father and mother, and their children or for their brothers, themselves. The Congress Secular Hindu Forum,  totally differs to these activities in our party, and we strongly extol the view of one post for one family, before the congress high command.

Recently there is an emerging trend in the congress party that to conducting talent tests to find out the best persons for leading the party, and its mass organizations.  The people in India have never heard such a huge blunder from the congress party, which have rich resources of abundant man power, with dynamic leadership qualities. This new age, talent test conductors are not concerned  about the thousands of leaders, who were emerging among the masses, the experience of organizing and leading the people through various struggles for their existence. The perception to change the concept of a leader, has little to do with his academic qualifications. The graduates, and post-graduates and highly qualified marketing professionals, with computer literacy and other perceptual skills from various domestic and foreign universities, do not have sufficient knowledge about the millions in the countryside and their daily scores. 

Political and social changes are never brought through  lap tops. In our scenario the foundation of leadership is laid down in an younger age, through mingling with the masses and by going through their struggles with patience and imbibing the spirit of great discipline, and carrying it out into practice with great diligence. Still by constant and intensive practices, courteous and firm handling, a rough stone as an untrained or uneducated person, can be made as good as a shining brilliant gem. Indian National Congress has a great distinctive advantage that it is the biggest peoples democratic socialist party in this planet. This organization always stood with the millions of downtrodden classes and protected them in her arms with great care. It is not appropriate to conducting ‘talent tests’ on behalf of the Indian National Congress, which has produced world renowned leaders and intellectuals throughout in its 123 years long existence. The Congress Secular Hindu Forum requests to the people of this country, please take a vow with us, that we will go to any extend to protect, the Indian National Congress from the Corporate ‘zsars’, who are determined to hijacking the great organization with hi-tech gimmicks.

The workers and volunteers of the Congress party has not a regular salaried class. The ordinary workers, in our party have not expecting any thing from anybody for their unsolicited service. The Congress committees in the villages and small towns are functioning with the simple contributions from the general public and from the congress workers own pockets. There are a lot of congress workers, who risked their life to protect the ideals of congress party who has suffered numerous physical attacks from the political enemies, and had became handicapped. So many others are sacrificed their unlived life and joys for the party. There is no viable programme from the party high command to protect these persons and the martyr’s families, through practical assistance and with financial help.

We can see a lot of people who became leaders, neither any sufferings, hard ships nor any sacrifice, for the  congress party  or for any public causes grabbed influential position, made MLA’s and MP’s, and acquired hundreds and thousands of crores of rupees through fraudulent activities. There children and grandchildren were enjoying a luxurious life in expensive pubs, clubs, star hotels and farm houses, spending lakhs and crores of rupees everyday. Nobody has bothered about to providing succor to the psychologically and economically crippled families who sacrificed their life for the congress party. It is pathetic to see that most of them are struggling to provide education for their children, without sufficient food and cloth, livelihood amenities and shelter.

The congress workers in villages and towns are seriously engage, with the problems of the general public and organize them to find out a solution through collective movements, are doing an unparalleled job for the party are neglected a lot. They are the backbone of the party, interfering with numerous problems in panchayat village and taluk offices, collectorate, police station and various hospitals in looking after the sick and destitute. These leaders they are with the original credentials, are stagnated in the regional committees for years without a promotion. The party hierarchy in so many states, are deteriorated in its strength, because the leaders are considering the candidates, for the assembly and parliament elections through, weighing the weight of the currency bundles and its denominations, to fill their deep pockets. Numerous sincere congress workers are deserting the party, because the persons, who are with the money power hardly least association, to the organization has became leaders and people representatives in overnight. We don’t ignore the fact there is a naked truth, that numerous former congress workers are became organizers and leaders of so many regional parties.

Previously it is compulsory that a minimum twenty years of working experience in various committees, is mandatory to hold a position in the Pradesh Congress Committee or All India Congress Committee. It has became an irony that, so many persons with various backgrounds, they were never touched accidentally a congress flag has became leaders and MLA’s , through filling regularly, the big coffers of the greedy leaders. There is no need or necessity of a primary membership in the congress party to contest an election from a party ticket and get through the election to became a MP or MLA. It is an absurd, the person, who is insisting to sing our National Anthem, in the American style, became a candidate for the 2009 parliament election.

