“Is India aware that the target of the Taliban is not Pakistan, but it is India.”

Did the report that Pak soldiers prefer fighting “Hindu India” than Taliban ‘muslim friends’  reach the caretakers of India?

Are we still  counting on the faith of our re-selected Prime Minister that terror is a threat to Pakistan.  And it has been a threat to India.  We need to have a collective mechanism to deal with it? Did the Mumbai Massacre of 26//11 in any way dent that conviction?  Have we been successfully confused by the con game of state and non state actors?

Are we hoping that our new ‘white masters’ will protect us from the nuclear arsenal of our neighbours by bribing them enough?

Should we start producing a dossier from now? 


Can Hindus Learn from History?

By Anil Ketkar, on 18-05-2009 12:01  


Dangers to India from Western (Pakistani) Punjab in 2009 and in 1174

Nearly a millennium back, the year was not 2009, it was 1174, the attackers were not Lashkar-e-Toiba, but Jihadis nevertheless from the Ghurid clan. The method of attack did not involve suicide bombers in Islamabad, or terror squads in Lahore, but the cities of Mulasthana (Multan) and Sakala (Sialkot) and Purushapura (Peshwar) as also Suvastu (Swat) were being attacked by bands of roving Ghurid Jihadis who went about destroying Hindu temples and murdering innocent villagers in Punjab. Those being attacked were not Pakistanis, but the Hindus of what is today West Punjab, the rulers were Muslims even then – they were the Ghaznavid rulers who descended from Mahmud of Ghazni. These Ghaznavids were Muslims and they had to battle another invading Muslim clan that was coming towards India from Afghanistan.

The situation was uncannily similar to that which is developing today.

 Those being attacked today in Pakistan are the Muslims of Punjab (soon attacks on Sindh will follow in Karachi). Those who are attacking these Muslims are also Muslims. Today the attackers have come to Swat, as one thousand years back they came to Suvastu in the year 1174. They had then overturned another Muslim dynasty that had occupied Punjab from 1030 up to 1174. This is exactly what is happening today, when bands of Talibani brigands are trying to overthrow the Muslim regime of Pakistan established in 1947, by attacking it. The theatre of these events in 2009 is also the same as in the year 1174.

 Today the Pakistani military is using Helicopter gunships to kill the Taliban who refuse to vacate Swat. The Taliban have refused to lay down their arms, but have very ceremoniously withdrawn from Buner. The Taliban withdrawal should remind us of their withdrawal from the outskirts of Kabul, when they met with resistance from the Rabbani Government in the 1990s.The Taliban withdrew when it saw that it could not prevail against the superior military power of the Rabbani government backed by Ahmad Shah Massod and Rashid Dostam. But the Taliban did not give up. They regrouped and attacked once again, this time occupying Kabul and followed up this victory by occupying almost all of Afghanistan. In India too we should remember, that the Hindus defeated the Muslims at Bahraich in 1033, and at Mount Abu in 1188 and again at Tarain in 1191. Despite these setbacks for the Muslims, they did not give up, but regrouped and attacked India over and over again, finally capturing Delhi in 1192 (Mohammed Ghori) and reaching Kanya Kumari in 1326 (Malik Kafur).

 The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan is today on the run in face of a Pakistani onslaught, but they will regroup and occupy Pakistan as their spokesman Muslim Khan has openly stated.

What matters to Indians, or should matter to us, is that these Talibani Jihadis under Baitullah Mahsud, as were the Ghurid Jihadis under Mohammed of Ghori or Mahmud-ibn-Sam, will be sooner or later making there way towards India! Nearly a millennium back, the kingdom of Delhi in 1174 was ruled by Raja Someshwar, while the Delhi of today is ruled by Manmohan Singh. What was common is that Manmohan has a childish understanding of the Muslim threat that is creeping towards India in 2009, as Someshwar had in the year 1174.

Someshwar was succeeded by his 13 year old son Privithraj Chouhan in the year 1179 and Privithiraj Chouhan too had a childish understanding of the Muslim psyche (till he was defeated in 1191, blinded and had to commit suicide in Ghor after using the Shabda-bheedi Baan to slay Mahommad Ghori).

Who succeeds Manmohan Singh is as yet an open question. But what I fear is that the successor would too have a childish understanding of the Muslim threat as had Privithraj, and which led to the Muslim occupation of India. Will history repeat itself? I dread this possibility!

But what is not an open question is that is India aware that the target of the Taliban is not Pakistan, but it is India. And the single aim of the Taliban is to complete the task left unfinished by the Muslim tyrants of the middle ages, that to convert the residual Hindus to Islam, not at the point of the sword, but at the point of the Atom/Hydrogen Bomb that their hero Abdul Qadeer Khan has built for them.

 So what should India do now? We see one enemy of ours (Pakistan) fighting for survival against another enemy (Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan). So is the old adage and enemy’s enemy is your friend applicable here. Heavens NO!

Pakistani Nuclear site at Wah were in Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan’s crosshairs?

Then what on earth should India do when two of its enemies are engaged in fighting each other and soon would be embroiled in a full scale war when the Taliban soon come down from the Swat to Islamabad. In their last advance they had reached within shooting distance of the Pakistani Nuclear site at Wah in their crosshairs. They were only 60 miles from Islamabad in April, before the Pakistani Military started pushing them back. But the Taliban will come back again, and next time with a stronger force, as their resolve to take over Pakistan and then invade India is inbuilt in them by Islam. For them the Jihad never ends! Sounds chilling, doesn’t it? Some day the Pakistani Military will face a mutiny or a series of mutinies and sections of the Pakistani military will defect to the truculent Taliban, and that would be the death knell of Pakistan.

Even the Americans give Pakistan six months to fold up. What should India be doing now and when the final crunch comes?

In this scenario India should do what Shivaji Maharaj – the most astute of Hindu rulers did in a similar situation by playing Adilshahi’s against the Mughals. Shivaji slayed the Adilshahi general Afzal Khan very smartly in 1657, and went on to cut off the fingers of the Mughal General Shahista Khan. Thus he attacked one enemy at a time, stayed out when the two enemies fought each other, played one enemy against the other, and finally stymied both enemies, When the Mughals finally overthrew the Adilshahis, the Marathas sidestepped to not only survive, but eventually reached and occupied the Mughal capital Delhi itself in 1720.

Similarly India should today consider the two enemies – the Pakis and the Talibs to be both mortal enemies and allow them to fight as long as they are fighting each other, but be prepared and swiftly take off Pakistani nuclear arsenal before the moment it falls into the hands of the Talibs (as Shivaji Maharaj had swiftly plunged the Waaghnakh – tiger claws- into Afzal’s abdomen and pulled out his intestines). And even in the unlikely event, of the Pakis defeating the Talibs in the long run, India should nevertheless take the opportunity to cut off Pakistan’s Nuclear head, by taking off the Pakistani Nuke sites, as Israel did, a la Osirak.

While it is too much to expect from the supine, indolent and indifferent Hindus (a few exceptions like Narendra ji Modi apart) to give the defeated Pakistani people a choice of Hinduism or death, can India at least take off the Paki nukes? Does India have the will to do this? This unfortunately is an open question?