EVM’s can be tampered, ‘proves’ Hyderabad’s engineer

Jul 17, 2009

Nagpur As the debate on reliability of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) is going on, an election watch-dog and an NGO from Hyderabad demonstrated ‘tampering’ of EVMs and claimed that these machines could be easily manipulated.

Explaining the possibilities of manipulations and insertions of pre-programmed chips, Hari K Prasad of NetIndia and the NGO Election Group’s Convenor V V Rao said the chips are imported from Japan and there is a possibility of giving 60 per cent of total votes polled through the EVMs by one particular candidate (party) if the chips are programmed in such a manner.

Elaborating his point, Prasad told a gathering including reporters that in such a case, the first 10 voters who cast their votes can be the basis of manipulations. The particular party will get 60 per cent votes by manipulations as per the programme, they added.

The only way for making tamper-proof use of EVMs is using a verification tool which the EVM manufacturing companies should bring in.

Moreover, there should an automatic slip coming out immediately after the vote is cast like the transaction slip which bank ATMs gives after the use, he said.

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