Everyday some members of our police, BSF, CRP, Jawans and other security forces are killed by people who wage terror and war against our country and we hardly waste a moment for them.

They died in Kargil, in the attack on the Parliament house and in the 3 day Mumbai carnage. Security forces are killed regularly for years in Kashmir and are routinely ambushed and killed in Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh and other Naxal-ridden areas.

Security forces are supposed to die unaccounted in India.

So what is the big deal? Why should we care? Do security personnels’ lives have any value?  Does anybody spend sleepless nights for their sufferings? 

When will we realize that each individual police, armyman or jawan of India is a representative of the entire force and any attack on any individual demands strong retaliation to deter future misadventures.  

These individuals are asked to sacrifice themselves to protect the country when in need and they put their lives on the line of fire so that we, the rest of the country, can live peacefully.

We scream ‘zero tolerance against terrorism’ but our record is so pathetic that we are easily perceived as  a soft state.

We cannot eradicate Islamic terrorism simply because we believe that it does not exist. In our political correctness, we claim that there is no Islamic terror since Islam is a peaceful religion. We like to convince ourselves that only a few misguided youth kill and blemish in the name of Islam, and we cannot even hunt them because we fear that, that will alienate our Muslim citizens. 

Even after being snubbed and humiliated repeatedly by Pakistan, we cannot do anything against them, despite the world’s acknowledgement that Pakistan is the root of terrorism, since our leaders believe that Pakistan is a victim of terror and terror is a threat to Pakistan.

Our  Prime Minister however agrees that Naxal menace poses biggest security threat to India“I have said in the past that left-wing extremism is the single biggest security challenge to the Indian state,” …….. “It continues to be so and we cannot rest in peace till we have eliminated this virus.”

So what should we do? How do we eliminate the virus?

Can India think of any stronger effort to fight terrorism other than candle light solidarity, making dossiers or joint mechanism  with the terrorist himself to deal with terrorism. 

Can we learn a lesson from our small neighbouring country of Sri Lanka?

Or should we continue on the Gandhian notion of tolerance and non-violence and hide our ineptitude and incompetence under the veil of fake prudence and  false nobility and let our hapless security personnels die and become mere statistics in our so called fight against terror?



Suspected communist rebels kill 16 police in India



MUMBAI, India (AP) — Suspected communist rebels ambushed a police patrol in western India on Thursday, killing 16 officers, police said.

The squad was making its rounds in an area known to be a rebel stronghold near the city of Nagpur, when they apparently ran into a large group of gunmen, said local police chief Rajesh Pradhan.

None of the officers survived the battle, and there was no immediate word on rebel casualties, he said.

The clash took place some 500 miles (800 kilometers) east of Mumbai, India’s financial capital. In February, 15 officers were killed in the a similar incident in the same region.

The rebels, who say they are inspired by Chinese revolutionary leader Mao Zedong, have been fighting for more than three decades in several Indian states, demanding land and jobs for agricultural laborers and the poor.

They are called Naxalites after Naxalbari, a village in West Bengal state where the movement was born in 1967.

Over the past few years, about 2,000 people — including police, militants and civilians — have been killed in the violence.