We are not talking about Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia ……

 We are not talking of Kashmir …..

We are not talking  about the times of Ghazni or Aurangzeb or even Jinnah – we are talking about 2009 …

We are talking about West Bengal, the leftover after the partition of Bengal, where several districts have over 30% Muslims, where Muslims have a decisive say in 53 of the 290+ odd assembly, where Bangladeshi infiltrators are in millions, where political parties (CPM, Congress, Trinomool) compete with each other to get their favor in votes ….

It is not isolated – in last one year it happened  in Howrah, Gangasagar, Asansol, Midnapore, Rampurhat and Belgachia ….

It is a pattern – it happened to a monk of Ramkrishna Mission, it happened with Taslima Nasreen, it happened with the editors of  The Statesman …..

It is not reported in main newspapers……..it is left for bloggers to let the world know

Beware Bengalees ….. Your only consolation is that you are not alone…..it happens in other states of India too

Another partition may be on its way …..


Hindu Temple Attacked by Islamic Mob in Rampurhat 

Friday, April 17, 2009


On the evening of February 24th, the day after the Hindu festival ShivaRatri, there was a cultural program in the residential temple of Shyamal Das of Kamarpatti. At that time, 6-7 Muslim youths started sexually harassing young Hindu girls attending the function.

The festival committee youths attempted to stop the harassment of the minor girls, and the Muslims left the location. In just 30 minutes, 40-50 Muslims from a nearby locality appeared on the scene. The festival organiers sensing an attack quickly locled the temple gates. The attackers broke all the Hindu murthis/icons outside and destroyed the Hindu worship altar. They could not break the icons in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, due to the heavy doors.

The victimized Hindu devotees became upset and started protesting. The Hindus from the neigboring areas rushed in to….At that time, the police reached the location, and announced via loudspeaker that Section 144 of the Indian Penal Code had been enacted from that very moment. Ironically, The Hindus were roughened up and removed from the spot.

The next day, the local Hindus took out a rally under the leadership of Subhashish Chowdhury, protesting that the local Congress party leader, syed Shiraz, aka Jimmi is facilitating the Islamist elements.

Posted by Hindu Samhati’s International Communications Team.

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