The number of regional political parties has going on in an alarming rate in our country. The leaders of these parties they cannot rise to take a national view, in important issues are playing with regional sentiments for every kind of ambition and self-keeping

The increasing number of regional outfits have only interested in decoupling, the national issues and indulging in divisive politics, to keep their own constituencies. The political gimmicks supporting regional secession, violence, and pursuing linguistics problems, what looked like a molehill had suddenly assuming the proportion of a mountain. At a time when the country is being pulled in different directions by its fractured politics, the bargaining power of the regional satraps, have crossing all the limits. With the blessing of the coalition politics these political parties and their ministers were indulging in large scale corruption and nepotism that have endangered the lives of common man.

The government machineries of the central and state governments have became stagnated and prodding the private agencies, has got numerous problems for the common man in his every day life. These private agencies which have a tacit understanding with the ministers and bureaucrats were looting, the public exchequer through development programmes and various contract deeds. They have no hesitation for increasing the charges of the utilities of the common man through road toll taxes, bus and electricity bills, user fee for air passengers, tatkal and super fast fee for train passengers.

The leaders of the national and regional parties and their minister were only interested amassing huge fortunes with their power. If the past is a guide to the present we can see a lot of disgruntled leaders who were out of power and severed their ties with the parent organization, has building their own groups or outfits, or finding solace in other parties, for pursue their self interests became a common phenomenon in our politics. The Congress Secular Hindu Forum, has condemning the attitude of these irresponsible politicians, who are using the public funds for their selfish purposes. The MPs and MLA’s who were deserted their political party for pursuing their self interest, and still keeping their pension and allowances from the previous stint is not acceptable to us. We have the strong view that to immediately abdicate these people from receiving the emoluments as a public servant, when ever they deserts there organization. The Congress Secular Hindu Forum has requesting to the congress high command for the introduction and approval of a stringent law in the Parliament, to subjugate these conjurors to conk out from their dirty tricks.

In the present scenario, there is an urgent need of a consensus, that a political party which have representatives from a minimum of fifteen states in parliament has eligible for the status of a national party.

We are requesting before the Congress high command, for a legislation for this purpose, to regulate the posts of the Indian President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Lok Sabha Speaker, Central Cabinet Minister, and Ministers with independent charge, will be reserved for the national parties, who can be able to fulfill these criteria.

The people in our country has by and large insulated from the harassment of private bankers and money lenders after the nationalization of banks by our great leader Smt. Indiraji. The sweeping liberalization and globalization policies introduced in our economic sector, by Dr. Manmohan Singh, has created ample space to the private sector financial institutions in India, and abroad for a clean come back to our banking sector, like a venomous snake with a vengeful attitude. They are illegally trapping the general public through fixed land line, and mobile phone numbers with attractive offers, and providing credit cards, personnel loans-and motor vehicle loans.

They were not bothered about the quality of the borrower at the first step, to repay the loan in regular intervals. There are a plenty of daring incidents of kidnapping, murder, harassment and many other unusual activities against the defaulters, from the recovery cell (constituted with rowdy’s and hardcore anti-social elements) of these private banks. These institutions have no belief in our judicial system or court of law. The private army and law enforcement agencies of these financial institutions, with anti-social elements, have became a major threat towards the life and property of the innocent people. Time is running out, to eradicate these spitting and hissing venomous snakes from the midst of our society. The Congress secular Hindu forum has humbly requesting to the Congress High Command that there have been an urgent need of a powerful law enforcing agency, to curb the extra constitutional activities of these private banks and money lenders

The Congress Secular Hindu Forum has thriving for an egalitarian society as its objective, through a democratic socialist system. It would be wrong to dogmatise the principles which will underline with the modern political institutions, we shall have pragmatic in our approach, and encourage the intelligentsia to consider a quite familiar attitude and find out a solution to counter the most pressing social problems in our country.

The most important social problem in our country is poverty and unemployment that has persisting through, continuously after the independence days. Our great leader Smt.Indiraji did a lot to contain this situation through the “Garibi Hatao” movement. It is our duty to continue the struggle to eradicate the poverty and unemployment in our society and provide quality education to our children and protect our masses with shelter and cloth.

We want to offer something unique to our society that will contribute something better to the common culture and civilization of our mother land. We are aware that, it has a gigantic task to fulfill. There are tremendous difficulties to overcome, with the dedicated support from millions of congress workers; no doubt, we will fulfill this onerous responsibility through sheer determination.