First Hindu to join Pakistan’s foreign service………. (after 62 years in the country’s history) … message to members of minority communities ……… less than two perecent (from about 20% at 1947) ….. “truly tolerant and equal opportunity-providing society”, INDEED!!!!


Pak’s first Hindu diplomat to present ‘tolerant’ image


9 August 2009, 06:26pm IST

ISLAMABAD: Gyan Chand, the first Hindu to join Pakistan’s foreign service, on Sunday said he is determined to project a true image of the country as a “truly tolerant and equal opportunity-providing society.”

Chand, who was selected for the foreign service after passing the Central Superior Services examination, made the remarks during an interview with a TV news channel.

Chand, a resident of Tharparkar in southern Sindh province, said his selection as an officer in the foreign service has conveyed a message to members of minority communities that equal opportunities are available to them in Pakistan to prosper.

His selection would encourage more Hindu youth to work harder as minorities can rise to any position in Pakistan if they prove they are deserving of the post, Chand said.

Chand joined the foreign service after completing a specialised training course at the Foreign Service Academy earlier this month.

Hindus account for less than two per cent of Pakistan’s population of over 160 million. The community has a sizeable presence in Sindh province.