The Congress, Trinomool Congress (TMC) and Left front had all competed for the votes of the Muslims, including infiltrators from Bangladesh, who are reportedly over 25% of the population. Over several decades, the Communists had been able to garner support from the minorities but in the recent election for Lok Shaba 2009, TMC-Congress coalition has been the beneficiary of the countrywide swing in Muslim vote.  Mamata Banerjee’s rhetoric in Singur and Nandigram and her participation in Ramzan did pay off.

In the mean time the Hindu majority, taken for granted, oblivious of their rights and collective power, in deep denial of the silent Muslim invasion and ignorant of the spreading shadow of a repeat Partition that looms over their land, are too happy to join the celebration of the ‘change’ in the Left front’s political dominance.

They fail to understand that what they are celebrating is nothing but the continuation of one of the largest holocaust in history of mankind, only the catalysts has changed from the Left front to the TMC-Congress coalition.


Green Revolution: West Bengal has the Highest number of Muslim MPs in India.


 by Sambuddha Gupta 


I took just some times to observe the situation in Bengal. The situation is worst ever for the rural Bengali Hindus. From everywhere the news coming about the post poll clash in the name of TMC-CPIM or RSP-CPIM or CONG-CPIM is nothing but the vandalization upon the Hindus by the Muslim goons using every colour to paint a big Green Star n Crescent in Bengal canvas.

This is the real Green Revolution in West Bengal in the advent of 15th Parliament constituting in New Delhi. So the journey of the Green Force from Kolkata to New Delhi depicts only the Supra Control of Muslim Community in Bengal over the frightened Hindu community in every corner of Bengal inside.

I must clear the picture in some ways.

1. Ganashakti (Daily Organ of CPIM West Bengal) published a report on 18th May, 09 that in Sholebagha in Howrah District within Chitnan Gram Panchayet (Village Level Constituency) 43 households were set fire to ashes out of a post election violence. The victims of Sholebhagha are exclusively belong to the Doloi Community Hindus and the attack upon the houses of Prafullo Daloi, Maya Daloi, Pareshbala Daloi (a 75 yrs old woman) and others was instigated and operated by none other than Sultan Ahamed, an newly elected MP from Bengal and TMC leader.

The muslim goons came from Kolkata with deadly weapons and arms & ammunition. All the belongings of the villagers from their golden ornaments arranged for the up-grown daughter’s marriage to the full granary from the harvest or the utensils and water-pot for a marginal inhabitant below the poverty line, all are looted or destroyed by the muslim goons so far reported by the press as a general incident of political violence, not an attack upon Hindus by Muslims.

2. In another news paper Pratidin, (a pro TMC paper controlled by Swapan S Basu a Rajjaya Sabha MP) reports on 19thMay, 09 that the Kolkata Police has arrested two notorious criminals viz. Md. Naseem Khan (55 yrs., Munger, Bihar) and Taleb Mondal (34 yrs., Bangaon, WB) for purporting post election violence in North 24 Parganas from their Dane in Bagbazar in North Kolkata.

Many Hindus in North 24 Pgs, especially in Barasat and Bashirhat Sub-Division were attacked by the muslim goons and even murdered in the last three months in connenction of pre-poll violence, and some Hindu Temples including a Harichand Mandir in Bangaon area a Shitala Devi Mandir in Sodepur-Natagarh area were vandalized by anti-hindu gangs of venomous Islamist spirit.

But Miss. Mamata Banerjee, the new icon for neo-islamic movement of Bengal ordered Smt. (Dr.) Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar to dedicate her victory in Barasat Parliament Constituency in the name of some Khijjir Molla who was murdered in a post poll clash out of a inner conflict between local power groups of muslims. Khijjir was a supporter of TMC as told. But Mamata Banerjee or the Kakoli G Dastidar are in a process to ignore and forget the dedication and sacrifice of hundreds and thousands Hindu supporters of Congress (Indian National Congress) & TMC (Trinmool Congress) in the last 32 years of struggle in the Bengal to an end of a Marxist regime.

3. On 16th of May at about 12-30 broad day light Sri Prahlad Pramanik was murdered by Ahammed Molla and his group in Sonakhali area under Canning Police Stn within Joynagar Parliamentary Constituency. Prahlad and Ahammed both are the supporters of local RSP and registered in the action group of the party. But Prahaladwas fatally targeted with iron-rod to die for his pro-Hindu activities by the Muslim murderers.

It is believed that Prahlad played a vital role to build a strong resistance in Sonakhali area for the hindus where 4 hindu activists of RSS were murdered on 10th February 2001 by Muslim goons namely Anar Molla, Iran and obviously a provocative Lokman Molla, a leader of RSP, South 24 Pgs District Committee. A non-manageable Prahlad did not stop his hindu activism for the hindus under pressure of muslims planning for a total surrender of hindus to them. For this charge a muslim comrade finished his hindu colleague without any hesitation. This news could not get any chance to crave any space in the secular press in West Bengal.



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