How secure are our security forces, specially when any crime victim belongs to minorities? It is fashionable for ‘mob’ and ‘public’ to take law and order in their hands. And specially, if they belong to particular community, our security forces’ hands are tied as per instructions from ‘above’. They are supposed to appease and defend because they are under constant scrutiny of the government, the media and the right activists. Our media takes due care to suppress minority ‘mob violence’ but is overzealous to report inadvertant mistakes of security forces.

It is true that stray cases of rights violation do happen but there are laws for it. But can one expect to uphold law and order against violent mobs without application of necessary force? The media and politicians are too eager to portray our security forces as villains. Why should then the society ask them to sacrifice their life if we cannot train them properly, equip them adequately and allow them to do their job accordingly? Does anybody care a damn about their own safety and security or raise an eyebrow on their injury, death or disability? 

Does anybody ever offer even an apology for mistakes committed against them or utter a word of appreciation for their thankless job.


Love twist to Srinagar boy’s murder, cops blame friends


 LOVE HURTS: Asrar Dar had meet a girl on Facebook, which allegedly has led to his cause of death.

 Srinagar: Asrar Ahmed Dar, the youth whose death had triggered widespread protests in this summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir last week, was murdered by two of his friends, police alleged on Wednesday.

Dar had gone missing from his uptown Maisuma home on July 3 and his body was recovered from Rainawari locality July 7.

Senior Superintendent of Police (Srinagar) Afadul Mujtaba said Dar’s two friends, Imran and Asim, had murdered him over a love tangle.

“Dar was in contact with a girl from Delhi through social networking site Facebook and this had resulted in jealousy and heartburn in his friend Imran, who had earlier been dating this girl,” Mujtaba said.

Imran had taken Dar to his house in Ellahi Bagh area where he and Asim hit the youth on the head with an iron rod, Mujtaba alleged.

“Realising that Dar had died, the murderers dumped his body in one of the rooms in the house.

“Later on July 7, Imran and Asim took Dar’s body in Imran’s uncle’s car and dumped it in Malkhah (Rainawari) area of the city from where the police recovered it,” the officer said.

Both Imran and Asim have been arrested and they have confessed to the murder, he said.

Dar’s murder had triggered widespread protests in the city, with many claiming he had been killed by security forces.

Two vehicles of the security forces had been burnt by protesters. Scores of people, including policemen, were injured in clashes across the city.

The police here have reportedly sent a team to New Delhi to corroborate further evidence in the case by contacting the girl both Dar and Imran had been dating.


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