THEN it was Shabana Azmi, “Indian democracy is unfair to Muslims” …….. “I wanted to buy a flat in Bombay and it wasn’t given to me because I was a Muslim…”

NOW it is Emraan Hashmi, “the society will not give us an NOC and it has blocked the sale. We have information that this has been done as they are discriminating against Muslims and will not allow any Muslim in the society” …… “I faced a similar situation in August 2007, when I was looking for a house in the same area; residents and brokers told me I would not be able to get a house because I was a Muslim. But I later managed to get one,”

Are muslims discriminated in Mumbai or India?

One would like to ask Ms Shabana Azmi: Are the following people not considered Muslims: former President Abdul Kalam, music director A R Rahaman, industrialist Ajim Premji, cricketers Irfan Pathan and Zaheer Khan, besides the Bollywood Khans, Shahkukh, Salman, Saif Ali and Amir, to name a few; or are they not ‘fair’ products of the Indian Democracy?

Let us see some responses from other Muslim celebrities….

THEN it was Naseeruddin Shah “I have never felt any discrimination. I have never been refused housing in Bombay. I have lived there in all kinds of conditions from a paying guest, sharing with six people to having two apartments of my own. I have never had these problems. I don’t deny that these problems exist, but I don’t think that Muslims are exclusively the victims.”

And NOW it is Shah Rukh Khan, “I have never been treated differently because of my religion. I am 44 years old now and never in my life have I felt discriminated.” and Salman Khan, “If religious profiling indeed happened, Emraan Hashmi would not have been what he is today. Similarly, Salman, Aamir and Shah Rukh Khan would not be what they are today,” 

Unfortunately, despite the Minister of state for home Arif Naseem Khan batting for him, all may not be well for Emraan Hasmia, as complaints have been lodged against the actor and his filmmaker uncle Mahesh Bhatt at the DB Road police station,  for dividing society on communal basis and playing a publicity gimmick.